10 Tools & Tips for Boosting Customer Experience

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Use these 10 Tools & Tips to Boost Customer Experience

Explore the 10 tools and tips for boosting customer experience.

As new technology and tools are introduced in the digital world, businesses and brands have more opportunities to connect with their target audience effectively. Engaging and communicating with potential consumers across social media networks or email has become easier. 

Companies can improve the customer experience and get feedback about their products or services in real-time by interacting with people directly. Digitalization has also led to a rise in competition in various sectors. Due to this, consumers have more choices or options to explore.

To make the best purchasing decision, people are likely to consider customer experience and how a product or service can solve a problem for them. 

One of the first things that an individual may focus on is the user experience which can help differentiate your business from the others. Companies have access to different tools and software to boost customer experience in this day and age.

It cannot be very clear to choose the right ones and use them in the best way to get the desired results. To simplify this, here’s a list of 10 tools and tips for boosting customer experience that could prove to be highly useful.

HubSpot CRM

mobile crm hubspot

The popular management tool is designed to improve and offer a smooth customer experience. For businesses, it is critically important to create a positive perception of the brand in the audience’s minds. 

This is based on the customer experience that you can provide consistently. HubSpot’s CRM or customer relationship management tool can become easier to create a lasting impression on the target audience.

If you think about it, customer experience (CX) is based on how a business interacts or engages with a potential customer from the beginning of the sales journey. 

It’s where a CRM tool or software can play a huge role in keeping people interested and bringing them back as well. As a business owner, you can avail different features such as live chat and email tracking to answer queries in real-time or resolve issues.

It will help you boost customer experience and build loyalty in the long run too. According to a report, 32 percent of consumers will stop buying products or services from their favorite brand after one bad or poor experience. 

To retain customers and gain their loyalty, it’s essential to avoid situations where people might turn away from other options. HubSpot’s CRM allows you to follow up on leads and get feedback with surveys or forms.

Key Features

  • Email inbox to organize chats and conversations with potential customers
  • Ticketing options for generating a quick response to questions
  • Live chat
  • Detailed reports to improve performance
  • Feedback surveys

Pro Tip: By investing in this CRM tool, you can easily find what people like about your brand and improve other checkout and delivery processes. Encourage visitors on the business website to leave feedback with surveys and apply the changes in a short time. This can show people that the brand values their opinions and convince them to return.


You may already be familiar with this great customer experience tool. It also comes with CRM, analytics, and customer support features that businesses can utilize in the best way to provide a good user experience. 

The tool can help you gain an advantage in a highly competitive market and interact with potential customers across different channels. Nowadays, there is a range of digital mediums like social media networks and blogging platforms where you might find your target audience.

It is important to have a presence everywhere so people can easily reach out and find out more information about what you have to offer.

 Zendesk also allows you to track your performance on customer experience and insight into how they perceive the business.

Due to its multiple features and easy-to-navigate dashboard, the tool is used by established corporations or brands. Both Uber and Slack use Zendesk to communicate with customers in real-time and offer live support.

One of the first things people notice or visit when searching for a product or service is the website. It’s crucial to run an eCommerce platform or business page with all the relevant information and creates recognition with elements such as the logo design, brand colors, and imagery. 

It is important to design a professional and iconic logo that connects with potential customers immediately. Zendesk can help you manage your website efficiently and engage with potential customers without any disruptions.

Key Features:

  • Customer feedback surveys to collect and analyze data
  • Chatbot to provide live support and offer a personalized experience
  • Advanced search features
  • Detailed reports and analytics on the customer journey

Pro Tip: The tool can help boost the consumer experience and retain them in the long run. Communicate with visitors instantly and offer automated solutions. Utilize the multi-channel support feature to engage people on social media, the website, and email. This could help create more awareness and gain the trust of potential customers.


The communication tool is designed to make it easier for businesses to communicate with consumers. Front allows you to organize all social media apps and email and text messages in one central location. This can save time and avoid confusion when answering questions. You can interact with team members and share updates in real-time. It is easy for businesses or startups looking to increase their reach.

