Growing Site Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Matrix Marketing Group uses professional services and B2B marketing automation platforms, like HubSpot, to support demand generation.

We pair our professional services to build awareness, generate and nurture high-quality leads, orchestrate multichannel or omnichannel engagement to guide customer journey progression, and use analytics to measure and optimize sales performance.

The main goal of our sales ecosystems is to capture, qualify and nurture leads, align them to the appropriate sales team member(s), then continue sales- and/or customer-driven engagement to drive toward a closed deal.

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Technology Solutions

The SMB is faced with more and more complexity in its workforce, strategies, and technology. Terms like federated data, intercloud, data mesh, ‘single pane of glass,’ and data observability. Have you used augmented FinOPS yet? It get’s complex fast, but WHY?

It takes a lot of time to enter data manually, and it’s tough to know if things are truly up-to-date. What if you could nurture contacts and hand off warm leads to sales effortlessly? Now you can.

Our HubSpot platform assist with data cleansing by eliminating incomplete or redundant lead information and lead augmentation by providing additional data about prospects. Works wonders with a lead scoring system powered by AI.

With an integrated platform, an SMB company can improve its customer service, increase its marketing efficiency and boost its sales results.

Technology Systems Drive Revenue Hubspot

Technology Systems to Drive Revenue

We have a team of experienced consultants who will work with you to develop a plan tailored: Revenue strategy, performance-based sales systems, and demand-generation programs to help grow your business and make your customers happier. It all starts with your website.

Our consulting services focus on our client’s most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, mergers & acquisitions, and sustainability across industries and geographies.

We have a track record of successfully identifying and leveraging opportunities across organizational boundaries with our professional systems and HubSpot CRM. The modern extended enterprise.

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Foundational Platform: People, processes, and technology

In today’s business environment, sales, marketing, and customer service are more important than ever to work together seamlessly.

With most consumers starting their online purchases, your company must have a coordinated strategy covering all touchpoints. An integrated approach will ensure that your message is consistent across all channels and that each team knows what the others are doing.

It will also allow you to track the full customer journey and see what’s working and what isn’t. In short, integrating sales, marketing, and customer service is essential for any company that wants to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Strategy Gateway for Growth

Sales, marketing, and customer service are all critical to the success of a midmarket business, but they can be difficult to get right.

HubSpot is designed to support B2B use cases and apply to B2C organizations selling high-consideration products and/or B2B2C models with more complex, indirect sales processes.

Businesses often struggle with sales, marketing, and customer service because these areas are complex and constantly changing.

Our team of experienced consultants will help you improve your sales, marketing, and customer service. We’ll work with you to develop an implementation plan that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

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Let’s Connect

When solving complex business problems for clients worldwide, we know what works because we’ve done it before – many times over.


Maximize your brand purpose

Organizations must activate their brand purpose to drive value and differentiation across the customer journey to succeed. We establish unique brand purposes to build iconic brands and bring brands to life with high-impact creative concepts and marketing strategies.


Get More High-quality, Sales-Ready Leads

When it comes to marketing and sales, leads are the lifeblood of your company. Without a steady stream of high-quality leads, you’ll never be able to grow as fast or far! Lead generation that drives more leads, with higher sales conversions. Your CRM is the center of your business.


Make Your Site a Sales Machine

Organizations must activate their brand purpose to drive value and differentiation across the customer journey to succeed. Each touchpoint is not linear thus, lead nurturing is vital.


Lead Generation Technology

You understand the importance of strong marketing and sales strategies, revenue systems, and marketing programs. HubSpot Hubs are often the perfect tool for the job.

digital transformational consulting

Digital Transformation Consulting

Management consulting is a dynamic and fast-paced industry that requires strong analytical skills to stay on top of your game.

Matrix works with clients to identify problems, synthesize information from various sources, and develop strategies for action based on these findings while keeping an eye out for new trends.

All this is done with little distribution to your current operation.