What Video Marketing Strategy will Increase Sales with YouTube in 2023?

Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing Strategy

When it comes to video marketing strategy, it’s all about “adapt or die.” It doesn’t matter how brilliant your content is, but if you let them sit on your website while you cross your fingers, hoping the visitors find it, it’ll get you nowhere.

Learn how creating a video marketing strategy that will boost sales.

You need a robust platform or channel for your videos to get the most out of your video marketing campaigns. And one of the most popular video-sharing platforms you can utilize is YouTube.

No matter how much you want to deny it, YouTube is the home for online videos. Your potential customers spend hours and hours on this platform to watch meme compilations, music videos, explainer videos, or educational videos. So, it’s not surprising that this platform has become the second-largest search engine worldwide.

For marketers trying to market their startups, products, or services to new audiences and skyrocket sales, YouTube needs to become a priority. Let me show you why.

How to create a video marketing strategy

Why YouTube?

youtube advertising 2023

YouTube video marketing strategy has quickly taken over the world, not only because of the popularity of online videos but also because of the accessibility of the platform. More and more users have jumped into the platform to find detailed visual answers to their questions.

Today, more than 2 billion users worldwide access the platform. What’s more, at least 1 billion hours of videos are watched every day. From here, one thing is clear: YouTube offers you a massive opportunity to boost your brand’s online visibility and expand your reach.

Not convinced enough? The fascinating numbers from the statistics below speak for themselves:

  • 62% of businesses use YouTube as a channel to host their marketing videos
  • Almost 8 out of 10 marketers claimed that YouTube is the most effective video marketing platform for their campaigns.
  • Over 90% of ads on YouTube drive a lift in brand recall.
  • 70% more users are engaging with creators and channels on the platform
  • 80% of users said that they watched a YouTube video related to a brand they wanted to buy before they continued their purchasing process

Looking at those staggering numbers above, now you understand why YouTube is such a potent channel for your video marketing campaigns. At this point, you might wonder, “then, what can I do about it?”

Let’s find out!

How to Increase Sales With YouTube Video Marketing

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Of course, not all YouTube videos can help you boost your sales and quickly get your business off the ground. Only those engaging and compelling ones can benefit your business. 

In other words, getting YouTube video marketing wrong can be more hindering to your business than profiting. So, how can you do a winning YouTube video marketing campaign to seamlessly move customers through your sales funnel?

#1. Keep the Videos Short and Sweet

Your YouTube marketing videos need to be straightforward and concise. The videos’ aim should be to spread awareness of your brand to a broader audience within a few minutes, not making them yawn or bored to death. 

Especially when internet users’ attention spans are only getting shorter and shorter each year, short marketing videos can be a powerful tool to deliver your message in no time without overwhelming the viewers.

But what’s an ideal length for marketing videos we can place on YouTube?

A study from Wistia found that 2 minutes is the sweet spot for marketing videos. The stats also claim that engagement tends to fall off sharply after the 2-minute mark. Meanwhile, if you want to use the video as a YouTube ad, it’s always better to stick 15 to 20 seconds for pre-roll ads or 6 seconds for bumper ads.

#2. Include Powerful CTAs

Let’s say more than a thousand people watch your YouTube marketing videos. It seems pretty successful in terms of viewer count. That’s great. But if no viewers in your sales funnels are converting, then what’s the point?

Therefore, you need to guide them in taking the next step after watching the YouTube video using intriguing call-to-actions (CTAs). The most important thing about CTA is that it leads to viewers’ conversion by telling them what they need to do or where to go next to purchase your product or service.

Here are some handy ways how to put prominent CTAs on your YouTube marketing videos so you can increase your sales:

  • Add the link to your online store in the video or the description box, making it much easier for the viewers to notice and click.
  • Narrated the call-to-actions on the video
  • Use end-screen CTAs to drive people back to your site and convert them into new customers.

#3. Make the Videos Findable

Do you know how many videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute? We don’t have the exact number. But we know that more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded to the platform every minute. How can you leverage your video marketing strategy and YouTube?

From this massive number, the problem is the high number of competing videos you have to stand out against. It’s a fierce fight for eyeballs out there, and it’s easy to get your videos lost in flood. 

When the viewers can’t even find your videos, how can they convert and increase your sales? Therefore, you need to make your video stand out among the crowd so the users can find you easily. How? With SEO practices, of course.

Matrix Marketing Group helps with social media video marketing strategy.

It’s not only your blog posts that should invest in SEO. Your YouTube marketing videos must also be optimized to appear at the top of the search results. Here are the tips to make your videos SEO-friendly:

  • Use a keyword-based title and description
  • Include captions/ CC
  • Make it accessible for mobile users
  • Always stay relevant and specific with your tags

#4. Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Who thinks thumbnails are crucial in your YouTube video marketing campaigns, right? Those small, clickable static images don’t seem so important.

