40+ Super Fast Shopify Themes: Online Store 2.0 Themes

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Looking into Shopify Themes? Check out the Online Store 2.0 Themes

The article is about why a Shopify theme is the perfect solution for your online business.

It allows you to create a custom-made website with all the features you desire and allows you to take charge of your future by taking control of your brand. It’s easy-to-use, quick to set up, and there are plenty of options for customization.

Shopify is an online e-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to start their very own Shopify business. Shopify Themes are one of the most important parts of Shopify.

Shopify Themes make it easier to sell products and provide a more professional appearance for your customers.

Shopify themes also allow you to customize your site and make it user-friendly!

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the leading drag-and-drop website builder for entrepreneurs and startups. Trendy Shopify themes let you easily display your fashion line online. 

With Shopify’s ecommerce suite of apps, you’ll have everything an ambitious online merchant needs to build your business and make money.

What is a Shopify theme?

shopify themes new best

A Shopify theme is the combination of multiple templates which you can use to build your Shopify website. 

They are what gives your site its branding and personality, so they must resonate with who you are as a brand – without doubt, this is what will draw in more followers or visitors to your page. 

A performance-based Shopify theme gives people the opportunity to display what your customers are looking for online effectively! 

There are plenty of attractive colors and layouts for one to choose from on this platform. It’s easy to use, and quick to set up, and there are plenty of options for customization.

Why Should You Be Careful When Choosing a Shopify Theme?

Shopify is used to create all kinds of websites, and that’s why each theme caters to a different market.

Your Shopify theme should complement the content of your website. For example, if you start a blog on technical Shopify news, you want a theme that improves readability.

Many Shopify themes come with tons of customization options. If not coded properly, these options can make changing themes or using other Shopify apps difficult. You will be locked into that theme or will have to pay a developer to help you switch.

On the other hand, some Shopify themes that look great can make your website incredibly slow. No one likes slow websites, particularly Google, which prefers to rank faster websites higher.

Your theme is the face of your Shopify site and plays an important role in how users and search engines perceive it. It’s the digital face of your business.

You’ve probably heard the saying, All that glitters and no gold. In many cases no sales.

Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to make sure that you select the best theme for your Shopify website.

If your Shopify theme stands out with its creativity, design, layout, and overall usability, then you’re definitely on the right track to having great website themes.

Shopify themes give Shopify websites their singular identity, making them easier for visitors to understand and remember. Shopify themes also allow you to easily find the product you want by looking through Shopify’s theme collection, which has many trendy Shopify themes for you to choose from!

But, you want a Shopify template that converts sales on autopilot. You know closed-loop systems that produce sales in your sleep. But, a higher-converting website goes way beyond ‘look and feel.’

Shopify Themes: What They Do and How

new website shopify theme

Shopify is the leading drag-and-drop Shopify website builder for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. 

With Shopify’s ecommerce suite of apps, you’ll have everything an ambitious online merchant needs to build your business and make money.

At the moment, it is a lot easier to build an ecommerce with a Shopify template for your website on Shopify than it is to build a Shopify site from scratch, but the number of themes for this platform is still very limited. This makes it easier for you to have more control over your website’s design.

Shopify Themes are one of the most important parts of Shopify.

Shopify is a platform that allows users to create a Shopify site with various Shopify Themes easily. Shopify is an affordable and quick way to get started in the e-commerce world with a beautiful website. 

Shopify themes must be creative yet stay true to the brand so that visitors have an accurate depiction of your products and services from the moment they land on your Shopify site. 

Many different Shopify Themes allow you to design a Shopify site in several creative standout styles that will help you stand out from the competition.

Look at a Shopify template that has the best performance that converts.

Are you looking for a performance Shopify theme and store?

Online store 2.0 themes are the best.

Online store 2.0 themes

Explore themes that make the most of Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 features, like drag-and-drop sections, built-in accessibility features, and fast-loading pages.

Shopify themes are the newest trend that has raged the Shopify world for quite some time now. 

Shopify is an all-in-one virtual store for various products, which means that you can create a unique and professional website complete with your personalized branding.

Shopify themes, don’t be fooled by Shopify Store 2.0 as they’re only different in look and not content. 

These storefronts represent a fresh take on eCommerce design principles without compromising Shopify’s signature simplicity and user experience

Merely put, they offer outstanding graphic design coupled with Shopify integrations to make things feel more cohesive through its options within Theme Editor (Modules). 

This is what drives the UI and UX forward in Shopify’s attempt to create an in-depth Shopify feature that puts Shopify theme customization at the forefront.

Shopify Theme Store 2.0 is full of Shopify themes that are both beautiful and functional, giving you the best Shopify experience possible.

Ensuring your Shopify Store 2.0 has a great design is critical to its success since first impressions last a long time, and customers judge a website within seconds.

Shopify as their eCommerce platform using a Shopify theme! Shopify’s 4th party development community has been releasing amazing Shopifying themes options, which give you an endless choice of different types of storefronts ranging from minimalistic, flat designs to intricate ones with rich color schemes and layouts. 

