Marketing Specialists: 3 Awesome Must Learn From a Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing specialists could learn from top digital marketing agency

It seems that the world of marketing specialists and the world of digital marketing agencies hardly overlap. Marketing specialists and digital agencies do not interact much or learn from each other.

There are three things that marketing specialists should learn (research) in a digital marketing agency to make their work more effective:

  • Quick launch.
  • Attention to new sources of traffic.
  • Effective networking.

Marketing specialists and digital marketing agencies don’t often interact, meaning they are missing out on valuable information.

The 3 things that marketing specialists should learn from a digital marketing agency are quick to launch, attention to new traffic sources, and effective networking.

Digital marketing agencies can help with all three areas by providing the expertise needed for success in each area.

This article will talk about first-class digital agencies where members trust each other and no need to coordinate everything with colleagues or clients. These ace digital agencies are ready for experiments and successes.

In this article, we will talk about first-class digital agencies that perfectly know their business. 

We will talk about agencies where members trust each other and where no need to coordinate everything with colleagues or clients. These are ace digital agencies that are ready for experiments and successes.

What is a marketing specialist?

What is a marketing specialist?

A marketing specialist can be a great help to small and large companies alike. From creating ads that sell to assisting in establishing an online presence, marketing specialists will create a business you’re proud of.

What does a marketing specialist job description?

Marketing specialists help businesses grow by optimizing their online presence. If you have a business and want to stand out from the competition, contact us today! We’ll put together a winning marketing strategy for your company that will get you noticed.

How can a marketing specialist help?

Besides creating a business presence, what the marketing specialist does also includes:

What education do I need to become a marketing specialist?

What education do marketing specialist

There is no set educational requirement necessary for becoming a marketing specialist. However, several training courses will help you hone your skills, like this one.

Marketing specialist salary

The average salary for a marketing specialist is $65,000 per year. That broad range of $42,000 – $75,000 means that what you make will heavily depend on the company you work for and your skills. (Source: LinkedIn)

Marketing specialist job description

A marketing specialist is a professional who helps companies create online visibility. They work with the client to determine the best course of action to help them get noticed by their target audience, and then they implement that plan into action. 

The success of the program depends on the marketing specialist’s expertise. A marketing specialist is responsible for creating campaigns that help promote their client’s business online. 

The marketing specialists’ job also requires them to research what keywords are popular and then use those keywords to create higher visibility for the client’s company.

Quick launch

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How digital agencies do it. Digital agencies have to launch quickly and understand whether there is a conversion or not. They test the offer for several days, and if it “does not work,” they immediately switch to another one. This allows them to find a working hypothesis in a short time.

How marketing specialists do it. With a marketing specialist, things take longer. They, with colleagues, develop a marketing strategy, calculate budgets for tests, and prepare media plans with efficiency forecasts.

Then begins the approval phase, which lasts approximately “forever.” Especially at the stage of approval, the creatives can get stuck for a long time. There are many cases where a marketing campaign launch was discussed and coordinated with a client for almost two months, and the campaign itself lasted three weeks.

There are three main risks in delaying the process:

  • The client will change their priorities. During the long negotiations, they may change their goal – for example, decide that product A is no longer profitable to advertise, now need to advertise product B.
  • The client’s offer will lose relevance. Spinners may go out of fashion faster than you start advertising them.
  • Problems on the customer side will be discovered too late. After much coordination, the campaign will launch, and it turns out that sales managers can’t work with the leads.

The longer the approval process, the longer the deal cycle. That means delayed profits for both the client and the marketing specialist.

So, what to do? In marketing, you can often speed up processes. Instead of discussing a visual concept for the fifteenth time at a meeting with a client or management, it is better to launch into production sooner and see if the product or service resonates with the audience.

You can divide the entire launch process into stages. Onshore, discuss with the client that each stage has a clear deadline. If the approval stage is delayed because of the client, the campaign is still launched in production at the appointed time, and the specialists make adjustments to it after the fact.

In this way, the marketing specialist can test the client’s proposal on the market, understand what works better, and focus on the good things only. And even identify and fix problems on the client-side.

Attention to new sources of traffic

How digital marketing agencies do it. If a new social or advertising network appears globally, digital marketing agencies instantly swoop in to test it out. This is what happened with TikTok: it just started to gain momentum, and there were no manuals on how to use it, and the digital agencies have already figured out how to profit from it.

How marketing specialists do it. Marketing specialists usually operate with a standard set of tools and traffic sources and rarely test new ones, and this is the omission of a possible benefit. New sources always mean new audiences and high rates and therefore increased revenue.

So, what to do? If marketing specialists took the example of digital agencies and promptly researched emerging traffic sources, they would improve their competence and expand services.

Effective networking

Infusionsoft Partner can help

How digital agencies do it. Digital is an incredibly strong community. It’s somewhat toxic: for example, it can make fun of newbies here who ask questions like “how do I target on Facebook?” or “how do I pass moderation?” Digital agencies occasionally prank each other in the public arena, which never happens among marketing specialists.

