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What We Are Looking For From Our Writers

Types of Articles We Accept (pick a topic with a unique title)

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Here are 10 Basic Guidelines for Article Approval

  1. Unique content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. You can check it out here. The top search article is your competition. No one will see your article if you don’t rank, so why write it?
  2. Actionable how-to information our readers can learn from.
  3. Avoid the basics people already know. Avoid general theorizing on abstract subjects and basic, obvious tips. Our audience is not new to the digital marketing field. Don’t know if it’s original content? Go here and paste your title to check.
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  5. Don’t appear overly self-promotional. That makes you appear less authoritative and hurts our blog.
  6. Use relevant & timely research data and credible sources.
  7. Should meet a need and offer a valid solution(s).
  8. The writer must “know” their subject to be authoritative, which should be obvious in writing. Authors must be able to debate well in comments should the need arise.
  9. Focus on being technically accurate. The SEO community is not forgiving when it comes to inaccuracies.
  10. Don’t make claims that can’t be backed up; focus on facts, not opinions. 

Industries we will accept (please do not send us a general topical article, they are boring):

Our audience is sophisticated and already understands how to do SEO, content, social media, web design, etc…so teach them some NEW.

Let’s see what you have.

What We Won’t Post

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  5. Make sure your post is well-structured. They use <H1>through<H4> headings, lists, etc.
  6. Think of an appealing visual presentation using visuals if you feel your post will benefit from additional imagery, video, infographics, etc.

What happens when I submit my post?

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Although we love our freelancer community, due to the high volume of SPAM and misrepresentation, we are using enhance our security.

We look forward to your articles and want to ensure that your content is successful. Thank you for listening. 

Let’s See What You Have

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Here are the industries we consider a great fit:

machining vendors
towel companies
cnc machining
welder for aluminum
welder aluminum
industrial equipments suppliers
industrial equipment suppliers
industry equipment supplier
paints supplier
paint suppliers
electric lawn mowers riding
industry suppliers
injection molders
electric motor repairing near me
suppliers of building materials
measuring instruments suppliers
glass companies
foods manufacturer
hair suppliers
cnc mill machining
manufacturer of foods
metal companies
quietest air compressors
pallets companies
pallet suppliers
steel distributors
suppliers of granite
artificially intelligent robots
farm equipments suppliers
farming equipment suppliers
pallet companies
plating metal
plated metal
metallic plating
metal plater
metal plating
what does cnc stand for
manufacturer food
supplier of doors
chicken supplier
lumber companies
lumbering companies
suppliers of dry ice
shoe factories
smokers for restaurants
cnc milling
paints industries
hoses suppliers
manufacturers glass
connecticut machine
gas cylinders suppliers
manufacturer in usa
manufacturers of steel
sprayer for painting cabinets
package companies
nail size chart
nail sizes chart
nail chart size
nails size chart
fasteners suppliers
plastic manufacturer
mulch suppliers
fastener suppliers
gifts engineers
engineers gifts
enge company
quiet rv generator
gift for a engineer
gifts for an engineer
crushed stone supplier
nails size
paint sprayers for cabinets
paint sprayer for cabinets
glass manufacturer
bolting companies
plastic manufacturers
steel manufacturers
fertilizers suppliers
manufacturer of glass
suppliers of fasteners
manufacturers in the usa
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us manufacturer
gifts for engineers
mowing small lawns
mowers for small lawns
mowing a small lawn
mow small lawn
manufacturer glass
engineer firms
fertilizer supplier
fertilizers supplier
engineer companies
fertilizer suppliers
engineering companies
fastenings suppliers
tooling manufacturers
cnc operations
suppliers of plywood
finishes on metal
tools manufacturing
best generator inverters
types of bolts
manufacturers in usa
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cnc operation
nail sizes
nail sizing
bolt types
us manufacturers
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manufacturers of jewelry
manufacturer for jewelry
company for engineering
company of engineering
usa manufacturers
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banners suppliers
manufacturers jewellery
powered snow shovel
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metal welders
valves in an engine
type of sealing
types of sealing
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alum suppliers near me
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engines valves
spring metals
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companies for engineering
seal type
sealing types
bushing types
metal manufacturers
railroad equipment supplier
router table best
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ladders for painting
robertson screwdriver
promotional products suppliers
railroad equipment suppliers
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jewelry manufacturers
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welding companies
welding company
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molding companies
moulding companies
heater companies
best paints for plastic
best paint for metal
sizing screens
manufacturer of wood
hot tub supplier
food manufacturing company
butane gas suppliers
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supplying company
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welded company
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nc machining
agrochemicals supplier
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eps suppliers
metal manufacturer
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best screwdrivers for electricians
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knife grinders
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examples of adhesives
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thread suppliers
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ppe supplier
film supplier
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rebars suppliers
best paint sprayer for cabinets
thomas register
thomas registry
wood chisel set
3 phase motor
best wax for black car
best concrete cleaner
air compressor for spray painting
robot design
best snips
robotic design
solar energy equipment supplier
artificial plants supplier
air conditioning system suppliers
artificial plant supplier
portable building manufacturers
blackboard manufacturers
lumber grades
blackboard manufacturer
window makers
electrical assemblies
cheapest snow blowers
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gcode command
coal supplier
painting manufacturer
what is mro
4130 steel
cheap welder
paint for metal surface
home depot drive through
rebar suppliers
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designing robots
magnet types
5160 steel
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fire protection companies
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grades of lumber
led headlight brightness
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squares woodworking
rocket supplier
casting vs
paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets
paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets
foundries in usa
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paint for metal surfaces
best concrete cleaners
water softening equipment supplier
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fire alarms companies
box manufacturer
types of magnets
machine parts manufacturers
weedkiller commercial
woodworker square
polymer suppliers
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scaffold companies
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packaging manufacturers
ca manufacturers
abrasives supplier
pump suppliers
best electric riding lawn mower
heat gun for removing paint
oil rigs in texas
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pool table suppliers
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best woodworking routers
best router for woodworking
package manufacture
woodworking chisels
led lighting suppliers
air compressor suppliers
clothes and fabric manufacturer
suppliers of tiles
hot water systems suppliers
ice cream equipment suppliers
patio enclosure suppliers
road construction companies
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boxer manufacturer
best workbenches for garage
best garage workbenches
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glue for cars
radiation detector companies
heat guns for paint removal
supplier of plastic
products of metal
valve suppliers
foam suppliers
engineering developments
glass makers
mulch companies
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chemicals suppliers
manufacturer ohio
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forwarding companies
welding machines for aluminum
thomas industry
lumber distributors
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440 steel
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castable company
sanitizer companies
oil field supplier
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windows factories
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box manufacturing
52100 steel
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blown glass suppliers
flour companies
best lawn mower for small yards
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square for woodworking
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nails chart
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wood grades
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best cnc machining
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car wax that lasts the longest
heat gun electronics
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titanium stronger than steel
is titanium stronger than steel
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