15 Hotshot Techniques to Fine-Tune Your Digital Sales Process

Digital Sales Process

When was the last time you looked at your digital sales process?

Are your sales funnels firing on all cylinders?

Boosting digital sales is a common aim shared by small- and large-scale businesses.

And why not? In a world dominated by e-commerce, online sales determine the success and failure of any business. 

Constantly improving the digital sales strategy positively impacts the sales funnel and helps keep old and new customers engaged. However, only a handful of businesses manage to get desirable digital sales.

Getting desired digital sales is easy unless you know the right techniques and strategies to amplify your sales process. Here are eight effective techniques that will help you in this respect.  

Use Ad extensions in your digital sales process.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective ways to amplify your sales, getting more ad clicks with more ad extensions will do your job. 

With it, you can make your ad more enticing for your potential customers to click. For instance, if you’re selling clothes, offering two options – “Men’s Apparel” and “Women’s Apparel” using ad extensions, you can provide the potential buyers two different places to click.

You increase successful sales by sparing people an extra step and making it easier to reach the desired website section. 

Add a sense of urgency. 

A simple phrase like “right now” can make a big difference. You compel potential buyers to hit the buy button without delay by conjugating a sense of urgency. 

Experiment by adding limited-edition products or time-sensitive offers, and use a countdown on the limited-time sales or seasonal deals.

Lure the buyers by offering financial incentives, such as a discount or free shipping, to those who hit the buy button right now. This sole trick will work in your favor.

Make the checkout easy.

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A long and tedious checkout process is the biggest enemy of sales. If numbers are believed, the average cart abandonment rate is an unbelievable 68.81%, and a great portion of it can be accredited to a complicated checkout process. 

Once customers have made up their minds and loaded the shopping cart with their favorite products, they prefer making a quick buy and getting on with other work. If a website keeps them hooked for longer, they tend to get irritated and abandon the cart. Hence, it’s crucial to offer a less complicated checkout process. 

Review the checkout steps of your website and remove the unnecessary steps. Eliminate non-essential fields from the form, and create an easy pathway that leads them out quickly with their hands full.  

Provide multiple payment options 

Some customers purchase with cash, while some prefer cards. To keep the interest of every buyer, provide every possible payment option to them, from COD to Google Wallet payment to ApplePay to net banking. 

Stay on top of the game by providing all the latest services that are already gaining shoppers’ fancy. 

Align the landing page with the ad

So, you managed to get the attention of your target audience by creating a compelling ad. Your buyers hit the button and land on a page that is not even remotely similar to the ad. It can make your buyers feel duped. Hence, work on this aspect. 

If you use paid ads to enhance sales, ensure that your ads and landing pages are correlated. You can do it in two ways: by scent match (i.e., matching the color scheme and layout of your ad and landing page) or by aligning the message (using the same copy as the ad to market the landing page). 

Let your customer testimonials back to you.

If your existing customers laud your products and services, use their feedback as leverage to enhance your digital sales. 

Make your current customers shell out some sugar-coated words for you and use them to attract more buyers. Post the reviews and testimonials on your home page, landing page, product page, and pricing page. 

Today, before making a purchase, every customer wants to know the opinion of someone who has already used the product or service they are eyeing. Having people rave about your service will drive your digital sales further. 

To further cement your position, include trust signals. It will create a positive image of your brand in the psyche of your potential customers, and they won’t hesitate to buy your products or services. 

The easiest way to accomplish this feat is by adding your professional accreditations to the website. Highlight all the certificates and memberships you have to make it easy for potential buyers to trust you.

Target lookalike audiences

With all the modern tools, it is possible to collect relevant data demonstrating your existing customers’ behavior. Use the data from your existing customers to find more buyers like them. How can you do it? Through Facebook

Facebook allows you to find lookalike audiences, i.e., people with the same behavior and characteristics as the customers in the database

All you need to do is update the data on Facebook. Facebook will then check its data and highlight the audience that resembles your audience’s attributes.

Once you identify the lookalike audience, entice them into your products or service using highly targeted ads. 

It is an easy and cost-effective way to use already existing data to your benefit

Engage your prospects personally

Apart from Facebook, several other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, offer you the opportunity to connect with your prospects on a more personal level. 

Engaging with your prospects ensures customer satisfaction, brand awareness, brand recall, and sales. Having a one-on-one conversation with your prospects on social media serves you a double advantage. 

Firstly, with social media, you enter their personal space and create a personal connection with them.

Secondly, responding to them or initiating a conversation makes your customers feel important. It can go a long way in creating a positive perception of your brand. 

But how do you find the right prospects on social media?

LinkedIn offers a fabulous feature in this respect. The Sales Navigator feature creates a pathway that leads you to the right prospects via search and filter features.
All you need to do is learn how to use Sales Navigator (which is not so difficult) to understand prospects and leads better and engage with your potential audience on a personal level. 

