The state of artificial intelligence (AI) is moving fast.

The state of AI is impacting our lives whether you know it or not. Fresh innovative AI platforms are helping marketers with tedious tasks like on-page SEO.

Thereís no way that the concept of a hyper-smart cyber brain predicting human behavior, current interests, and fads could be perceived as something other than an outlandish idea back in the 1980s, at the dawn of the IT epoch. 

The artificial intelligence definition: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn. It is also a field of study which tries to make computers “smart.”

AI startups raised $6.9 billion in Q1 2020, a record-setting pace before coronavirus.

  • According to data from the National Venture Capital Association, 285 AI-related companies in the U.S. raised $6.9 billion in the first quarter of 2020.
  • At that pace, AI funding would have easily topped the $19.98 billion raised by 1,509 companies in 2019, according to the Q1 2020 PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor. The report adjusted the latter up from its previous report of $18.05 billion for 2019.
  • In contrast to AI funding, the overall VC market was roughly flat in the first quarter of 2020, even before coronavirus lockdowns had a major impact. According to the report, 2,298 companies raised $34.2 billion, a pace that would have just about matched the $136.1 billion raised in 2019.

And, given how unexcited people are about the tricks of artificial intelligence (AI) today, you can only wonder how colossal the technological evolution was that the world has gone through ever since. Itís no longer the creativity and sharp wits of adept entrepreneurs that fuel the modern marketing world. 

Irrevocably, the commercial realm of today has succumbed to the brilliantly crafted ďsupreme mindĒ of the code-driven machine. 

The unequivocal power that modern digital marketing receives with AI makes this breakthrough phenomenon an indispensable tool for bringing a business to the fore. 

From the essay writing service EssayShark to the technology company Amazon, the online commercial enterprise canít get enough of AI.

The revolutionary AI solutions pave the way for more effective marketing strategies, making them completely customer-oriented and based on the accurate data extracted on the target audience that the machine provides. 

As companies struggle to reach the top of the Google search term, AI is beginning to work on on-page SEO. The jury is still out. Some small business hasn’t touched their websites for years and needs a website redesign.

Relying on the machine learning process, the e-brain pushes the boundaries of conventional marketing practices and sharpens the culture of leading a successful and profitable business. 

Let get into some artificial intelligence 101.

The Amalgam of AI and Marketing: What Do We Receive?

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The seamless incorporation of artificial intelligence in the digital marketing sphere helps enhance this commercial practice, reshaping it by deploying cutting-edge machine learning technologies, which include pattern recognition algorithms, exact prediction mechanisms, and artificial neural networks. 

These are the elements of advanced artificial intelligence that define its analytical perception, which, in turn, allows the cyber brain to track down the necessary information on a businessís prospective customers. 

Eventually, a marketer is able to develop a crystal-clear picture of their target audience and design their marketing strategies based on the AI-generated information. And, by utilizing user data insights, internet business owners can make their marketing campaign skyrocket.

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The Core Elements of Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Blended with digital marketing, AI features a number of cornerstones that form its unparalleled performance regarding the optimization of a commercial strategy. 

Big data

In terms of AI, big data refers to a marketerís ability to gather and segment colossal sets of data, dedicating as little time and effort as possible to this process. After the data sets are processed correctly, marketing teams use them to start working on the message that they will later deliver to the right audience and at the right time. 

Machine learning

This core element of the AI system helps identify the trends and random occurrences that usersí behavior features and thus predict their further actions. This enables marketers to understand how likely certain actions are to occur. 

Effective solutions

Designed to perceive the world the way the human mind would, AI is also widely lauded for recognizing the relevant concepts and themes among myriads of incidental data elements. 

The cyber brain interprets emotions similar to the human brain and can thus understand languages, video content, written content, and email responses.

The Substantial Benefits of AI Marketing

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The undeniable value of AI marketing has been widely acknowledged over the past decade by most forward-thinking internet marketers with a digital mindset. 

