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Different – Better – Decision – 10:1 ratio

If you spend $683,000 in marketing (total loaded) to generate $5,650,000 in sales, your return on investment is 727%. If all you accomplish with your marketing is break even, you might as well not do it.

Would you rather have a 2:1, 5:1, or 10:1 ROI ratio? Okay, dumb question. High-growth, high-performance companies are clocking in at a 10:1 ratio for marketing spending.

The same example is if you spend $683,000 in marketing to generate $7,513,000 in sales. See my point?

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We know businesses compete on the decision they make. You must be different and better at making decisions better than your competitor. With expert copywriting and demand-generation programs, we can accelerate sales with ML/AI-driven sales enablement technology. Do you want to make better decisions to gain more sales? That’s where we come in.

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