Front is becoming quite popular with time and is already being used by more than 6000 companies. With a central inbox, you can engage with potential customers across different platforms without switching locations or tabs. It is a great tool for boosting customer experience as businesses can automate tasks and increase productivity among employees.

By using this tool for communication, you can also retain customers for a long time. It simplifies tracking emails and messages so you do not miss important ones.

This can make it easier for businesses to follow leads that can convert and generate higher revenue. You will also be able to track your performance with analytics and get detailed reports or insights for boosting customer experience immediately.

Key Features

Pro Tip: Communication and a fast response time are essential in improving the user experience. The tool has multiple features that you can use to increase efficiency and reduce lags.

With all your apps in one location, you can assign various queries to the support team and have any issues resolved in a short time as well. This can encourage people to come back for more information or make a purchasing decision instantly.


One of the most important factors in boosting customer feedback is feedback. This is where Qualaroo can prove to be quite useful for the growth of your business.

You can easily add it to your website and get people to immediately send their opinions about a landing page or process. The tool allows you to generate surveys for visitors browsing through, adding products to your cart, or checking out. It can simplify how businesses gather information from potential and existing customers.

With Qualaroo, you can find out what your audience or potential customer prefers in real-time. Typically, the forms on a web page are designed to collect data and analyze the results later. The surveys are shown to people as they interact with the website, and the feedback is evaluated immediately. It’s a customer experience tool that can make applying changes and establishing a strong digital presence easier.

Qualaroo also uses AI-powered technology to assess consumer responses. It can identify urgent queries and generate solutions accordingly. You can also find out which process takes more time or effort to complete. 

The tools allow you to resolve issues within the website that may be turning visitors away and add or remove elements that can provide a smooth experience. If there is negative feedback from a visitor, you can easily figure out the reason behind it and make improvements without delays.

Key Features:

  • Engage visitors on the website at the right time with targeted questions
  • Generate surveys for exiting consumers to boost conversion rates
  • Add or remove questions based on the searches or time spent on a page
  • Customized surveys to promote the brand and create familiarity with logo design

Pro Tip: Qualaroo can help your business grow and expand in a given time. It reduces the assessment time by analyzing the results and offering solutions. Pick and create your questions or quickly use the templates to get customer feedback.

Adobe Experience Manager

Good content is essential for an effective marketing strategy in this day and age. You may already be familiar with the phrase, ‘content is king.’ This is very true when it comes to boosting customer experience as well. 

With Adobe Experience Manager, you can attract more visitors to the website by generating valuable and engaging content. It could help differentiate your business from the competitors and keep people on the page for a long time.

The tools allow you to create content that includes videos, images, blogs, and articles for multiple channels without spending much time. 

Businesses can also personalize user experience based on popular products or services and the most searched ones. Since it focuses on content management, you can also create forms and email campaigns to promote your business.

With Adobe Experience Manager, you might find it easier to plan your website and structure it in a way that draws higher traffic. It provides insights for content that works better than other sections and offers SEO solutions to improve the page’s ranking

The tool also effectively creates a responsive web page for different devices. This makes it easier to reuse content across digital platforms and interact with a wider consumer base.

Key Features:

  • Customer insights for every landing page so businesses can create good content
  • Utilize multiple channels to engage potential customers by offering valuable solutions
  • Provide a personalized experience by analyzing preferences
  • Easily used with Adobe Analytics and Creative Cloud application
  • Manage digital assets from one place or location

Pro Tip: This is one of the best tools that you can use for generating valuable content. Its AI-powered process can allow you to engage potential customers successfully and convert more leads. You don’t have to worry about creating content similar to others. The tool offers unique insights which can make it easier to identify keywords or phrases to use within landing pages.


When it comes to boosting customer experience, Qualtrics is a tool that could help you achieve the desired results quickly. Its powerful technology and AI allow businesses to interact with potential customers at all the main points. 

Besides email and social media, this tool also tracks engagements and conversations generated over apps, smart speakers, and automated devices. 