However, this toxicity is outweighed by the benefits of networking. Communication is conducted at conferences and meetups, in numerous telegram chats and thematic forums. And most importantly, communication with peers leads to real partnerships.

Networking at digital marketing conferences is especially productive. Live networking is the main way to learn about new successful marketing tactics.

The information obtained or agreements made usually cover the cost of the trip to the conference. For example, suppose a digital agency successfully negotiates with the client. In that case, it can receive an extra 20% to its rate, which can be up to several thousand dollars per month in money terms.

How marketing specialists do it. The main gain from conferences attended by marketing specialists is reports and masterclasses.

But you can also benefit from the fact that in one room are experts in different industries and profiles in marketing. For example, participate in “speed-dating.” You are given 2 minutes to get acquainted with the person. During this time, you should quickly find some common ground and understand how to use each other.

What to do? Everyone communicates more actively in chats, in comments, at offline events. Don’t be shy about offering each other collaborations and exchanging experiences. The organizers of conferences and meetups add value to the events by emphasizing networking rather than reports.

How is a marketer’s competence evaluated when hiring on a project?

The marketing specialist is evaluated through skills in the area of tasks that they will have to perform in the company, according to Ivory Research.  

Targeting ads, SMM, working with bloggers – quite different things. An inexperienced marketing specialist will not be able to promote a community on Facebook or Telegram immediately.

Marketing specialist is also evaluated through case studies. Professional marketing specialists often showcase their successful projects in which their competencies were demonstrated. Conversions, leads, subscribers, search engine positions, conversions from native advertising – all this is shown to the future client or employer at the meeting. 

It is useful for the marketing specialist to be specific: how exactly were these results achieved? How did you achieve such a CTR, how did you reach such a conversion rate? How would they promote your product?

Although marketing does not equal sales, these processes are inseparable. That’s why sales techniques are also on the list of things an Internet marketer should know. 

The marketer and the salesperson work in tandem, and the marketer directly affects the salespeople’s results, and therefore the entire business.

And the last important thing: if the marketing specialist is professional, they promote its brand. In such a case, the company assesses marketing specialists’ success in promoting themselves.

The quality of the personal account, expert publications, speeches at relevant conferences, reviews, and awards. Here can also be added membership in marketing communities. Cool marketing experts also teach and write books.

Envision… More community engagement, more revenue.

Discover how you can build a profitable business in record time. Create, launch, and scale your business even if you have never created a single product or have no marketing list.

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Conclusion: what are other things marketing specialists can learn at a digital marketing agency?

Above were 3 of the main things that each marketing specialist should learn from digital marketing agencies. Bellow are less important things:

Attention to detail. You don’t have to be pedantic and spend time on everything, but paying attention to the nuances that promote the product is necessary. Digital agencies think holistically and see the whole picture.

Whether it’s about the brand as a whole or a specific product, everything is interconnected. Striving for perfection, which is impossible to achieve, make to improve your work every time. Sometimes missing one small detail can negatively affect the result.

Risk-taking. Or rather, acting clearly and intelligently in unplanned situations. This helps when marketing specialists are constrained by deadlines or lose control for a while.

Trends prediction. It is a prerequisite for a good marketer, which comes with experience. Of course, you can strive for this now, but you will gain real momentum only after years of experimentation.

Data-based decisions. Marketing specialists have to make decisions based on changing data quickly, literally within a day in today’s marketing.

For example, suppose a marketer sees that an ad campaign’s performance on Facebook has started to deteriorate.

In that case, they must quickly analyze what is wrong and why the results are getting worse. And either decide to stop the ad campaign and launch a new one, or change the settings and fix the current ad campaign.

A good marketer is not forced to make decisions about a logo, branding, etc. The same is with ace digital agencies. Good marketing means many tests, formats, messages, creativity, and channels. Decisions can be made only based on the data obtained.

Remember, the job of the business founder or product manager is to define what they want to sell and to whom clearly. And the task of the marketing specialist is to implement it effectively.

FAQs about Marketing Specialists

What is the difference between strategy and tactics?

The strategy is a general decision on what to do, which includes the tasks of the marketing specialists. Tactics are specific decisions that facilitate reaching a goal.

When should a marketer decide to pivot?

A project should be shut down or changed if the data shows that the business model doesn’t work.

What skills do digital marketing specialists need to know?

It is important to know how to write texts that engage readers, for example, on social media or the website. People’s attention span is becoming shorter and shorter each year; it’s crucial not only to know what information you’re portraying but also how to portray it. Analytical skills, and it is necessary to constantly measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using various analytics tools. Understanding new technologies is another plus – one of today’s most popular things is mobile devices, so marketers specializing in mobile marketing will be needed more than ever before.

Is it smart for a marketing specialist to specialize in niche areas of digital marketing such as social media, SEO, etc.?

Plenty of marketing specialists market themselves as experts in all areas of digital marketing. Be careful because it’s easy to “do more than you should be doing,” and just because you aren’t posting on social media doesn’t mean you’re not marketing using that channel. Digital branding is all about consistency, so don’t widen the gap by spreading yourself too thin.

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