Earned media

Earned Media: An Introduction
Earned media refers to the positive exposure and publicity that a brand or organization receives through word-of-mouth, online reviews, social media mentions, media coverage, and other forms of unpaid promotion. Unlike paid media, which involves purchasing advertising space, earned media is earned through the efforts of others, such as satisfied customers, influencers, and media outlets.

Why is Earned Media Important?
Earned media is important because it provides third-party validation and credibility for a brand or organization. When a customer shares their positive experience with a product or service, it carries more weight than a paid advertisement. People are more likely to trust recommendations from friends, family, and influencers, making earned media an effective way to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Earned media also has the potential to reach a larger audience than paid media. When a customer shares their experience on social media or a media outlet features the brand, it exposes the brand to a broader audience without the brand having to pay for the exposure. This can lead to increased brand awareness and visibility.

Who Uses Earned Media?
Earned media can be used by any brand or organization, regardless of its size or industry. It is particularly valuable for new and small businesses that may not have the budget for paid media or have established a large following. By leveraging earned media, these businesses can generate buzz and increase their reach without spending significant resources.

Influencers and media outlets also use earned media as a way to build their own brand and promote their content. By featuring a brand or product in their content, they can attract more followers and increase their own credibility.

Use Cases and Applicability
Earned media can be used in various ways, including:

Gaining positive reviews and ratings on online review platforms, such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Reviews
Encouraging user-generated content on social media, such as photos and videos featuring the brand or product
Earning media coverage by pitching stories or offering expert commentary on relevant topics to reporters and journalists
Partnering with influencers to showcase the brand or product to their followers

Earned media is applicable to all industries, but some may find it more challenging to generate than others. For example, a restaurant may find it easier to earn positive reviews and user-generated content on social media compared to a B2B software company. However, with a strategic approach and a focus on providing a positive customer experience, any industry can benefit from earned media.

Synonyms for Earned Media
Earned media is also commonly referred to as:

Free media
Organic media
Word-of-mouth marketing
Viral marketing
User-generated content

Overall, earned media is a valuable resource for brands and organizations looking to increase their reach, credibility, and brand awareness without significant financial investment. By providing excellent products and services and engaging with customers, businesses can generate positive earned media and harness its power to drive success.

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