Qualtrics has been designed to analyze consumer behavior at various stages and predict trends for the future. Businesses can efficiently improve customer experience by making changes according to feedback on social media channels or surveys. This can help you offer people what they are looking for and become familiar with their interests or preferences. 

You can manage data and take action that boosts conversions on your eCommerce platform or business page. This software makes it easier to track responses on the website, blogs or reviews, and social media accounts. So you cannot miss out on leads and follow up with existing customers.

Corporations such as Coca-Cola and Samsung use Qualtrics to boost customer experience and increase sales within a short time. The tool also suggests solutions that can reduce the bounce rate on your website and build a loyal clientele. 

With its listening technology, Qualtrics increases its reach to various smart devices and analyzes popular search words for optimization. It draws team members’ attention to relevant issues and generates automated answers.

Key Features:

  • Predicts behavior and consumer trends for improving user experience
  • Allows businesses to create surveys and polls for immediate feedback
  • Gives recommendations according to the results
  • Increase responsiveness

Pro Tip: The tool supports multiple languages and is user-friendly for beginners. It can help you collect all consumer data and generate surveys that also target specific interests. Listen to what potential customers are talking about on different platforms and understand their feedback. Offer a personalized experience and gain consumer trust in a short time.


The AI-powered tool is designed to analyze speech and text so businesses can improve customer experience on their website. Sometimes, it cannot be easy to track online reviews, comments, or hundreds of emails. This could generate negative feedback about the brand among the target audience. People today expect businesses or brands to respond to their queries and problems instantly. A fast response time shows that you value the customers and can help you build a loyal customer base.

With Clarabridge, you don’t have to worry about losing out on potential customers anywhere. It has an easy-to-navigate dashboard and works with AI technology to assess the information provided by visitors on the website or through email surveys. The tool supports different languages, making it easier for businesses to communicate with a wider target audience. It also evaluates consumers’ emotions and helps organizations make a strong impact from the beginning.

This feature allows Clarabridge to analyze conversations on phone calls, live chat, text messages, and social media profiles. So by using this tool, you can find out what people are saying about the brand, products, or services. In 2021, it was bought by Qualtrics, which was considered a great move for boosting customer experience and relationship management.  

Key Features:

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) feature for tracking feedback and interactions
  • Analyze emotions or perceptions via machine learning
  • Provide instant alerts about customer issues to reduce response time
  • Track conversations across various digital mediums

Pro Tip: Use instant feedback to take action in a short time. Optimize the website or processes according to the reports and insights. With real-time alerts, you can easily support visitors on the website, and existing, and potential customers are looking for information on product pricing or features. As this tool can assess emotions, you can reach out to consumers and connect with them quickly. Clarabridge can help businesses stand out from competitors by providing a unique customer experience.

Genesys Cloud Platform

Genesys Cloud Platform

The tools allow you to collaborate with people and bring all your communication with consumers to one place. It allows businesses to understand their customers closely and predict their behavior.

Genesys Cloud is designed to centralize video chats, phone calls, and text messages so that organizations can take action accordingly. It comes with multiple features that allow you to track the performance of marketing campaigns and follow the customer’s journey.

It works well with other CRM tools or platforms like Salesforce and Zoho. The user-friendly platform can help support representatives or other team members reach out to potential customers quickly. 

This tool offers an all-in-one solution to create a personalized experience for the target audience and communicate with them via text or voice commands. With Genesys Cloud, you can easily collect data and follow analytics to make improvements.

The easy-to-use dashboard makes it easier to track different teams managing potential and existing customers. It’s designed to help businesses communicate with their employees and consumers efficiently. You can view their success rate and performance in real-time. By utilizing this tool, you will be able to boost customer experience quickly and convince visitors to keep coming back as well.

Key Features:

  • Speech analytics allows businesses to get feedback on phone calls or video chat
  • Collect customer data for better performance and results
  • Personalize responses based on behavior and search results
  • Chatbots powered by AI
  • Monitoring of calls, surveys, and team communication

Pro Tip: Genesys Cloud Platform can make it a lot easier to improve user experience and get an insight into their interests or perception. Track what people are saying in phone calls, emails, or across social media platforms so that you can simplify the checkout process or optimize landing pages accordingly. With AI chatbots, automate the answers to commonly asked questions so that you can save time.


