If you’re spending money on new 2021 Facebook ads, you’d want to get real value for your money. While most people say Facebook’s influence is waning, the truth is that there’s no social media platform that has more reach or number of active users than Facebook. 

A recent study has shown that of the total number of Facebook users, 70% use the app daily. For context, the second social media platform for daily users is Instagram, which averages 58%. Even Twitter, as popular as it is, retains only 38% of its total users daily. This data goes to show that if you’re running ads, Facebook remains the best place to do this.

The average cost of Facebook ads is $0.97 per click and $7.91 per thousand impressions. If you’re running an ad, you’d most likely be concerned about your ad’s conversion cost. The truth is, your conversion cost depends solely on your ad itself. And by that, we’re talking about the ad in its entirety – from the headline to the targeting system to the copy and even the image used.

Everything affects your conversion cost. To make sure your ad converts above the industry average, it’s essential to optimize it. In this article, we’ll talk about a few tips that, if applied correctly, will help you earn at least twice the industry average.

Optimize your Facebook Ad Sizes and Images

Facebook Ad Sizes

Most people focus on the copy of their ads and give less focus to the image. However, one little trick they don’t understand is that the image is a huge part of any copy. 

Sure, your copy might be excellent, but it would only do its work when it’s read. Results gotten from analyzing advertisements on Facebook have shown that your audience’s click-through rate depends on the headline and image. 

This means that your image will be seen or read, regardless of the headline or body copy. Unfortunately, most advertisers don’t take advantage of this opportunity. But how can you use it to improve your conversion rate?

A great avenue has to do with making your image a copy of its own. That doesn’t mean you should paste your body copy there. You’d only end up with a reverse effect as people would skip your message. Also, Facebook has a rule that images should not contain more than 20% of the text. 

Ensure your image includes the solution your product or service offers and ensure that your offer is in the image. 

Remember: your image should always be related to what you’re selling. So, even if users don’t want to read the base copy, the image will help them grasp the idea of your offer. Eventually, it will lure them in and turn people who’d typically scroll past into conversions.  You should spend about 80% of your time on the 2021 Facebook Ads headline.

Your Facebook Ads Headline is Your Showstopper.

best facebook ad headline

Like we stated above, two things are sure to be seen in your ad: the image and the headline. But writing a catching headline is not enough: you need to make sure it is the best you can put out. Most people outsource their ad writing to writing service and then put it out there. If you do this, it’s outstanding. 

Using writing services is an excellent idea if you can’t write great copies. But keep in mind that most people in the industry use services too, and if you depend solely on them, you’d only end up as an average advertiser. So, when trying to optimize your headline, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration:

  • Keep your headline short. Long headlines tend to be tacky, and studies have shown that this approach does not lead to conversions.
  • Put numbers in your headline. A recent study has shown that people tend to click headlines with numbers rather than headlines with words only. For instance, a headline “5 ways to earn money online” would get more clicks and conversions than “Ways to get money online”. This is a great way to increase the number of conversions in your advert instantly.
  • When using superlatives in a headline, strike a balance between excessiveness and scarcity. After analyzing advertisements on Facebook, it was discovered that up to 51% of users tend to click headlines with zero superlatives. Twenty-five percent of the remaining users clicked the headline with four superlatives instead of other headlines with just 1,2, and 3 superlatives. This result suggests that people prefer either the understated or the all-out approach when it comes to headlines. If you don’t know how to write great headlines, you can always learn how to do that right.

It’s all About Clicks. 

An essential thing some Facebook advertisers don’t get is this: Facebook ads are not designed to sell. Instead, they serve as a funnel to bring clients and customers to you. As such, your ad should make the audience click, but that doesn’t mean you should use clickbait. 

If you use it, you’ll be left with many clicks but also with no conversions. Your goal is to get the audience to click with intent and curiosity. Here’s a little example:

You run an new 2021 Facebook ad with a headline that states: “This product would change how people see you”. 

By default, most people would click on it to see your body ad. Now, the goal is to get them to click the CTA button. And that’s what your copy should do.

Use copywriting skills to reach this goal, but always remember this: people going through Facebook are not in the state of mind to be sold things to. 