Try Gmail Ads in your digital sales process.

Gmail Ads are one the best ways to reach out to your prospects and shoot your sales.

The best way to use this effective modality is by targeting competitor keywords. Target the terms your competitors use and drop messages in your prospects’ inboxes. 

Use Opt-In Pop-Up offer.

Opt-in offers are robust tools that persuade potential customers to step ahead and sign up for your loyalty program, mailing list, or newsletter. 
You will get more contacts in your database. Gradually, you should see an increase in your call-to-action responses. 

Opt-in pop-ups give a push to your potential customers who are close to buying your product. Any offer, such as 10 percent off on their first order or free shipping, compels them to move ahead and hit the buy button. 

Even if your customers don’t buy your product, their decision to sign up will allow you to add them to your database. However, take care of a few things to make your opt-in pop-up strategy successful. From testing the pop-up position on the screen to the phrasing of the copy, check every element to yield maximum benefit. 

Try tiered pricing 

Price Analysis

As a general tendency, most people are inclined towards mid-range products (remember the ‘most popular’ or ‘bestseller’ tag on the mid-range offers online?).

They tend to avoid the cheapest and the most expensive products

A tiered pricing structure, known as ‘decoy pricing,’ can help you fine-tune your digital sales process. Using a tiered pricing structure, you persuade potential buyers to pick the middle option, the products you want them to buy. 

Include money-back guarantee 

Who doesn’t want to avoid any potential loss? Customers never take financial risks, even if it involves a less expensive product. 

By offering a money-back guarantee, you eliminate the risk factor from the psyche of your potential customer. They consider the purchase safe and move ahead in the funnel. 

Harness the power of quality product images

The quality of images you post on your website influences the decision of your potential buyers. As buyers don’t get to feel the product against their skin, they decide by watching the picture and reading the description. 

While many business owners heed the written content, many don’t fully understand the immense persuasion effect of product images. 

Posting high-quality images of your products on the website can create a win-win situation for you. So stay away from pictures taken in the stock room. Click pictures in a brightly lit area from different angles and post multiple images. 

Give freebies in your digital sales process.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? It is a tried and tested technique to accelerate digital sales. The more you give freebies, the more customers you will gain. 

Offer your potential customers free products, software trials, samples, memberships, or other things. With this, you won’t just get their attention but also get the chance to introduce them to the products and services they should consider buying. 

Address every question or query in your copy

Many businesses assume that their customers know everything about their products or services. These assumptions create a leeway space for questions and queries. If left unanswered, these queries can hamper your sales. 
Address every query and answer every question.

Don’t leave any scope for confusion or objections. Consider all the possible questions, queries, and objections regarding your product or service and overcome them in your copy. 

The idea is to give the necessary information your potential customers want and to make an informed decision. This will also help you create awesome content that speaks about what’s in store for your customers rather than long praises of the brand.

The latter idea might entice you but covering the entire copy and mentioning why you are amazing is a surefire way of turning off the customers. 

Creating a copy that talks about the benefits they can get in a concise format will serve as a much better way of getting the attention of your potential customers. 

Optimize your website for mobiles for your digital sales process

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Google has been pushing mobile-friendly sites for years.

Today, every person walking on this planet owns a smartphone. Most people surf the internet on their mobile phones rather than laptops or desktops. Hence, having a website compatible with the mobile phone is a must to fine-tune your digital sales.

Optimize your website to allow your customers to shop from their phones without any difficulty. Consider the idea of designing an entirely different site for mobile.

Your mobile website should be easy to navigate and offer an excellent user experience. Remember, a poor user experience can make your customers abandon your website without purchasing anything. 

Furthermore, keep the loading time as short as possible. Do not demand too much information. 

The whole idea is to enhance the shopping experience of your mobile shoppers. 
A well-crafted mobile website is all you need to fine-tune your digital sales process. 

The bottom line for your digital sales process

Increasing online sales is not difficult if you know the right techniques to fuel your ambitions. These time-tested techniques will help you fine-tune your digital sales process and initiate tremendous sales. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Digital Sales Process

Can social media marketing help me in boosting my digital sales? 

Of course! Social media is the strongest tool that bridges you to a larger audience. If you have an online presence, you will generate more leads and, therefore, more sales. 

How should I use LinkedIn to promote my business?

It depends, but yes. LinkedIn gives you a platform to interact with your audience directly. Answer any industry-related queries and questions and participate in business discussions. Send connection requests to accounts that may complement yours. Use LinkedIn groups to spread and amplify your business offerings. 

How will the sales navigator help me? 

Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s social selling platform that connects you with the right prospects. You can use the search and filter options to find prospects and forge long-lasting relationships. 

Which are the best ad extensions? 

Here’s a list of the best ad extensions you should look for: Location extensions 
Price extensions
Sitelink extensions
Structured snippet extensions
Callout extensions 
Call extensions 

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