Providing entrepreneurs with in-depth insights into the target audience, the e-brain is viewed as an essential force for fostering online businesses and making ad-spend solutions cost-effective. 

The genuine worth of AI-driven marketing culture relies on a number of unique benefits it gives to avant-garde businesses. Letís get acquainted with each of the remarkable perks of implementing e-brain power in your marketing strategy.

1. Insightful searches 

People today satisfy their consumerist needs and inquiries mostly using the advanced superhighway. 

Thus, the cyber brain can trace their searches through data mining and analyzing search patterns, and hence generate an insight into usersí interests, which helps marketers figure out what they should build their marketing campaigns around. 

AI is empowered with natural language processing and semantic search, being able to determine the links between products and suggest similar ones to users. It can track down relevant search results and auto-correct mistakes, aiding users in finding suitable products.

According to the 2019 Data Science and Machine Learning Market Study conducted by Dresner Advisory Service, internet entrepreneurs have been avidly adopting major AI practices because of the striking abilities of the e-brain in developing customer-centered marketing strategies. 

ďData mining, advanced algorithms, and predictive analytics are among the highest-priority projects for enterprises adopting AI and machine learning in 2019,Ē Howard Dresner, the founder of Dresner Advisory Service, stated in his interview. 

2. Upgraded ads

As the direct illustration of a businessís products and services, ads serve as the basis of effective marketing and define the success of its campaigns. 

That being said, the role of ads in commercial strategies is marked by exceptional significance and paramount importance. Relying on the precious insights it gains, AI assists you in making your ad smarter and more data-oriented. 

3. Powerful content and AI

Following the coverage of the value of ads we provided earlier, itís also critical to mention the importance of their fundamental element: content. Since itís the core feature of an advertisement as well as its main hook, the content of an ad needs to be comprehensive and compelling. 

This can be achieved with the help of AIís insights, which provide marketers with the ultimate information on the target audience and thus allow them to generate appealing content. 

Neural networks that underlie the work of AI cluster customer behaviors and predict the behaviors that can happen in the future. 

This way, the system produces exact content recommendations based on the data interpretation, adapting to the user preferences it has detected. Consequently, marketers are enabled to develop personalized content that will match usersí interests. 

4. Super-helpful chatbots

This is another striking benefit of AI in digital marketing. By implementing the groundbreaking chatbot technology, businesses can cut their expenditures on customer support departments as well as greatly enhance the customer experience. 

AI-powered chatbots are recognized for their spotless performance that largely surpasses that of a human being, which can be rather upsetting with regard to the supremacy of the human genome. 

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5. Automated workflow

The all-encompassing power of artificial intelligence extends as far as automating the workflow and thus giving marketers an opportunity to concentrate on enhancing the customer experience instead. 

Data integration and algorithm optimization, which are the key elements of an online businessís successful performance, are among the workflow essentials that AI converts into automated processes. The most striking function of AI workflow optimization is the ability to manage systems and data. 

Artificial intelligence observes the data and workflows as they are processed by the system instead of hardcoding workflows or integrating with APIs that are not guaranteed to offer full access to data. 

Norm Johnston, CEO of Mindshare, one of the worldís leading marketing companies, shared his standpoint on the unprecedented benefits of employing the ďwitsĒ of AI in digital marketing: ďThe rapid evolution of AI in media will enable our people to focus on innovation and intelligence rather than repetition and reports.Ē

6.   The filtering and analysis of data

For a human being, itís extremely challenging to process data after it has been collected, analyzing it to determine patterns. 

Data processing requires exceptional accuracy and an unmistakable approach from a person, so entrusting this demanding task to AI seems to be the perfect solution to conducting data analysis in an efficient way. 

When it comes to complex time-consuming tasks, artificial intelligence is always the best option to consider, allowing people to focus on more creative and intuitive work that requires a human-powered approach. 

