When we develop marketing strategies for our clients, predictable revenue and profitability are our top priority. We use data and insights to create marketing strategies that communicate the benefits of your product or service to your target audience based on their needs. Our goal is to work as a consulting partner to help you reach your revenue target.

Marketing Strategy

Critical Concepts for High Performing Marketing Strategy

From the boardrooms to executives†to marketing leaders, everyone is on the hook for revenue growth and flawless execution. Learn more about the trends driving†modern marketing strategy.†

Marketing Assessment

We begin developing your marketing strategy by assessing your companyís current marketing environment.

Our marketing assessment will help us identify your organizationís marketing potential by revealing your companyís current strengths and weaknesses. After revealing underutilized marketing resources and opportunities for improvement, we can begin creating a marketing plan tailored to your companyís needs.

Activity-Based Budgeting

All too often, marketing budgets are based on the previous yearís budget or even based on gut-feelings alone, but as marketing evolves, budgeting tactics should evolve as well.

Thanks to the prevalence of digital marketing, itís becoming easier to prove the worth of your marketing tactics through data. Our team can help you implement activity-based budgeting that will connect your marketing activity back to marketing spend to clearly show your return on investment.

Customer Profile and Buyer Personas

Building a marketing strategy requires extensive knowledge of your customers — knowing what to say to them and where to reach them at the right time.

Our team will conduct marketing research using market research reports, customer surveys, or interviews to learn about your ideal customers and develop buyer personas that weíll use to inform our marketing strategy decisions.


If you donít know where youíre going, how do you know when you get there? Setting measurable goals will give us a clear understanding of what you want to achieve through your marketing strategy. We can guide you in developing S.M.A.R.T goals to set expectations. We can then use those goals to determine the appropriate tactics to achieve success.

Customer Journey Mapping will take on a new meaning as customers offer (often willingly), and firms capture, more information. Customer experiences and communications will vary according to customer journey stages and companies will develop bespoke real-time offerings and touchpoints with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools.

Develop Marketing Tactics

You donít have to implement every marketing tactic ever invented to see achieve great marketing success. Using data from the marketing assessment and target audience research, our team will determine what tactics we need to put into effect during your marketing campaign to reach your goals. Whether it be content marketing, PPC advertising, or website development, we are equipped to guide you through various digital marketing methods.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Marketing and sales teams often feel at odds with each other. The marketing team works on branding, name recognition, targeting, lead generation, mobile strategy, and the like. The sales team wants solid leads that pay off in terms of meeting quota, signed contracts, orders, and long-term relationships. We can work with you to encourage collaboration and maintain accountability between your marketing and sales teams by streamlining your sales and marketing processes and setting agreed-upon performance metrics.

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