Outsource marketing can be a huge competitive advantage if done right.

Outsourcing marketing can help you if you to busy to get everything done yourself? Or need a fresh set of eyes on your marketing plan.

Marketing in today’s modern world is very complex and time-consuming. That’s why more and more companies turn to outsource marketing.

Modern marketers have turned to outsourcing marketing services so they can access their target markets faster and lower customer acquisition costs.

Learn why companies outsource their marketing activities and how to take advantage of outsource marketing and get back your life.

What is outsource marketing?

Outsource marketing†is the act of handing over the entire†marketing†demands of a company to a third party. Typically, companies can access higher quality talent than they might ordinarily be able to attract into an in-house department.

The Digital Marketing Talent Gap

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Determining whether to outsource marketing or keep it in-house is an age-old issue. It continuously comes back to the same problem: it’s hard to find talented individuals who fit precise roles and keep them utilized 100 percent of the time.

As Malcolm Gladwell discussed in his bestseller, ďOutliersď, to become an expert it takes 10000 hours (or approximately 10 years) of deliberate practice. 

So if you really want to be good a content marketing or maybe SEO. It will take you 10,000 hours. Yeah to become an expert.

Matrix Marketing Group, with over 100+ years of cumulative experience and we’ve been doing this as an agency since 2002 back in the days when adtech wasn’t even thought of 90% of the agencies out there today.

So, most marketing teams experience some mix of fill the generic positions and supplement the rest.

The cause of this talent issue is a majority of companies don’t align their digital skills training with the intention of creating employees that can provide breadth and depth to the talent pool.

The SEO girl will always be the SEO girl in her particular role. More often than not she is given no free reign to develop new skills.

When an attractive job opportunity arises for a digital advertising position, she’s stuck. There was never any cross-training or strategizing to allow her that knowledge base.

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The struggle to prove ROI for niche marketing roles

These limitations aren’t a malicious attempt to corral employees and keep them from leaving the company. Simply put, finding new talent is so difficult in the first place, that managers falsely assume they can’t afford to let their employees advance skills that temporarily add less value.

The reality of the matter is the complete opposite. The lack of broad expertise is negatively impacting revenue goals and misaligning overlapping teams.

So if you really want to be good a content marketing or maybe SEO. It will take you 10,000 hours. Yeah to become an expert. Click To Tweet

The perfect example of a particular skill set that many internal marketing departments lack is graphic design. It’s easy to blow off creative skills because the ROI associated with them is intangible.

But, their work is critical to branding, positioning, and content creation. Unfortunately, the lack of attribution often leads to low utilization rates for in-house graphic designers and they are left off the payroll.

Companies use outsource marketing for two reasons:

  • There’s a talent gap
  • There isn’t enough utilization for niche roles

When marketing gets a voice in the executive suite, the only thing that matters is ROI. The CEO lives on the revenue line, the CFO lives on the budget line, and the COO lives on results.

In most organizations, all these executive roles are inward-facing which is a stark contrast to the CMO who has control over how the public interacts with the brand. Traditionally this difference has made the CMO position ‘fluffy.’

But, traditionalist CMOs who rely on soft brand awareness metrics are becoming a thing of the past.

Marketing executives are hanging on by an inch

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The Harvard Business Review recently released a report stating that the CMO is the shortest lived position in the C-suite. The average tenure of a CMO is merely 4.1 years.

The funny thing is, Harvard is the most generous report out there regarding this statistic! There are additional research studies that record the average CMO lasting as little as 18 months.

Let me state this unpopular, yet accurate opinion; the majority of executives outside of marketing do not understand or know very little about marketing.

They surmise its importance but have no way to gauge what works and what is wasting money. So, when it comes down to budget season, marketing gets the cleaver.

In the same Harvard report, it’s revealed that 80% of CEOs don’t trust their CMO. There are no other C-level positions that drive that level of contempt.

In comparison, the next closest CIO and CFO come in with a 10% level of distrust. Clearly, there is a strain on the CMO and CEO relationship, and it comes down to a lack of communicating results.

Given the level marketing automation software has achieved there is no reason why any digital marketing initiative should go unattributed. ROI isn’t difficult to prove with the right tools.

However, you have to know where to start. These two white papers help marketing executives get to the revenue line and inside the mind of their CEO.

What are the benefits of outsourcing marketing?

The benefits of outsourcing marketing for your company’s marketing far outweigh the disadvantages, and there are plenty of different ways to go about it. There are one-off solutions for creative work like 99 Designs, freelance aggregators like UpWork, and content generators like Zerys.

Or there are multiple flavors of agencies like full-service, digital, inbound, branding, and website design.

The average tenure of a CMO is merely 4.1 years. Click To Tweet

Whatever source you choose it’s essential to realize the specific resources that they bring to the table in contrast to your in-house team.

By outsourcing, marketing methods can help increase sales while at the same time reduce costs.

