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Marketing Case Study

Denver, Colorado

Matrix Marketing Group Helps Twinstar 2X Their Sales Pipeline with 7 Six-figure Closed Deals

Matrix Marketing Group provided Denver, Colorado’s, Twinstar’s executive management team with an outreach strategy and branding program to drive more leads.


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Content marketing
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Before hiring Denver digital marketing agency, Matrix Marketing Group, Twinstar was only generating 2  -v3 appointments every month, because their only sales pipeline came from word of mouth and referrals.

The steady stream of new meetings helped Gail, CEO of Twinstar, accelerate their sales growth and get on track to beat her 2016 targets with the objective of selling the company.


Gail began working with us and the first thing we did was our positioning workshop to fine-tune her targeting and create a go-to-market strategy for each of her niches. This helped her reduce the sales cycle with a hyper-personalization outreach strategy.

The Outcome


Within the first 3 weeks, our Professional Marketing Team was generating new meetings for her. By month 3, we were consistently delivering 3 extra meetings a week. Over the first six months, we helped Gail add seven extra 6-figure deals from the marketing leads. Twinstar went from 2 to over 12 meetings a month. With the objective of selling the company, we were able to exceed all revenue goals and the Twinstar was sold.

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Matrix Marketing Group Helps Twinstar 2X Their Sales Pipeline with 7 Six-figure Closed Deals
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