How the #1 Best SaaS-Based Video Editor Can Be Your Next Marketing Tool

SaaS-Based Video Editor

SaaS-Based Video Editor Can Be Your Next Marketing Tool

SaaS-based Video editor and editing involve processes necessary to rearrange and manipulate the video shots captured to add more value to them. 

Professionals generally use suitable software to automate and simplify the editing process to edit videos and images. We will examine the best video editing software and free cloud video editing.

SaaS solutions are the fastest-growing technology in the IT industry right now. These services work on subscription, just like your Netflix monthly subscription. 

Also, just like how the content on Netflix is not stored in your local drives, in the same way, every tool available on these SaaS programs is located on a remote cloud network. 

The need for SaaS technology has become more prominent for a remote workforce in a post-pandemic world. Gartner forecasts that end-user spending on public cloud services will reach up to $396 billion by 2021.

But, it will reach over $482 billion somewhere in 2023, which is 21.7% more than the current year. Companies are looking for more ways to get SaaS technology into the workflow, keeping this trend in mind. 

Now the emerging trend in this field is using SaaS-based video editors. 

Let’s discuss how using this technology can boost your video marketing like never before—in contrast, costing almost 1/4th of the cost of having generic old-school software that you need to install on your computer to get video editing done

What Does a Video Editor Do?

Video editing is assembling pieces coherently, especially adding effects and transitions to video footage.

The video editor has several tools available which can be used to perform specific functions at particular times in the footage, such as Scene Detection.

What is a SaaS-Based Video Editor?

What is a SaaS-Based Video Editor?

The full form of SaaS is Software-as-a-Service, the most common form using the cloud network to complete the work. More and more companies are using SaaS mainly because of its accessibility. 

Anyone with an average to good network connection can take advantage of this technology. 

On the other hand, you don’t need a super-fast computer to use these cloud-based programs, so it’s another major benefit that makes this technology such a fan favorite for startups and small businesses. 

Now let’s talk about SaaS as a video editor. You need to know that this video editor uses the distribution hosted on the cloud, and the end-user gets it over the internet. 

A software can ask a third-party vendor to host the software in their cloud, or if the company is big enough, they can go with self-hosting the program. 

How Does SaaS Video Editor?

How Does SaaS Video Editor?

The cloud delivery model is the backbone of SaaS working properly. To use a video editor with SaaS technology, you only need an internet connection and a web browser to log in to the application and start editing

Apart from this, the SaaS is one of the few technologies closely related to the application service provider (ASP) and on-demand computing service to those users who got the subscription.

Let’s look at an example to make things clearer. So you have shot your video, both the A-roll, and B-roll. You are just starting your journey of editing videos and want to make them look amazing.

Now, you don’t want to invest in a video editor that is too expensive. In that case, go with a SaaS-based video editor such as InVideo.

To use this SaaS video editor, open the browser and the website first. Then, create a login ID, and you are done. All the SaaS software tools will now be available for you to use. You can upload the raw footage you shot on this application and start editing. That’s how easy it is to start editing your videos using Saas-based video editors. 

All the progress you make is automatically saved on the cloud. As a result, even when you open the application on another system, the editing from the same place you left off will continue. Moreover, one can even add other application programming interfaces (APIs) depending on the workload and the need of the project. 

SaaS Architecture

The SaaS uses the multi-tenant approach in which a single instance of the application based on SaaS is hosted on the servers. All the subscribing customers or cloud tenants will be connected from this single instance. The application on the cloud has a single version. 

But different subscribers of the application will experience different sets of configurations. The base infrastructure will be common such as the UI and process of logging in. 

The data of each user will be different and segregated depending on how they are using the application. So your friend will not be able to see your editing process unless you share it with him. 

Besides, this SaaS architecture also allows software developers to manage, perform maintenance, and bug fixes with much more efficiency. 

Rather than making changes and asking users to download a new version of the software, the developers can make changes to the shared instance, and from there, new changes will be transferred to all the customers. 

How Does SaaS Video Editor?

How Does SaaS Video Editor?

Below are some major benefits of working with a SaaS-based video editor. 

1) Lower Cost

One of the first things you experience when using a SaaS video editor is the massive cut in cost. Earlier, you needed to pay high costs to obtain a license to use professional software. 

With a fraction of the cost you were paying before, you can easily get these applications and edit your video for your marketing campaign. This will help you to increase the budget for shooting the video. 

Apart from this, you don’t have to worry about installing the latest software; any new changes will be automatically added to the application. 

