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Benefits of Digital Marketing in Real Estate, a Realtors Guide

Digital marketing in real estate is a must in 2022.

Real estate marketing has changed over the years to digital marketing. In recent years, the strategies have been effective and cannot be ignored. However, to scale up your real estate business, you must have a strong digital presence.

Having a marketing strategy is everything you do and pushing the world to know you and how you can be of value to them. If you are a realtor looking to build or grow your business, here are some tips for successful marketing.

Building a strong social presence

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Real estate requires you to build a strong social media presence by investing time and money. Dominate social media platforms that are most effective for you and align with your strategy. Videos are an effective way to generate real estate leads that convert.

Create videos and post the property you are selling consistently, and continuously update the listings. Share videos with your target audience who want to see your content and require what you are selling. In your social media, have a call to action for your audience.

For example, you can ask people to reach out to you by direct message with any questions they might be having about a property. It is an excellent way to develop a lead for your real estate brand.

Create ad campaigns within social media platforms that target particular groups in your area. It could be businesses or individuals working for a specific organization. You can do this by using appealing themes, clear images, or a call to action. Ask for reviews and feedback from your clients and potential clients about how their experience was.

The more reviews and higher your online ratings, the more business you will get and ROI. Good reviews build more trust. People want to know what experiences others had with you. Consider getting help from a real estate digital marketing agency like Matrix Marketing Group.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

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As a realtor, you need to dominate the first page of Google for your keywords. SEO can either be through paid ads or organically. Figure out specific keywords people use to search for a property when they do their research. Once you figure out the keywords, you need to invest money in paid ads.

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Run paid ads online on either google or bing. Your website should also be SEO optimized to generate leads to your property. 

Start an SEO Audit

Is Your Website Driving Leads and Converting Them into Sales? When was your last site audit?

Using google analytics helps you track your online performance. The analytics clearly show whether people are just coming to your website but not converting. Ensure you have a call to action once people land on your site.

A simple CTA can be enlisted in your email newsletter to receive a complete listing of the available property. Offer people a benefit or advantage of joining your emailing list.

Organic social media

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Paid advertising generates a return on investment. However, the majority of listings do not go to paid advertising. It would be best if you were to rank highly organically. Organic social media allows you to rank highly for free.

However, there’s a catch. Create a lot of content for your website and use the real estate keywords and search terms used by people searching for property. Use variations of long-tail words in real estate and integrate them into your content, either to the property’s titles or descriptions.

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A word of caution, do not have spammy content by just throwing in words or having “click bates” to your content. A tip to rank organically is by incorporating long-tail keywords. Having additional content through a blog improves your ranking.

In 30-60 days, you should start ranking for the phrases and keywords you have used in your content. 

Google Pay Per Click for real estate businesses

Once people click your ad, it generates a lead to your website. Google and Bing are the most significant network for advertisers. Invest in targeting ads to build an audience around real estate and have comprehensive coverage.

The advantage of using google’s pay-per-click is that the results are instant, compared to organic traffic, which is slow and time-consuming.

Retargeting advertising and digital marketing for real estate

People do a lot of research before investing in property. They will visit other sites to check available listings and compare. Follow this person and stay in front of them by using retargeting ads as they study other listings.

By the time they make a decision, they will think of you. People rarely close a deal based on one touchpoint. On average, people have up to 5 touchpoints before making a final decision.

Leverage various social media platforms as your touchpoints to remain relevant to the person and build trust. Retargeting works when people visit your website; they are automatically added to a retargeting list. Each time they search for content similar to yours, your ads will appear. 

Have a list of people engaging with your content by commenting on a post or liking a photo. Retarget ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

You can build a list of the various properties available as more properties are coming up within that listing, and you can retarget the same clients. Over time you will have an extensive list whereby you can retarget the people in your local area.

Re-targeting is cost-effective as you develop a lead flow at a low cost, and your return on investment and profit will skyrocket.

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Leverage social media platforms

Real estate businesses are built on people and the relationships that surround them. Social media platforms offer an avenue to create these relationships. You need to have a solid brand to leverage these social media platforms.

Why should people trust you or hire you? Social media will amplify your real estate marketing strategy.

