Video Marketing for Real Estate: 6 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use It

Video Marketing

Real estate video marketing is essential for the modern real estate agent that wants to sell more home or commercial properties.

Video marketing for real estate is a game-changer, regardless of the industry.

People are more likely to watch a video than read text about any product or service 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand they are interested in and trust. This format is more engaging and gets visitors to spend more time on a website.

Video is also one of the best lead generation channels, as 83% of those who use it say it helps them land new prospects.

96% of people watch videos to learn about a product or service.

All this applies to the real estate industry to a great extent. Some stats say that real estate listings that feature video receive 403% more inquiries than those that don’t. People want to see a property from different angles and perspectives before they book a property tour.

Here are some compelling reasons to leverage video marketing in your real estate business.

What Is Video Marketing? 

Video marketing is a strategy that leverages different types of videos to promote a product or service, educate a target audience, and increase customer engagement

This format is much easier to digest than regular blog posts and articles, as it’s easier on the eyes than reading textual information.

If we remember back in 2009, the average American consumed a mind-boggling amount of information – 34GB of data and 100,000 words every day, and it’s clear why video appears as a refreshing way of presenting content nowadays when it’s likely that these numbers are higher.

In real estate markets, there’s another reason using video marketing is a real clincher. It is a visually oriented and dynamic nature that piques buyers’ interest. Descriptions and images are static and cannot convey as many details as a well-recorded and optimized video. 

Let’s not forget that people love this format. YouTube is the second largest search engine, the second most visited website after Google, and the second most popular social media platform, with almost 80 billion users. All these stats speak volumes about why tapping into the power of video is a must.

Why Is Video Marketing Important? 

black white tv video

There are different benefits of this approach in real estate. 

I have already mentioned some of them in the previous section, but as it’s important to cover this topic in more detail, let’s elaborate more on the subject. 

1. It Allows You to Connect With Your Audience 

Buying a property is one of the most significant events in life, which is why it’s essential to build loyalty with your potential clients. 

There’s so much at stake for such a purchase, and the value of a transaction is very hefty, meaning that people want to do business with agents and companies that instill a sense of trust and credibility. 

Video is exceptional for getting personal, which is crucial for connecting with your audience on a more profound and meaningful level. For example, purchasing a new home is an emotional process, and video can compel action with the right narrative, music, and visuals. It’s capable of inducing strong emotions.

2. It’s Great for SEO

benefits SEO for real estate companies

Search engine optimization is an indispensable part of every successful marketing strategy as it’s responsible for bringing quality traffic to your website and helping your potential clients find your listings and agency website among thousands of competitors. 

Stats say that this format drives a 157% increase in organic traffic.

Besides that, SEO will help you get relevant, authoritative backlinks that vouch for the credibility and trustworthiness of your website. 

With the rise of video, it has become popular on search engines. It is perceived as high-quality content that adds value, meaning that you’ll score some brownie points by Google if your web pages contain videos. This means it’s an excellent idea to have one on your home page too.

But the video will work wonders for your rankings and traffic if optimized. Make sure every video you upload on your website, YouTube, or social media channels has a compelling title and meta description and contains the right keywords. Using tags will also improve your SEO

3. Video Boosts Information Retention 

When you attract potential clients to your website, your job is only half-done. 

It’s crucial to make a memorable first impression and get them to remember what they have seen. And that can be done best with the help of video. 

Research shows that our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

According to some stats, people will keep 95% of a message if they watch it in a video and only 10% if they read it in text.

So, if you want your property listings to stay on top of your client’s mind, video is the way. 

4. Video Will Get You More Listings 

Besides driving traffic and an influx of interested clients, video can help you get more listings. 

If you offer a property video as a part of your package, you’ll attract those who want to sell. And sellers want an agent ready to promote and advertise their property.  

5. This Strategy Will Distinguish You From Your Competitors 

The real estate market is saturated and competitive, so you have to stand out from the crowd. 

Video can work in more ways than one with this. 

First, you can present your listings in 4K technology or make a video of yourself and explain to your potential clients why they should work with you. 

You can capture your target audience’s attention by using storytelling through video. 

