The Unique Benefits of Using Market Analysis Templates in 2021

market analysis templates

Effectively using market analysis templates will help you develop your market analysis quickly.

Market analysis is crucial to the success of your business in 2021. 
It is how you identify the gaps and dynamics in your industry and know where to fill your industry’s needs. 

However, conducting a market analysis isn’t a piece of cake. It takes time, strategic planning, and efforts to create a market analysis that works. 

More so, the market is constantly evolving. This means you can’t stick to one analysis for long, and you have to constantly conduct several market analyses over time.

This eats up your time and prevents you from attending to other aspects of your business that matter. This is where market analysis templates come in.
With a good market analysis template, you can work with the ready-made layout to conduct your market analysis faster and more efficiently.

Are you still wondering how market analysis templates can help your business? This article discusses how a market analysis template can help grow your business. 

What are market analysis templates?

Market analysis templates are the ready-made layouts that guide you through your market analysis research. This means you won’t have to go through the ordeal of crafting market analysis guidelines because there is already a laid-out procedure for you to work with it.

The major components of a market analysis template

Although many market analysis templates are available, only a few of them really help you conduct an effective market analysis.

How, then, do you know a good market analysis template? It’s quite simple. 
A good market analysis template has six major components that guide you to conduct a successful market analysis. 

Check these components out below:

Industry description 

A good market analysis template contains an industry description format. This format guides you through finding out what your industry entails. 

For example, if you are in the food industry niche, your market analysis template should contain a detailed description of what the food industry is about. It should detail the current challenges in your industry, the pace at which it is growing, and what to expect from your industry in the nearest future. 

Target market 

An essential aspect of a market analysis template is your target market. This component is vital because you need to know who your ideal customer is and what they need.

Therefore, the target market segment of your market analysis template should include your customer demographics, such as their age, location, gender, and income rate.

This detail will influence your approach towards your target market
For example, if you know your customers’ income rate, you can have an insight into their preferences, the type of product or service they would like, as well as what they can afford. 

Market need 

To succeed in any industry, you need to identify a need and cater to that need. A good market analysis template comes with a segment that enables you to give detailed information on your reasons for providing your product or service. 

Does your business solve your target audience’s problems? Why should your target audience buy from you? What gap does your business fill in the industry? All these questions and more should be on the market need section of your market analysis template. 

Market Trend 

An effective market analysis template should contain a market trend section. This is crucial because you need to be familiar with what is going on in your industry to know how to fit in. 

Is your target audience currently interested in video marketing than text, or is email marketing the way to the heart of your customers?

How exactly does your industry operate? These and more are the core ways to address your market need in your market analysis template.

Competitor analysis 

An effective market analysis needs a competitor analysis section to bring the required results. To succeed in your industry, you must evaluate what your competitors are doing. 

This will entail performing a SWOT analysis to know what your competitors are best at and what they are good at, helping you beat them at their own game.
With a detailed competitive analysis, you can identify exactly what your competitors are doing to succeed. You will also be able to identify the loopholes and strategize to use their weaknesses to your advantage. 

Barriers to entry 

Another core reason for conducting market analysis is to prepare something substantial for your future investors to look into. 

However, your investors would want to invest in a hard-to imitate or destroy a business, which is where the barriers to entry of your market analysis template come in.

Your market analysis template’s barrier to entry segment gives your future investors a detailed analysis of your business’s uniqueness. 

It identifies your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), that is, what you offer that your competitors don’t. A skill or value no one else can imitate, and the rules and regulations you’ve put in place to prevent any form of imitation and protect your business. 

The perks of using a market analysis template for your business 

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Why should you use a market analysis template to draft your plan and create your structure by yourself? 

It works for the entire company 

As a business owner, you won’t always be present to conduct market analysis when needed. 

With the help of a market analysis template, your staff can have a set of guidelines to work with. 

Market analysis templates ensure your staff members conduct an effective market analysis without going against the company’s protocols and guidelines.
This way, you can always trust your staff to conduct an effective market analysis that works for your business. 

It guarantees fast turnarounds

The market is constantly evolving, and businesses don’t have to take long periods to get their market analysis done as there is a wide range of resources to use.
When you need to conduct quick market research to attract new investors and a ripe market, a market analysis template comes in handy. 

Your company would always be prepared to face the market dynamics heads on with a market analysis template. This enables your company to maximize opportunities as they come without losing to your competitors. 

Market analysis templates also ensure anyone in your company can conduct a quick and timely market analysis because there is already a laid-out format. No technical experience is required. 

It increases your productivity

Conducting a market analysis is not a one-off thing; instead, it’s a continuous process. This is because market needs are constantly changing, and an old market analysis won’t always be relevant and effective for the current market needs.
For this reason, you would have to continuously conduct and develop new market analyses to be abreast with your customers’ trends and needs. 

However, taking several breaks to conduct your market analysis can hamper the growth of your business. This is because other important aspects of your business may suffer if you are constantly away to conduct your market analysis. 

A market analysis template saves you the time spent developing structures and guidelines for every market analysis you conduct through its ready-made formats to guide you through every process. 

This ensures you spend less time conducting market analysis and more time on other important aspects of your business. 

It saves money

Market analysis templates don’t only help you save time. They also help you save money. 

Drafting an effective content marketing plan from scratch requires the help of an expert, majorly because it requires following processes and technicalities.
However, using a market analysis template saves you from spending more money on outsourcing an expert to draft the structure and guidelines for you because you already have a ready-made template to work with.

This way, you can use the money that you could have spent on consistently outsourcing an expert to attend to other aspects of your business.

It produces results

Opting for an effective market analysis template ensures all conducted market analyses are effective. Without adequate experience, creating a market analysis from scratch on your own can be a waste of time. 

However, excellent market analysis templates are created by experts, so they can provide you with the right results when you make use of them to conduct your market analysis.

FAQs about market analysis templates

What are the basic components of market analysis templates? 

A good market analysis template has six major components. This includes industry description, target market, market trends, market needs, competitor analysis, and barriers to entry.

Are there any advantages of using a market analysis template? 

Yes. Using a market analysis template comes with many advantages. Among other benefits, the market analysis template saves you time, lets you delegate market analysis roles among your staff, and saves you money. 

Can market analysis templates really help my business?

Yes, market analysis templates can grow your business in several ways. It increases your productivity, increases your organizational efficiency, and helps you cut costs as a business. 

What factors should I look out for when choosing market analysis templates?

The most important thing to look out for when choosing market analysis templates is if your market analysis template contains the six basic components we earlier discussed. A good market analysis template should also be straightforward and easy to use.


Market analysis templates are effective in helping your business succeed in 2021. In this article, we explored five main ways a market analysis template can benefit your business.

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