 Here are some social media platforms that you can leverage.  


Facebook is a paid lead generation platform. It is an inexpensive way to leverage by generating leads. Organic reach on Facebook has significantly declined over the years.

However, it is still relevant and a sure way to generate leads that will lead to conversion. A Facebook presence is vital for posting property videos, photos, and open houses.

You can start by posting once a week, then twice a week. One strategy that you can use is Facebook ad campaigns. Spend $10 a day and create a list of new property listings ads. Then every day, spend at least $5 retargeting clients.


It is perfect for personal branding. Post on your feed 2-3 times a week. You can show people property listings, and open houses with you on the video at the property. You are the brand, and people should identify with you as well as the property. People want to relate to a human being and not just the property.

Allow people to know you by seeing you, then they will get to like you, and finally, they will trust you, and clinching a deal on a sale becomes effortless. This way, you are building a personal brand. 

Leverage Instagram through daily stories feed. Showing people the raw scenes of unedited footage creates a deeper connection and loyalty with your audiences.

Record these stories daily when you are at the property, and there’s no limit to what you can do. Even a video of yourself in the office taking a cup of coffee, use that. Take people on a journey of yourself.

Something as simple as taking a video walking your dog could be the human touch that generates massive leads to your property listings. Create your real estate brand on Instagram.

The other advantage of Instagram is the use of live tv. It is a powerful forum where you can interact with potential clients one-on-one.

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Youtube and Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Youtube is the best media for free organic and high SEO ranking. It is the second biggest search engine after google.

Many realtors have moved to youtube for lead generation. However, a majority do not know how to leverage youtube. Learning and understanding tags, titles, and descriptions while optimizing local SEO is the only way to leverage youtube.

Understand how to rank your videos not just for the local audience but for broader coverage. It could be people visiting the area interested in buying a holiday home or moving between states.

The most significant advantage of youtube over Facebook and Instagram is that the videos continue to grow and are watched over time, unlike the other two, where the feed becomes obsolete after 24 hours. If you rank and optimize your video correctly, it can generate leads for years. Your videos on youtube should attract buyers, sellers as well as investors.

Start by posting one video per week and actively progress to posting at least two videos per week. Record live videos as you walk through these properties. During the walkthrough, think of questions people might be having about the property, such as the neighborhood’s safety, amenities available, etc. share as much information as possible.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes and offer information you would want to know about a home. Creating videos develops you as a brand as more people get to know and trust you. Video creates a business personality that is different from written or picture content. 


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Pinterest is a visual network that allows you to create and save images, referred to as pins. It is a platform where you can generate organic traffic. You can use the pins to link to specific content on your website or blog.

 People browse through Pinterest and use it as a catalog. For a realtor, using authentic pictures of your property is paramount. It will build trust and genuine relationships with your potential clients.

The advantage of using Pinterest is the longevity of the pins. Pins continue to generate leads for a long time. Once people click on the pins, they are redirected to your website. It is a great way to generate traffic to your website and convert it. 

Another benefit of using Pinterest is that it generates traffic to your website, whether the people are within your state or not. The large volume of traffic helps your site’s SEO. In turn, it improves your organic ranking on google.

It Works If You Work Your Own Digital Marketing for Real Estate 

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To be a successful realtor, you need to understand and leverage new technology. Learn to adapt and move with the times to be ahead of our competition. All the above platforms are powerful marketing tools that should incorporate into your real estate strategies. Various platforms will have different outcomes.

You will discover what gives you a better ROI return on investment and what needs a change of plan. Whether you use organic or paid advertising, make sure that you can track your performance and adjust accordingly. 

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General FAQs

Why is digital marketing important for realtors?

Digital marketing allows real estate agencies to reach targeted groups of people with a targeted message. With digital marketing, you can measure data and times that people visited your website and how many times someone was converted into a lead on your website. Localized SEO paired with email-generated leads.

How can realtors use digital marketing?

Examples of digital marketing include:
– Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Advertising
Content Marketing
– Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What does a digital marketing person do?

A digital marketer is responsible for using digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness. Digital channels include company websites, social media marketing, SEO, branding, and other methods.

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