Highly Effective Marketing Campaigns to Differentiate Your Food & Beverage Business

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Highly Effective Marketing Campaigns to Differentiate Your Food & Beverage Business

Learn How to Create Highly Effective Marketing Campaigns to Differentiate Your Food & Beverage Business.

Every business requires careful management and attention to help bring in new customers. 

Here are some tips for how marketing companies can help you.

The Best Steps to Differentiate Your Food & Beverage Business

The creation and development of small businesses (food and beverage business) have some features that determine the set of promotion tools. You must select a list of promoted products. If these are essential goods (such as food or drinks), then the demand in this niche will always be high. 

The clothing, fuel, and even mail-order bride search segment has the same properties. Because customers cannot give up their desire to drink or eat, they need transportation and want to love and be loved.

However, these different business categories have common features. There is very high competition here. The entrepreneur is limited in resources and, consequently, in marketing opportunities. 

That is why the impact on the target audience with the help of advertising and informational activities for small firms, traditional for large companies, is ineffective and requires individual promotion methods. 

You must develop your strategy to drive growth and make your food or beverage business more successful and popular.

Communication Strategy

Why is Food Advertising Important

Traditional advertising can promote small businesses: mobile newsletters, outdoor advertising on banners, local radio, and television, if planned wisely, pay off. 

The strategy defines:

  • purpose and objectives, content (news, events) of communication;
  • target audience, promotion channels, and advertising costs;
  • the advantages of communication (when compared with the methods used by competitors);
  • the number and main message of advertising messages;
  • efficiency.

POS Communication Strategy

The strategy implies using BTL tools, such as distributing flyers and business cards, tasting and offering a trial service, word of mouth, a gift for purchase, contests, etc.

In addition to the above points, they are considering a list of creative materials content assets) and a plan of marketing actions to increase sales, attract new customers, improve the image characteristics of the brand, etc.

Internet Promotion Strategy

mcdonalds food ad

The popularity of the Internet opens up great opportunities for using its tools to promote business: the company’s website, contextual advertising, SEO technology, public and subscriptions in social networks, mailings, blogs, etc. 

Of particular importance for implementing this strategy are formats of interaction with the target audience; a detailed budget for all items; a description of the main actions, including their purpose, scale, period, duration, and performance indicators.

Communication with Customers

A significant role is assigned to forming trusting relationships with customers and partners. Establishing them is a top priority for small businesses, as it builds customer loyalty and protects the organization from competitive encroachment. 

A store that knows loyal customers and their preferences is likelier to win customer loyalty. Of course, subject to product quality control and maintenance of reasonable prices.

This 13 Step-by-Step Guide – The Baker’s Dozen – will help you cover all the essential steps in creating the perfect launch, from sourcing ingredients to setting up a production line.

The promotion of small and large businesses is based on the same key positions but has several significant differences. 

These include the scale of the advertising campaign (paid media), the channels used, the number of resources spent, etc. Thus, massive advertising on national television or in the press is not required to create awareness of the target audience about a beauty salon in one of the city’s districts. 

The challenge is to carefully separate the “wheat from the chaff” – to determine a limited number of the most effective marketing tools for a particular business. 

The competent application of one or a combination of several promotion strategies gives good results and becomes a solid platform for the organization’s development.

Internet Promotion

food product launch

This is an extremely important aspect of your job, and your success depends on quality online promotion. Today, many purchases, including merchandise, food, and drinks, are ordered through websites. If your company is famous on the Internet, it will be successful. 

Therefore, following the SMM promotion online must be followed by social networks. You can even introduce additional promotions in your cafe or restaurant. For example, enter discounts for a photo or repost of your products. Present coffee to a loyal customer or run a raffle. Remember, your company needs to be heard.

You need your website to show and tell about your product online. If you have no idea how to create your company’s website, many companies can help you.

You can also create a website on free hosting using the online builder. There are many video tutorials on creating websites on the Internet, and after a few hours, you can create your first result. It is quite suitable for a young company. 

But, if you are in the mood for the rapid promotion of products or services, we advise you to develop a high-quality website with your domain name, unique design, easy navigation, and high-quality content.

Now you need to promote the page and attract new customers. Today there are many different options for popularizing the resource.

Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is the most effective promotion method based on the survey of marketers above. It is universal since it advertises the product in an email and drives traffic to the site, blog, and social networks.

First, you need to find a suitable mailing service based on the criterion “price-quality.” Pay attention to free server features, test drives, special offers, and ready-made templates. 

Email marketing is cheap and can be automated. All you need to do is prepare the text and set the date and time of sending letters in the mailing planner.

Social Networks

food product website launch

Social media is one of the cheapest and most effective customer acquisition channels. If you want millions of users to know about your company and communicate with your brand, you must promote your business online.

This is, first of all, a meeting of a live audience that loves not only to communicate but also to shop. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular and well-known social media platforms to help promote your food or drink. 

Order an advertising campaign here, considering your typical buyer’s characteristics (you know the portrait of the target audience, don’t you).

Facebook still boasts more users than other platforms, so sharing different forms of content, such as videos, webinars, articles, infographics, and more, is worth sharing.

Research your target audience and what channels your potential customers are using. Maybe it’s Pinterest, Twitter, or TikTok? Be sure to pay attention to the age categories of potential customers and consider these features

If a channel isn’t familiar, learn how to manage your profile properly and paid ads. Today, you will find enough free information on the Internet to launch an account or paid advertising in a few days.

When creating profiles, consider the difference and clearly understand which profile is a social—account (Facebook or Twitter) and where SEO plays a big role (Pinterest). And if you do not have enough tools, use free or paid with a free function.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a convenient and high-quality tool suitable for various purposes, including advertising food or drinks. 

Almost all modern gadgets and browsers support sending push notifications that appear instantly on subscribers’ desktops, even when the browser is turned off.


With advertisements in articles, everything is quite simple. You find thematic sites to host. You write an advertising article about your product or service with links to the site and publish it for a fee. 

If you’re on a budget, try writing cool, practical, non-promotional material about a product-related topic. This will also be a fairly powerful advertisement since users are fond of useful information.

If you want sustainable traffic content marketing is the way to go. Sure, ads help, but what happens when the checks stop coming? Your traffic is gone too.

Video Channel

A video channel is good for drawing attention to your product or service. The main thing is a high-quality video. 

To create it, you can turn to professionals or remove it yourself (sometimes it also works). The video should not so much inform users as involve them. People should like it and create a desire to share. Any video you make can be sent by email. 

This attracts the user’s attention and brings additional traffic to the video channel, brand awareness, and products.

Online and Offline Marketing Channels with Great Marketing Campaigns

Various online and offline events are a good way to advertise your brand and introduce your audience to products or services. 

The main thing is to accompany the advertisement with relevant and useful information. Modern users don’t like pure ads at all. 

During a conference or forum, you can organize competitions and reward the winners with free provision of their services or products.

Contextual Ad

Contextual ads are advertisements displayed in search engines and on the pages of thematic sites. 

It depends on the search query or on the subject of the page on which it is displayed. The main network for promotion in the western segment is Google, which uses the Google AdWords tool. 

To start using contextual advertising, you must register, set up an ad, select requests by which users will find you, select a region, and top up your balance. 

You only pay for clicks. The cost per click depends on the subject matter, competition, region, ad location, etc.


Banners are pictures that contain links to the site. 

They are several types:

  • Static (one picture without movement);
  • GIF (several images that replace each other);
  • Flash (contains animation effects).

Banners can bring new customers, but you should place them on thematic resources. For example, if you are a mailing service, then select internet marketing sites.

The cost depends on the size of the banner, its type, placement, theme, and of course, the site on which you want to place the banner.

You can make and place a banner yourself. To do this, use the Photoshop program, contact the site administrator you need, and agree with him on the banner placement. 

You can ask him for site statistics data and learn about traffic (gender, age, region, etc.) If you do not want to do everything yourself, contact special services.

Periscope, Tik-Tok and marketing campaigns

Periscope is an Android and iOS app for live-streaming videos. TikTok was launched in March 2015, but it became popular among users quickly. It is a great advertising tool. 

The service has become especially popular among young fashion designers. They broadcast their shows through Periscope and thus gain even more attention for their products.

The TikTok platform is also great for promoting products and adding video content. Potential customers can see your product for the first time and find information about the company and its products.