2) Time Management

There is an old saying time is money, and with SaaS video editors, you can save both. You need an internet connection and a browser to get started.

Apart from this, several tutorials on the website will help you understand the usage of each tool present in the video editor. 

3) Customizable

SaaS services can easily be customized, and you can select what you want in terms of service, and then the company will provide you with the same.

In addition, even some video editors can have custom UI so that you can make changes to them and place tools in the UI according to your liking. 

4) Collaboration is Easier

Now, if you are using software installed on your computer, you can’t share the progress of the video editing with the other employees.

They need to come to your seat to see the editing progress. But with the use of SaaS technology, more than one user can work on a single project and edit the video simultaneously. 

So, the marketing manager logs in to the application from his browser and checks the video. If he wants to make any changes to the video, he can add his comments, and editors will do the needful. As a result, it saves a lot of time, and the videos can be up for the campaign in no time. 

5) Scalability

SaaS video editors provide you with amazing flexibility. They can work with a single video editor, and when the team is expanding, you can create more login IDs for your business.

This will help give your new employees access to the same tools without purchasing separate high-end video editing hardware for individual employees. 

On the other hand, as we said, you need an internet connection and a browser to access SaaS-based video editors. 

Thus, you can collaborate with your teammates while sitting on the other side. This makes it easier for people to work efficiently and allows them to work on multiple projects easily. 

6) Compatible 

To run SaaS-based video editors, you don’t need a high-end rig. Even a budget desktop or a laptop will perform the same as a system with Threadripper installed.

With traditional video editings software like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, you must build a system that can provide enough horsepower to run this heavy software. 

But in a SaaS video editor, this is all the vendor’s responsibility, and their server has to be top of the line to handle multiple user requests. 

With SaaS services, the developers ensure that the end-user always works on the most up-to-date application version. As a result, your company will have a streamlined focus and allow higher productivity. 

7) Amplified Security 

A SaaS video editor is much safer to use than traditional software. There are multiple ways software can become a culprit for compromising the data. 

You don’t have to worry about hacks with cloud-based video editors because no personal information is saved on that platform.

In addition, if something goes wrong with one of the cloud servers where your user information is saved. Even then, SaaS service will continue as it is spread over multiple servers in different geographical locations to provide higher levels of cyber security.

8) New Tools to Experiment 

If there is an advancement in technology, then SaaS services are the first ones to try and see if the users like them. 

The same goes for video editing applications. For example, suppose there is any new video or audio codec specifically developed for YouTube

In that case, these online video editors will be the first to give their users the hands-on experience of adding new code to projects. So using SaaS video editors, you are always one step ahead of your marketing competitors. 

Conclusion about video editors

The future of SaaS video editors is quite bright. With more cloud computing adoption, more companies are coming to supply their demands. Online video editing tools can be accessed from smartphones and tablets. 

As technology evolves, the SaaS models for online video editors will see new changes. 

But no matter how advanced traditional software programs become, the out-of-the-box and ready-to-use video editing tools will always have a place in business, regardless of size. 


What is a SaaS-Based Video Editor?

SaaS-based video editors are SaaS-based or cloud-based. SaaS is “Software as a Service, ” meaning the software is provided over the internet. Using SaaS video editors means no need for expensive hardware to edit videos. Not only do online video utilities save costs, but they can also work on several high-quality edits simultaneously with one SaaS service provider with multiple servers.

How much does SaaS-Based Video Editor Cost?

SaaS-Based Video Editing software varies in price. SaaS services, like SaaS-based video editors, provide their features for different prices. Prices differ because of the specific features that these editing tools offer. For example, some SaaS-based video editors will include all the features you need for your project.

Who are SaaS providers of SaaS video editor services?

SaaS video editor services are SaaS-based, which means they’re cloud-based. SaaS stands for “Software as a Service,” which means that the editing software is provided over the internet. SaaS providers offer SaaS video editor services or software as a service via the internet. These providers include CloudWork and FlowPlay at $4/month or $6/month if installed on your PC or Mac, respectively. At the same time, higher figures can range up to $20 monthly, depending on the quality of service you’re looking for without paying upfront!

Why should I choose the SaaS model over traditional software for my company’s needs?

SaaS-based video editing software varies in price. SaaS services, like SaaS-based video editors, provide their features for different prices. Prices differ because of the specific features that these editing tools offer. For example, some SaaS-based video editors will include all the features you need for your project. At the same time, other Saas providers will only offer the most basic functions with a higher monthly fee.

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