Shopify store themes can be categorized to include stores that use a flat design or those which contain unique Shopify features such as parallax scrolling, social media integration, video backgrounds, and many more Shopify themes elements (Shopify Store 2.0). Shopify even has a Shopify theme for multi-purpose, appropriately called ‘DAWN.’

Whatever your taste is in terms of design, you’ll surely find the Shopify options for it on Shopify’s Theme Store 2.0. With the ability to easily customize your Shopify website with pre-existing templates for products like furniture, clothing accessories, and even outdoor equipment.

Expect nothing but great style brought into focus with the help of versatile options that Shopify Shop installed themes have to offer. 

Shopify Store 2.0 is not just about Shopify store themes or Shopify Shop. It’s also about Shopify apps that go hand-in-hand with your online Shop – bringing you endless possibilities in raising your business standards.

Thousands of third-party applications were built for Shopify, making it an industry leader in eCommerce platforms. 

This gives Shopify users a competitive edge over others who invest the same amount of time and effort into making an online store but lack the diversity that Shopify brings forth via its integrated app structure.

What are the Shopify 2.0 themes?

Shopify 2.0 theme dawn

The Shopify Online Store 2.0 framework begins with a fresh editing experience. It enables merchants to build storefronts from scratch using the section-based editor. 

If you are familiar with WordPress, it does look and feel like the native WordPress customizer.

Only that you can drag and drop the blocks much more easily, and when a block or section is selected, its available customizable options are not nested under the main selector but show up on the right panel instead. These paralleled panels make it convenient to find the options without having to go back and forth.

Bulk Mutation API for Shopify (advanced)

The Bulk OperationRunMutation endpoint is a solution on Shopify to export data in bulk to a store.

Instead of the GraphML simulation, you can run a bulk mutation operation. This is a simple way to import all the data without facing any bottlenecks due to many files.

Here are the available options:

  • productCreate
  • collectionCreate
  • productUpdate
  • productUpdateMedia
  • productPageUpdate
  • productVariantUpdate
  • metafieldUpsert
  • priceListFixedPricesAdd
  • priceListFixedPricesDelete

Why Shopify blogging increases website traffic

Recent findings show that the most popular blogging platform today is WordPress, which has experienced a staggering growth of 82% in traffic. 

That’s more than four times the growth of its closest rival, Tumblr. Shopify also has an excellent interface for bloggers who need themes to create their content on. 

When you combine Shopify with a blog, you have a powerful tool that allows you to take control of your future by taking charge of your brand. Shopify is a quick and easy way to set up a custom-made website with your desired features. 

Shopify is there during every step of your journey – from building out a new Shopify store with pre-designed themes to adding features and building apps to making Shopify payments. 

Shopify Themes are clean, focusing on usability, speed, and design – the perfect solution for blogging!

Consider what type of Shopify theme will work best with your business needs.

Consider what type of Shopify themes will work best with your business needs – from selling physical products to selling digital content like eBooks or music downloads – before selecting a template that suits those needs best! 

Shopify Shop Blog is a great resource for Shopify Tutorials, Shopify Tips & Shopify Hacks. Shopify Themes are one of the most important parts of Shopify. 

Shopify Blogs can help you find the perfect Shopify Theme for your store. Shopify Themes make it easier to sell products and provide a more professional appearance for your customers. 

Here’s a list of some of the best Shopify themes:

Shopify Online Store 2.0 themes

Online Store 2.0 opens up massive opportunities for developers to build themes and apps for Shopify merchants. 

Shopify has rebuilt the online store experience from the ground up and is introducing a new set of developer tools to help you create amazing experiences for merchants and shoppers.

Liquid input setting

An additional update to the theme editor is the new Liquid input setting that will allow merchants to add custom Liquid code to pages directly from the editor. 

The Liquid setting is similar to the HTML setting type, except that it will allow access to Liquid variables, meaning merchants will be able to access global- and template-specific Liquid objects.

With more than 1.7 million merchants using Shopify to run their businesses, now is the time to build themes for these global entrepreneurs. 

The Shopify Theme Store has been closed since 2018, so this is an opportunity to get in early and establish yourself as a trusted theme developer.

Third-party themes are not on the Shopify store slower.

On average, yes. Significantly. The average speed index for official themes is 4.9 seconds, while the average speed index for non-official themes that we tested is 9.1 seconds. This seems to be for two reasons:

  1. Shopify closely vets every theme on its official marketplace and rejects many of the themes submitted. This means the ones that make it to the store are more likely to be of a higher quality and thus faster.
  2. Themes not on the Shopify store get to follow their guidelines – which means they can pack features into them that you’d otherwise need to pay for separately.
  3. When testing Shopify-based themes, there are no apps included. So if you wanted a fancy email collection popup or social proof popups, you’d have to add them separately, thus slowing down your fast theme.

Next-generation themes built for speed and flexibility

With fast-loading pages, maximum customizability, and built-in accessibility, Online Store 2.0 themes help you create unique shopping experiences to delight your buyers.

Third-party Shopify Theme Shopify Themes

Third party Shopify Theme Shopify Themes


Turbo is a fully-loaded, premium theme that is perfect for Shopify Plus merchants. Offering high-demand functionality, reliable performance, and rich design flexibility, Turbo is a favorite among industry professionals and experienced merchants.