Don’t forget to add links to new videos and channels in your e-mail newsletter.

Develop Communication Plan

Communication Plan educational instructions

How to engage users? When clients have shared their positive or negative experiences, responding quickly and in detail is very important. 

Customers who communicate with a brand via social media are likelier to recommend a product or service to their friends and acquaintances.

Let your customers hear your brand’s supportive and charismatic voice—answer users’ questions max. Within 24 hours and solve their problems. If you introduce yourself, the user will feel an individual attitude to his problem.

The buyer’s journey and communication plan go hand in hand.

Support and Involve

Remember, your food or drink marketing campaign must be effective, polite, and pleasant to potential customers. 

Social media is not a place for forced sales but is a great solution for building strong customer relationships and delivering useful business-related content. 

Your presence is very important when users need your support to learn more about a business or products or find information about your industry or niche. 

If your small business becomes a source of useful and timely information, you will create a large community of users who will become your customers.

Free small business marketing tools

seo tools

You have much valuable information to offer if you are an expert in your field. Speak at online seminars, write blog posts or guest articles, share valuable information on social media, and potential clients will see you as an authority figure.

Additionally, you can create a referral program and encourage real customers to share their impressions of a product or service. “It is referrals that are more likely to become customers than customers attracted through other channels,” Jonathan Long, VIP contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine.

Jonathan Long also recommends positioning yourself as a leader and expert by posting case studies and focusing on your niche. 

Contests and coupons can also help exhibit small businesses and add value without spending a fortune on such actions. Statistics show that a contest held (with small prizes as gifts) can lead to 17 times more leads than the prizes’ cost.

hospitality marketing case study

Be Always Visible

It is essential that your brand is recognizable and always in the information space. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers; therefore, it is worth paying attention to such a tool as networking.

Business Know-How’s Kevin Stirtz recommends that business owners determine the amount of time and budget they can invest in networking weekly or monthly. 

Schedule attending XX meetings or events where you can make useful connections. Try combining these visits with other types of lead generation. This way, you can measure your leads’ ROI and analyze the time you spend acquiring customers.

Participation in most events does not require large investments, so networking is a good prospect for small and medium-sized business owners. 

During these meetings, you can invite potential customers to visit your site and learn more about products or services. 

Here you can also meet new business partners, product suppliers, or transport company representatives that can offer the best conditions for your business development.

Great Step on the background of competitors and marketing campaigns

Small businesses can improve local brand awareness with the help of large corporations. We are discussing a high-quality advertising campaign, a kind of “opposition” to corporations. 

You can use a modified symbolism to hint at the company but not talk about it. And declare that your products are “friendlier, more family-friendly, and homier.” 

The emphasis on the “humanity” of your brand versus faceless companies can pay off and increase your customer base.

Conclusion on marketing campaigns

Modern technologies provide many options for brand promotion. You will use creativity, experience, knowledge, research, and resources to cheaply meet customer needs and acquire new customers. But remember that your business should work for people – be friendly and helpful. 

It was, is, and will remain the best advertisement. This is the only way you can create the best business and promote your food and drinks in a quality manner.

We’re listening to your thought about marketing campaigns.

Have something to say about your thoughts on types of marketing campaigns to differentiate a food & beverage business? We can help you with the most successful marketing campaigns.

General FAQs on marketing campaigns

What is included in the food and beverage industry?

The food and beverage industry includes restaurants, cafeterias, cafés, fast-food joints, pubs, delis, food manufacturing operations, catering businesses, food transportation services, and more. Work in this industry can range from packaging to preparing, transporting, and serving food or beverages.

What is food and beverage marketing?

A simple definition of Food and Beverage Marketing sees the business from the guest’s perspective. A Food and Beverage Marketing emphasis on excellent guest relations is key to a hospitality operation’s success.

How can food and beverage marketing operations use technology?

Food and beverage operations can be used as a marketing tool by having excellent guest relations. Improved guest customer service can be achieved through offering great food, listening to your guest, and making them loyal customers.

What is hospitality and tourism marketing?

Tourism and hospitality marketing is about creating a clear picture of your brand through multiple channels – from search engine results to ads to social media. Our content marketers, graphic designers, photographers, video team, and other experts can help you create a flawless user experience during every interaction.

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