As you can guess by the name, this tool is all about generating quick responses and resolving customer issues. The cloud-based tool makes it easier for people to share their opinion about an experience with the brand or business. It allows you to set alerts for all kinds of feedback to track negative comments quickly. 

So, for example, if somebody has left a comment that might leave a poor impression of your business on social media, you can instantly reach out to the consumer and solve their problem. With targeted email and mobile surveys, it can be easier to track visitors that may have abandoned their carts or left the page before taking any action.

Responsetek is designed to increase efficiency in customer support and can help brands create a positive perception among the audience. You can collaborate with representatives and draw their attention to negative feedback in a short time. Businesses can easily follow up on messages, emails, and social media queries with this tool. It could help reduce response time and prevent team members from missing important ones.

One of the best features of Responsetek is instant access to surveys. It tracks conversations in both text and speech on social media, making it easier to resolve issues and answer questions in real-time. You can go through the results and get an insight into what your target customer might be looking for. This tool also helps businesses understand emotions so they can make suitable changes.

Key Features:

  • Text and email surveys to manage feedback from existing customers
  • Data collection from multiple channels and mobile devices
  • Analytics for improving responses and addressing relevant problems
  • Instant and automated alerts to track feedback

Pro Tip:  The tool can help you remove comments which could affect sales and revenues. Get notified about poor performance or quality immediately and interact with the customer to clear any confusion. You can also mention the support team members in the comments so they can communicate with more people quickly.


Medallia is one customer experience management tool you do not want to miss out on. Medallia is a SaaS-based solution that has been designed to track the customer’s journey from beginning to end. It allows businesses to build loyalty and retain their clientele for a long time. Medallia identifies signals and patterns on the website, apps, and other platforms to predict consumer behavior. The tool also boosts brand recognition as you can use your email with signatures, promote social media accounts and highlight the tone of voice in communication.

With this tool, you can make better decisions and provide a smooth user experience. It offers businesses the opportunity to attract more customers and grow within a short time. Companies such as Sephora and PayPal use Medallia to gain insights into what their customers prefer. The tool also has a feature that gives recommendations or suggestions based on the analytics. You can find out the risk factor and reach out to visitors that might be turning away without making a purchase.

Medallia provides support for popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger so you can interact with potential customers instantly. The tool works well with Salesforce and Adobe, allowing teams to manage and share data without disruptions. In the end, you can improve the content or processes on your website and apply some of their ideas as well.

Key Features:

  • Has an ‘ask now’ feature for getting instant customer feedback
  • Targeted surveys
  • Machine learning for analyzing consumer trends and patterns
  • Risk assessment 

Pro Tip: This is one of the best tools for the customer experience that you can use to manage and collect data. Interact with potential customers at all the important points and add or remove elements that provide a good user experience.

Final Thoughts

These are ten tools for boosting customer experience in a short time. 

Look through all the options and choose a few to help increase efficiency and response time. 

In this day and age, how you interact and communicate with consumers can make your business stand out. 

Using such tools makes it easier to make improvements in real-time and get feedback from multiple digital platforms.


What are some of the best tools to improve the customer experience?

There are many different tools you can use to improve the customer experience. Some of the most popular tools include customer relationship management (CRM) software, social media monitoring tools, and survey software.

What is CRM software for SMEs?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a type of software that helps businesses manage their customer relationships. It can help businesses track customer data, manage customer interactions, and automate customer-related processes.

How can social media monitoring tools help businesses improve the customer experience?

Social media monitoring tools can help businesses track what customers are saying about them on social media. This information can be used to improve the customer experience by making changes based on customer feedback.

How can businesses use customer feedback to improve the customer experience?

Customer feedback can be used to improve the customer experience in many different ways. Businesses can use customer feedback to make changes to their products or services, improve their customer service, and create better marketing campaigns.

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