Benefits of outsource marketing:

  • Quick scalability when revenue needs to be grown at a faster rate
  • Reduce internal staff load and realign to focus on driving business growth
  • Manage deadlines and project scope
  • Reduce overhead expenses
  • A shift from marketing tactics to strategy
  • Expanded marketing channel expertise
  • An outside perspective which fosters innovation

I already hear the question forming; aren’t there disadvantages to outsourcing? Of course, there are. Every time you begin the hiring process you risk low work standards or bringing in a contractor that doesn’t mesh well with your team.

Understandably, that’s the reality of dealing with people, employees or contractors, and the reason why we have vetting processes in place.

Oniqua Case Study: Google Adwords

Grew website?traffic by 486%?in 3 months by using programmatic ad buys and testing over 24 ad variants.

You get what you pay for. If you go for the cheapest option you’ll more than likely get the cheapest result.

Overall, when properly vetted, you tend to see an increase in the quality of outsourced work. When you need an infographic to complement your latest blog post, you can jump on Canva and pick one of their generic templates that everyone and their mom have used at least once.

Preferably though, you hand it off to a designer who has the entire Adobe Suite at their fingertips and plays in the creative playground all day every day.

Which version do you think would turn out better? That’s right the graphic designer’s version would.

What marketing activities should you outsource?

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There merely aren’t enough hours in the year to take on every marketing challenge unless you have an enterprise-sized team, and even the big brands hire outside partners.

Here are the most commonly outsourced marketing projects:

Content creation

1. Whitepapers
2. eBooks
3. Blogging
4. Editorial calendars
5. Copy editing
6. Infographics
7. Assessments & surveys
8. Sales sheets
9. Brochures
10. Case studies

Marketing Technology Services

11. System integration & onboarding
12. Lead nurturing
13. Lead scoring
14. End-point attribution & reporting
15. Email campaigns
16. Landing pages, forms, & CTAs

Social Media

17. Managing following
18. Schedule posts
19. Social calendar
20. Monitor social mentions
21. Follower engagement
22. Social customer support
23. Develop creative assets

Website Design

24. On-page SEO
25. Maintenance retainer
26. Template tweaks
27. Full redesigns
28. Module development

Public Relations

29. Pitching publications
30. Pitching guest blogs
31. Create media lists
32. Cultivate relationships
33. Reaching out to industry influencers
34. Press Releases
35. Editorial calendar


36. Channel attribution
37. Sales funnel
38. Traffic, conversions, and acquisitions
39. Monthly metrics reports
40. Keyword landscape

Branding and Design

41. Messaging & positioning
42. Competitive analysis
43. Industry profiles
44. Buyer personas
45. Brand Imagery

Turn an Idea into a Steady Revenue Stream

Marketing For Startups: The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Philosophy, Methodology, and Toolkit.

What’s next with Outsourced Marketing?

The talent shortage has created a competitive landscape. We’ve already begun to see the leading organizations take advantage by aligning costly training initiatives with missing skills or more favorably, outsourcing to someone who can accomplish it better.

When competitors have a weak skill set, there’s a chance for your organization to gain an edge and benefit.

Companies that solidify their foothold in the digital skills gap will create better brand awareness, drive more sales leads, and convert more customers. To reskill internal departments is an enormous task that is expensive and reoccurring.

SaaS Marketing Case Study

TrackVia also saw the potential inbound marketing offered to attract visitors, convert leads, and close more deals.

As technology cycles become shorter and more complex, training matches the trend. It’s difficult to learn and it’s required more frequently.

Businesses are better off outsourcing the comprehensive initiatives to marketing agencies who live and breathe marketing and sales enablement.

Take a second and learn what makes an agency the right fit for your business by downloading our free guide ‘Key Steps to Finding the Right Agency.’

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What is marketing outsourcing?

Hiring non-employees to perform a marketing task or projects. Many companies have a philosophy of outsourcing any activity that is not core to their business. For example, developing a positioning strategy may be central to the company, while writing a press release may not be. At the tactical level, companies often find themselves strapped for marketing resources to respond to a rapid or unexpected change in the business or perhaps an increased volume of marketing campaigns.

Why do marketing outsourcing?

Outsourcing marketing†activities allows employees to work more productively without being sidetracked by†marketing†tasks. Frees business owners to concentrate on what they do best, serving the customer.

How much does marketing outsourcing cost?

For much less than the cost of one full-time executive, you get an entire team of experts. You also minimize the impact of marketing staff reductions. Creating a comprehensive strategy for social media†marketing†and†outsourcing†all work for all channels costs anywhere from $3,000-$20,000 per month, with the industry average settling between $5,000-$7,000 per month.

What are the benefits of marketing outsourcing?

Cost/Risk: For much less than the cost of one full-time executive, you get an entire team of experts. You also minimize the impact of marketing staff reductions. Savings can exceed over $225,000.

Access: With the right firm, you still get complete access to all of your data and learnings ó with total transparency. You also gain expertise in marketing strategy and implementation, as well as creative design, focused on the specific job or project on hand.

Time: You save on all of the time it takes to find the right resource ó or trying to learn everything yourself.

Experience: You get an outside perspective on your business. Your team will benefit from the experience the outsourced marketing team brings to the table, such as familiarity with your target market and the many marketing channels and opportunities available.

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