Purchase details: Your theme will be delivered as a ZIP file once you complete your purchase. This file will include ALL of Turbo’s built-in styles (Portland, Seoul, Florence, Chicago, Dubai, and Tennessee). The style you are purchasing here determines the default visual style when you first upload your theme.

Current version & release notes (as of Sept 7/21):  Turbo 7.0.0 – Compatible with Online Store 2.0 

Responsive Theme

Responsive is the best-reviewed Shopify theme ever, a technically robust and flexible theme that looks sharp across devices and suits a wide range of product and industry types.

This theme will put your brand and products front and center with impactful imagery, clear navigation, product image swapping, and full social integration. 

Flex Theme for Shopify

Flex goes where no other Shopify theme has gone before. Offering multiple layout and section options and the easy addition of custom CSS, plus 13 unique style variants to get you started, Flex gives you ultimate control over the look and feel of your store. 

Your theme will be delivered as a ZIP file once you complete your purchase. This file will include ALL of Flex’s built-in styles. The style you are purchasing here determines the default visual style when you first upload your theme.

Shopify Furnitto theme

Furniture is another online store Shopify theme with a responsive design from TemplateMonster.

And as their name Furnitto implies, it is for businesses selling furniture, but it can be adapted to other businesses.

The theme provides all the necessary e-commerce arsenal to set up your online furniture store.

A unique theme is designed specifically to showcase products that are currently on sale.

The theme has adaptive functions that ensure the correct display of the site on any device and is responsible for the rapid operation of the site. It has undergone optimization and has compatibility with all browsers.

Features and capabilities of the Furnitto theme are: flexible layout of the theme design; custom widgets; support for e-commerce features; custom page layouts; embedded google fonts; user-friendly theme settings for the administrator; the theme is optimized for search engines; the theme is compatible with all major browsers.

Wrap up on Shopify themes

How create quality content

Shopify themes are the perfect solution for your online business as Shopify allows you to create a custom-made website with all the features you desire.

Shopify is easy-to-use, quick to set up, and there are plenty of options for customization.

More than likely, marketers who struggle to win customers either haven’t been prospecting the right way or aren’t putting in enough effort. 

This article provided a few neuroscience sales tips on leveraging human behavior at different stages to drive more visitors into your marketing funnel and convert casual visits into sales.

If this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know our team of experts is ready and waiting! Which cognitive neuroscience principle have you applied?

Need help building a new Shopify store or migration from another ecommerce platform.

If you are looking for a Shopify website design service, you’ve come to the right place. We have over 15 years of experience in creating beautiful ecommerce websites that help grow your brand’s exposure.

With hundreds of happy customers who just wanted an affordable alternative to paying $15k+ for a custom-built online shop, we’re confident we can make you one of those customers too.

Not sure what Shopify is? Really after reading all this?

It’s a platform that allows anyone to easily set up an online store and start selling products, with no technical knowledge or programming skills needed. You don’t need to pay for a custom-built website from a web developer, as everything is done on the Shopify platform.

So what does this mean for you? You can create a great-looking online store in just a few minutes, and start selling your products straight away. 

No waiting around and paying high monthly fees to web developers who will take months before starting the job, let alone completing it.

With over 3,000 themes to choose from across all price brackets, we can design a Shopify ecommerce website that perfectly fits your brand. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and let us create an online shop for you today.

You may be asking yourself “What if I already have my own Shopify store?”, or perhaps just want to transfer over your current website to another host. We also offer Shopify website design and transfer services so you don’t have to lose time finding a new designer or developer.

We’ve designed hundreds of Shopify stores for all kinds of brands, from small business owners to large corporations looking for custom-built ecommerce websites.

How can Matrix Marketing Group help with the Shopify website design? 

Matrix Marketing Group can help with the Shopify website design in a few ways. First, we can create a custom design for your website.

We can also help you set up your Shopify account, and create your shopping cart and checkout pages. We can also help you configure your shipping and payment settings, and set up your email notifications. Learn more today.

General FAQs

Is Shopify a good option for beginners?

Shopify is a great option for beginners, as this site gives you the ability to create pages with all the custom features that you need. Shopify is easy-to-use and quick to set up, allowing users to design their own store with Shopify themes.

What is Shopify Shop Pages?

Shopify Shop Pages is a Shopify app that lets you do what you do best: manage your store and focus on running and growing your company. All the content, pages, and data for your Shopify store – with no coding required.

What is the difference between free and paid Shopify themes?

Free themes: basic Shopify themes which offer a layout to get started. They’re free but use basic features and usually come without support or updates. Paid Shopify themes: more robust and flexible against changes in shop data formatting or service providers which include style options that go into finer details such as background colors so you can customize the look of your site to suit any mood you want customers visiting it.

How do I create a Shopify Theme through Design Mode?

Shopify Shop Pages is a Shopify app that lets you do what you do best: manage your store and focus on running and growing your company. All the content, pages, and data for your Shopify store – with no coding required.

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