There are many different tactics that you can use and make the most of this strategy, but more on that later. 

6. Video Marketing Works Well With Mobile  

Mobile makes all the difference in today’s world of marketing. You can’t even get by if you ignore or neglect that more than 50% of global online traffic comes from mobile devices.

Clearly, your listings have to be optimized for mobile too, and video can be incorporated into this approach. 

You can increase your success odds by developing a useful app marketing strategy and building a real estate app to boost customer loyalty and engagement.

How to Make Video Marketing Work? 

Now that we’ve covered what video marketing is and why it’s crucial to see how to make the most of your video marketing. 

1. Create a Budget

This is the first step towards making a sold video marketing strategy. 

But before you go with what you have and do not invest too much money into creating some fancy videos, don’t forget that this strategy is all about aesthetics and visual appeal. Having a well-designed website adds to the credibility of your business. 

If your website is sub-par and shabby-looking, your reputation will suffer. 94% of first impressions are design-related and influence trust. So, if you put together video listings that feature low-quality videos, you won’t be doing yourself a favor.

While it’s ok to send a video of modest quality via voicemail or chat, it’s something that you should avoid when it comes to marketing purposes. 

If you think about it, this all makes sense. The real estate industry revolves around aesthetics. People take notice of polished and visually-appealing properties. 

Don’t get upset even if you can splurge on a professional who will create your videos with expensive equipment. Modern smartphones can record videos of exceptional quality. There are even full-fledged movies shot on an iPhone. All it takes is checking out a guide on how to make outstanding videos with an iPhone.

2. Humanize Your Videos 

Since buying a home is a personal and emotional experience, sterile videos showing the space without a human touch won’t work well. It’s crucial to breathe some life into them. 

To add emotional appeal to your videos, ensure they feature people. That way, your potential clients will visualize themselves in a particular house or apartment and see how their life would look like if they make a purchase. 

3. Use a Compelling, Descriptive Title 

Just like it’s the case with blog posts and other articles, a title that communicates what the video is about is of paramount importance. 

Compelling titles mean stating the location and a summary of the property Classic Red Brick, Chicago, with 3BR/2 Baths. 

This way, you help your potential clients browse through search and find the properties they’re interested in. 

If you’re posting your videos on Youtube, add a description with relevant keywords so you can appear in related searches. 

4. Include Your Logo and Contact Information 

Your videos have to contain more information about you and make it easier for potential clients to reach out. 

Add your phone number, email address, website, or email to facilitate getting in touch with you. 

As for your logo or watermark, it will improve your branding efforts and increase your visibility online. 

5. Keep Your Videos Short 

The most useful real estate videos should be under 5 minutes long. 

The reason for this short and sweet approach lies that people lose attention if a video is too long and stop watching it. 

Besides, focusing on the most relevant details will make your videos more compelling and engaging.   

The trick is to condense the core features of the property you’re promoting into a 5-minute clip. 

How to Use Video Marketing? 

Use Video Marketing

There are many ways to leverage video marketing and create a vast library of content from which your business will benefit

As versatility is key to success, here are some ideas that will allow your creativity to go wild and shoot videos that will attract your target audience and get them to book viewings. 

1. Listing Videos and video marketing for real estate

We’ve already discussed why having your listings in a video format is crucial for your real estate business. 

This kind of videography comes with a hefty price tag, which is why you can think about a DIY tactic. 

But, even if your shooting efforts are visually unappealing, you can resort to a straightforward tactic. Use the existing pictures of a property and connect them to a video tour. This is an easy and cost-effective solution that works because you’ll save your prospects from having to swipe through pictures. 

Besides, you can add a voiceover that will narrate all the vital information and guide your prospects through the property tour. 

2. 360 Videos and video marketing for real estate

It’s worth mentioning that this tactic requires more heavy equipment so that you can use a makeshift approach. 

It’s expensive, but don’t think twice if you can afford it. 

When selling a tangible object, such as a house or an apartment, it is hard to convey how it looks in its entirety using a two-dimensional medium.

That’s when 360 videos offer your clients an immersive experience and help them get a sense of scale and space. They can imagine how it would be to live in that house or apartment. 