7. Visual Search

As another boundless capability of the cyber brain, visual search is an essential process that should be adopted by every modern digital business. 

The visual search consists in using a search function to find results that are visually similar to each other. 

This type of search can be deployed to improve the merchandising and personalizing of the buyer experience by recommending consumers relevant items based on their visual element, instead of making shopping suggestions connected to the buyerís past behaviors or purchases. 

8. Sentiment analysis

The exceptional ďtalentĒ of AI goes far beyond analyzing data and providing insights. Similarly to the adorable robotic boy from Spielbergís heart-wrenching film ďArtificial IntelligenceĒ who, for the first time in AI history, could experience love and develop affection to people, the digital ďmindĒ possesses piercing emotional perception, too. 

Yes, due to its natural language processing feature, AI is able to detect emotions in the text and distinguish them, thereby identifying the core idea of the entire piece of writing. 

Now, letís get closer to the nitty-gritty of this phenomenal skill of AI. The e-brain is capable of analyzing the emotional language of the text and extracting an opinion from this text. 

But the mind-bending phenomenon here lies not only in the cyber brainís innate ability to discern emotional vocabulary: the ďmagicĒ is in its ability to perceive the emotions and feelings of the writer within the context. 

Check out this pretty straightforward example. Letís say a dissatisfied customer left an angry comment on a serviceís website that reads like the following: ďThe earbuds I bought from this brilliant brand didnít even last a week! 

Amazing quality, guys, keep it up!Ē If AI can only detect language and analyze it based on the emotion of the words and phrases outside of context, which, in our case, are ďbrilliant,Ē ďamazing,Ē and ďkeep it up,Ē then it would most definitely misidentify this comment as positive. 

And, given the vivid sarcasm that immediately stands out in these two sentences, the comment is nothing but a denouncing note left by a disappointed client. 

That being said, the power of sentiment analysis featured by AI enables it to spot figurative meanings, connotations, and other elaborate language contortions. 

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To Wrap Up on Artifical Intelligence (AI)

Gone are the times when marketing strategies could rely crudely on the novelty factor of the product, effortlessly enticing the easily impressed consumer with their dime-store commodities. 

Driven by the technology breakthrough and the subsequent dramatic shift in the consumerist culture, the modern age writes its own ticket for this industry, especially its renowned digital projection. 

This is what made internet businesses nurture artificial intelligence marketing, the most innovative phenomenon of todayís digital marketing sector. 

The depth of AI capabilities substantially advances the frontiers of internet marketing, which empowers its possibilities and facilitates its progress. 

But, remarkable as the performance of the cyber brain may be, the matter of the supremacy of AI over the human mind is mired in fierce controversy and is up to never-ending debate. 

Yes, no matter how inferior the e-brain may be to the human mind in terms of the ability to feel and its mental capacity, for people, accepting the fact that a senseless bot powered by code surpasses them in thinking and functioning is discomforting. 

While those with neophobia may scowl at the use of artificial intelligence in the commercial industry, its primacy runs counter to its distorted portrayal in pulp fiction and what most critics deem it to be. 

No, the cyber mind will never be good enough to develop compassion, agitation, or love. But its capacity for making the marketing industry shoot through the roof is something that should make entrepreneurs question the traditional model of doing business in a sales world run by the ďGhost in the Shell.Ē

Weíre listening.

Have something to say about your thoughts on AI? 

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Matthew Finnighan is a freelance writer for multiple educational institutions. He’s been working in this field for more than 5 years now. He has been studying psychology which allows him to conduct researches on this topic.

General FAQ’s

What is AI?

AI (artificial intelligence) also called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans.

What are some examples of AI?

Here are some examples of AI
Siri and Alexa.
Amazon and Online Commerce.†
AI†Robotics, Humanoid

How is AI used in marketing?

Artificial intelligence in marketing (AI Marketing) is a method of leveraging customer data and†AI†concepts like machine learning to anticipate your customer’s next action on the web or with the company.


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