So, your ad should be designed to promote curiosity while keeping the product in mind. The first line your audience should see in your ad copy should be something like:

“If you haven’t yet tried X, you’re missing on benefits hundreds of people are already making use of”

You might not want to use these exact words, but your message should go along these lines. Pander to users’ curiosity by letting them click the CTA button with the intent to make a purchase.

Connect with Your Customers


External Validation and Your 2021 Facebook Ads

One secret every marketer knows is this: social proof will always make your ad work better. By proof, we mean reviews. Restaurants, tourist locations, even movies, and book distributors thrive by displaying reviews and social proof to tell potential customers that their service or product is worth your money.

Your goal now is to implement this proof into Facebook ads. And what’s the best way to do this? Including testimonials in your ads is the way to go. Putting them out there tells the audience that people have used the product or service and loved it. 

Recently, there’s been an increase in 2021 Facebook ads that contained five-star reviews as headlines in them. Data has shown that ads like these are highly converting, so more and more advertisers are turning to this ad form. 

The logic behind this approach is simple: once users have proof to lean on, the element of risk associated with a product or service vanishes faster. It’s a pretty simple move that can effectively boost your digital strategy.

Scarcity and 2021 Facebook Ads

Scarcity marketing ads

When writing a new 2021 Facebook ads, you must keep in mind that people do not necessarily want to buy things. No one likes spending money when they could put it off. So most times when people see an ad, they say “Maybe I’ll buy it later”, or “I’ll buy it at the end of the month”. That’s not good for your ad or your business overall. But you could incorporate the useful old Black Friday element into your ad copy to sell things faster. 

There’s a reason why people rush into stores on Black Friday: it’s merely because they think they could only get the best deals on that day and that day alone. As a result, people troop in and buy products that they could get on any other day, simply because marketers dropped prices a little. More importantly, store owners create a sense of urgency and sell products in limited quantities to raise awareness and lure customers in. 

Incorporating an identical strategy into your ad will get you more conversions. Driving a sense of urgency and scarcity by positioning your offer as a “limited” product or advertising it at a “knockoff price” would make your audience feel like they’re about to miss a great deal, and they would rush to get it to make sure they don’t lose out.

Final Thoughts about 2021 Facebook Ads 

Today, almost every company and brand owner is using your new 2021 Facebook ads to convert their audience to customers. However, it can be hard to stay on top of the competition and get higher conversion rates. But with these tips listed above, you can get better conversion rates instead of wasting money on ads that never work. 

You can learn more about how to create the best 2021 Facebook Ads with the Ultimate Facebook Ad Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on 2021 Facebook Ads

Is broad targeting useful for finding people who might be interested in my product but are not in my target audience?

For ads that are priced based on conversion, broad targeting is suitable. The truth is, it will get you more traffic. But if you’re looking to sell or boost your conversion rate, broad targeting is ill-advised. It should be used when you need micro-conversions, like getting people to sign up to your email list. It wouldn’t work to sell products and services, especially when a conversion is a primary goal.

How long do I let my ad run before killing it? 

This question is often asked, and the truth is, there’s no definite metric to determining when to say an ad isn’t working. However, data does suggest that you need to have at least 150 clicks before determining whether the conversion rate is high or low. In terms of impressions and click-through rates, at least 1500 impressions are advisable before judging click rates.

Should I reach out to old customers via email? 

You absolutely should. There’s a thing called hot and cold customers. Hot customers are those who have purchased an item from you before, and cold customers are ones who have not. Ads are geared towards cold customers for the most part, and it’d be a shame not to reach out to people you know are interested in your product and have patronized you before.

Daily ad budgets vs. lifetime budgets: which is better? 

The truth is, most marketers use daily budgets. But in this particular case, it’s a personal choice because ad campaign goals differ. No one is greater than the other, and you should make this choice on your own.

Amanda is a lecturer and writer. A native English speaker who also speaks German on an intermediate level, she has a Ph.D. in History from the University of Stanford in 2001. After receiving her degree, she decided to continue teaching at the university. Amanda has always been striving to help students and currently works as a part-time essay writer. She also assists students in assignments of different complexity at EssayUSA.

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