3. Neighborhood Videos

The first rule of real estate is location, location, location! 

Apart from seeing the property in all its splendor, your prospects will also be curious to discover more about the neighborhood they would move into. 

Videos that provide people a glimpse beyond the property itself and present the lifestyle and amenities play an important role in making a purchasing decision. 

So, show them parks, recreation, shops, restaurants, schools, transportation, and notable venues near the property. 

It’s an excellent idea to interview people living in that area and offer genuine social proof

4. Video Testimonials

Asking your happy clients to participate in video testimonials is a great marketing strategy

For example, 88% of consumers trust user reviews to the same extent as personal recommendations.

In a nutshell, instead of blowing your own horn and talking about how great your real estate agent is, you let your customers do all the talking, thus vouching for you. And that’s an excellent way of building trust. 

However, given that most marketers use video testimonials as a sales tool, you should be careful not to share too many of them all the time to prevent appearing too salesy. 

Instead of frequently posting video testimonials on your social media channels, leveraging them in your paid ads is much better. Video marketing for real estate doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can publish a new video testimonial on Facebook or Instagram whenever you close a deal. 

It’s also an excellent tactic to combine parts of several different testimonials into a single montage video. 

5. Agent/Company Bio Videos

Your clients would like to know more about the person/agency they will do business with. 

By creating your bio video in which you’ll introduce yourself, you’ll differentiate yourself from other agents and make a memorable first impression. 

This video should tell your prospects why they should choose you over somebody else. 

Given that people prefer to buy from people and not from faceless corporations, it’s obvious why it’s essential to introduce yourself and your team in a video. 

6. How-To Videos and Video Marketing for Real Estate

Buying a property is exciting, stressful, and challenging.

People aren’t always sure what to look at when choosing their dream home, and many aren’t aware that there could be a lot of hidden traps and pitfalls that will be expensive. 

You’ll gain their trust and build engagement by educating your audience about the purchasing process and pointing out potential obstacles. 

Think about creating helpful and actionable videos such as “X Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Make and How to Avoid Them” or “How to Prepare for an Open House.” 

A buyer’s journey doesn’t end after the purchase, so try to make things as easy as possible for your clients by providing them with home improvement tips and advice. Such a video can bring you a lot of high-quality leads, as people who are house-hunting will search for such topics on the internet. 

As you can see, video is almost indispensable to a successful real estate marketing strategy. Implement it and watch your sales number grow.  

Wrap-Up on Video Marketing in Real Estate

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or just a plain old real estate marketer, you know the importance of maintaining a strong, reputable, and attractive presence for your target audience.

In a hyper-competitive industry that hits so close to home, it is essential to market your real-estate business and home listing effectively and finds ways to one-up your competitors.

Investing in something as costly as a house and lot or property helps to know whom you are dealing with. With that, try to create a video to introduce your team to your clients, agents, and prospects.

A short intro video will do so long as they can put a name with a face. It allows others to feel more connected with your company and a well-thought-out explainer video with the team. Try to keep it to no more than three minutes.

Do your homework before buying anything for your real estate video marketing program. Video for real estate marketing can increase your website traffic too.

It’s no secret that video marketing for the real estate industry is an absolute must if you want more clients this year than last year. Maybe you already have the videos but need help reaching more people online. We can help you!

From social media to blogging to ads, we’ve got the skills to grow your clientele like never before with real estate video marketing

We’re listening.

Have something to say about your thoughts on real estate video marketing? 

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General FAQ’s

What is video marketing?

Video marketing uses videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.

Why is video marketing important?

Consumers like it because it’s easy to digest, entertaining, and engaging, and marketers like it because it can give a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels. Video is also very accessible to anyone with internet access to watch and produce.

How can video marketing help real estate agents?

Real estate video marketing is an excellent weapon for visually-driven purchases like homes or offices. There is no better way to showcase a house or building than with a video. Showing property to potential customers is time-consuming yet mission-critical to finding the right match.

How long should a real estate video be?

So you just finished filming a home, and now you’re wondering how long your real estate video should be. It depends, but the general rule is to keep it between 2-4 minutes. If it’s a larger home with many attractive features, you want a video closer to 4 minutes.

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