In fact, along with the title, the thumbnail is the first thing your viewers see when they find your video. It’s safe to say that it’s the first impression of your video and essentially determines whether or not viewers will click through.

A thought-provoking thumbnail will help you attract more eyes to your content and make it easier for you to communicate what your video is all about at a glance. 

Don’t have the essential design skills to design your thumbnails? Don’t fret. You can utilize many thumbnail makers, such as Canva, Visme, and Adobe Spark. Most of them provide tons of pre-built templates you can customize. We love Adobe!

#5. Consistent Content Production

Increasing sales with a YouTube video marketing strategy isn’t an instant job. It needs your patience and consistency to see the results. That’s why you must continually produce frequent and consistent content for your YouTube videos.

When you create consistent YouTube videos, it’s like hanging out with friends. The more often you hang out, the closer you get to them. The relationship you’ve built for a long time helps you connect with them more personally. And that’s how you build a solid subscriber base.

Not to mention that by showing up consistently, you can also get regular feedback from your viewers that helps you improve your content time after time.

However, no one says that creating frequent content for a long time is easy. It sounds so overwhelming and daunting. In this situation, you can repurpose your infographic, blog post content, and even your social media posts into video format. You can also use social media tools, and if you’re on a tight budget, check out various Buffer alternatives to get the best results for a reasonable price.

#6. Keep an Eye on the Analytics

It’s also crucial to monitor your YouTube video marketing campaigns. The platform offers analytics features (which you can find on YouTube Studio from the drop-down menu) to understand how well your videos perform.

The data on the analytics helps you get more insights on:

  • Your viewers’ demographics and behavior toward your videos
  • How long are people watching your videos
  • What content gets the most likes and dislikes
  • Where are people discovering your videos
  • When do they stop watching

To prevent or protect against unexpected data loss, you can also use special software for data and file recovery.

You know what needs to double down and cut down by monitoring your YouTube video marketing campaigns constantly. This will result in a more effective YoUtube video marketing strategy that brings you more sales.

High-Performing Marketing Videos to Post on YouTube

With all those good things that YouTube video marketing can bring to your sales, now the question left is: what kind of YouTube videos are we talking about?

There are several types of marketing videos that you can produce and match YouTube users’ preferences. Here’s a list of some of the best.

Explainer Videos and Your Video Marketing Strategy

As the name suggests, explainer videos are short, concise marketing videos that explain your brand. It breaks down even complex topics into smaller chunks so that the viewers can digest the information quickly.

More often than not, animations make the explanation more compelling and enjoyable. The viewers know how your brand works and what benefit it’ll give to them from this video.

Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos focus on giving viewers a demonstration of a product. It visually shows them the real appearance of your product, along with all its features.

While explainer videos aim to educate your viewers about your product, product demos can be used to convince them to purchase it.


Testimonial videos or reviews can increase your conversion and persuade your viewers to take action by showing satisfied customers talking about your product and what they love about it and sharing their views. 

Thus, adding this marketing video to your YouTube channel can help the viewers or potential customers make an informed decision much faster.

Wrapping It All Up on Video Marketing Strategy

Every savvy marketer knows that video marketing is all the rage.

It’s 2020, the digital era when video content is no longer an emerging marketing trend and not just a “nice-to-have” but a total “must-have” in your overall marketing campaigns. In this situation, YouTube came in to help businesses striving for a top online presence.

With billions of monthly logged-in users, YouTube is ideal for reaching a broader audience and increasing conversion rates. Therefore, if you’ve not considered YouTube within your digital marketing approach, it needs to be on your radar as soon as possible before you miss out on many opportunities.

However, it would be best if you remembered that with much competition in the platforms, you must keep experimenting and learning what works best for your brand and adhere to the tactics. The best practices below are a simple and easy way to start with.

Updated 2023, and you learned about what is a video marketing strategy. And how developing a video marketing strategy will crush your sales goals in 2023.

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General FAQs for Video Marketing Strategy

What’s the first-ever step I need to take to start YouTube video marketing?

It would help if you planned everything. Research your target viewers, their preferred content, value, etc. It helps you create relatable video content that can bring you more sales.

Do I have to spend some bucks on YouTube video marketing to increase sales?

It depends on your goals and needs. Organic methods like SEO need a steady effort and take a long time before you see long-term results. Meanwhile, if you want to see visible results much more quicker, you can go for YouTube’s paid ads.

Are there any features I can use to interact with and engage subscribers besides your comments sections?

YouTube provides you with a Community post. You can interact more frequently with your subscribers by creating text posts or polls. The more you engage them, the more they stick around your channel. This, in turn, will convince them even more to purchase your brand from the platform.

What metrics do I need to keep an eye on from analytics to track my campaign’s success?

Since the aim is to increase sales with YouTube videos, metrics like Card Click-Through-Rate are one of the most valuable metrics for evaluating the performance of your YouTube video marketing campaigns.

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