Small business owners are always looking for top marketing tips to help them grow faster.

Small business owners love marketing tips to close gaps in their marketing strategy and marketing campaigns.

Once these marketing programs are tested and validated, they need to be used in your small business marketing plan and efforts.

If you are just starting a business, be sure to identify your target audience and create marketing programs that will create the sales response you want from your marketing efforts.

When it comes to marketing online, you need to understand the different aspects. SEO isn’t just used for large businesses, but rather, it?s used for small businesses too because they want to have an impact on the market.  

Here are the top 10 tips that you can utilize to create the best small business success you can. 

Marketing Content Matters!

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Content is what Google looks for these days. Content marketing is how people are bought to your website, and if you publish great content, you?ll get results. 

You need to look at trending topics, and from there, generate keywords that are relevant to current content that fits with your brand?s message. From there, you can write content related to that, and create a content calendar for these types of moments.  

Content is how people find your website, and it?s how they stay. If you have bad content, people won?t stay, and you won?t get the engagement you may desire. 

You can look at your analytics, and if you see people are leaving your site too fast, then look at the content you?re putting together. Articles that involve tips, top 10 lists, how to do something that involves the product or brand you want to market, or even dos and don?ts are really some of the best types of content out there. 

If you want to get really adventurous, use videos and podcasts. You can use with tutorials for shooting footage, and it can help you create content people will watch, and this can skyrocket engagement.

Finally, when it comes to putting out content, be an expert. Google is penalizing those types of content that don?t show expertise, so if you want to be seen by Google, you?ll want to make sure you really sound like an expert in the field you?re in.?

Optimize for Mobile with These Marketing Tips

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Mobile optimization is almost necessary to be noticed in this day and age. With almost 95% of people now on a mobile device when searching for any sorts of content. 

If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you will pay the price with Google as well. Google does penalize those who aren’t optimized for mobile, and if your page speed is slow on mobile devices, this can adversely affect your rankings. Here’s Google’s mobile update.

You can create mobile-type sites, or even use SMS marketing in order to attract customers and inform them of sales and the like. Mobile optimization is much simpler than you think, and while it is a part of technical SEO, it?s still incredibly important for marketers. 

Marketing Automation Guide

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Consider The Right Marketing Channels 

You should consider organic and paid channels, and the best way to choose what’s right for you is to experiment. I don’t suggest using every single channel, since it is a waste of time and money, and you won’t get anything out of this.  

You should look to see what types of content you?re putting out, and from there, focus your ad campaign budget into those channels. 

For example, if you’re using B2B services, you can use LinkedIn for potential buyer outreach, and you can use this for business articles and such too. 

If you are a store that focuses on images, you should use Instagram and SEO that is local, since this will give you online traffic to your store.  

You should use the marketing channel that is powerful for your business, and focus on creating on the right channels, rather than just shooting blanks into every channel. If you don?t think Instagram will help your brand, then don?t invest in using it. 

Focus on Local SEO is one of the Essential Marketing Tips!

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Small businesses should not be focusing as much on a global plane, but more on the local market. One advantage you?ll have over big corporations is that you can hit the local places better.

Local SEO one of our top marketing tips for local businesses.

Make sure you?re SEO optimized for the local places, which means that you include every single aspect of contact information for the business that?s here.  You should utilize Google My Business and Bing Places for business.  

You should make sure to set up a profile on both of these and make sure that every single aspect is filled in as best as possible, and you should make sure that you include images as well.

Both of these are free services, and they help nearby customers find you whenever they want to find the information about what you’re selling online.  

If you want to be successful, you shouldn’t just focus on the market that?s external, but instead, go with the local market, and from there, you?ll be able to build a better, more lasting relationship with your community as a result of these actions. 

For small businesses, local SEO is one of the easiest targets to hit, since there isn?t nearly as much competition.  

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Utilize Email Marketing 


Are you using email marketing? If not, why haven?t you don?t so yet?  it?s the most effective way to stay in touch with customers that have the potential for your business.  

83% of people prefer to use email and they like to get promotions from those that they trust.  44% ROI is earned from every dollar spent on email marketing. That?s almost 50x the rate just from a little bit of effort. 

Almost everyone uses email, and it?s 40 times more effective at getting customers when compared to social media. 

It is also the cheapest form of marketing too.  It can cost as little as 15 dollars a month to start an email campaign, and there are many services that you can rely on to help with email marketing. 

If you?re looking to convert visitors into contacts, you can utilize email marketing to do this.  There are so many marketing tools that you can integrate, and it can create lead collection in your software. 

Contact emails of customers and pop-ups and contact forms are awesome because they offer various elements that people love. 

44% ROI is earned from every dollar spent on email marketing.? Click To Tweet

You can even offer giveaways, trials, and even some other potential incentives.  It makes a huge difference in the online scheme of things, and if you want to hit all of your potential customers, this is how. 

Welcome emails, content that is educational, talking about discounts, or even campaigns for engagement and new products can all be used in email marketing, and it can trigger the decision to purchase, and you can even automate these to save money and time. 

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Brand Story Success

When choosing content, you want to create a story that?s unique.  Brand content stories, especially unique ones will get interested in going for customers, and people will consume it.  

Create a brand personality that is either wacky, witty, or helpful, and from there, build that connection with those around you. Having this unique story will create content that they?ll resonate with, and it can build better followers.  

Customizing this to different social media channels, knowing the content preferences, and making it both educational along with entertaining is really the way to go. With this as well, make sure to always follow the industry trends to a degree, but don?t make carbon-copy content regarding this. 

If you want to stand out in the crowd, you should look to create a voice within your business, and if you create a nice and unique brand that works for you so that you?re marketing to your audience in a way that they?ll enjoy can change everything, and they will get the interest and the engagement going. 

83% of people prefer to use email and they like to get promotions from those that they trust.? Click To Tweet

Podcast Time is One of the Great Marketing Tips!

Want one of the best ways to get your name out? Do a podcast! Now, what I?m saying here is get a podcast going. It doesn’t have to be your own personal podcast, because that takes time, effort, and money, but consider networking with others, and being a guest on their podcasts. 

Collaborations are great, and if you?re a guest, they can link back to your website.  Provide informative content that listeners will enjoy.

So many people use podcasts these days, and they are actually super popular for people young and old. Lots of people are having great success with this, and again, you don?t even need to originate it. 

Simply by going onto others? podcasts can skyrocket your popularity, and build awareness of your brand, and ultimately some amazing successes as well. 

Podcasts are an awesome way to get your media out there, and you?d be surprised at the difference it makes. In this coming year, they?re becoming more popular than ever, and for small businesses, this is the way to success. 

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Network for Your Own Benefit!

Use these marketing tips on social media to increase your engagement with your target audience. Our marketing tips for Instagram marketing can be found here.

Network, whether it be social media or otherwise, is imperative for anyone in the small business sphere.  Networking is how you create associates, and you can create different campaigns that benefit both of you.

Here?s the truth about the world of advertising: it doesn?t always have to be super competitive with everyone you?re with. You can work with someone, and you both can mutually benefit from this. 

Maybe you?ve got a website you can give a shout-out to them on, or they can mention you in their YouTube video. All of these are different ways you can benefit from this, and you can get your name out.  

Remember, networking isn?t just to talk to others in the business, you can create collaborations that work amazingly, and you both can mutually benefit from this, which is one of the amazing things about the internet. 

It is easier to grow now than ever before, and you can build this to new heights if you know how to do it. 

Do an Audit of Your Website is an Important Marketing Tips

If you feel like your site isn?t doing as well as you feel like it could do, then you should consider an SEO audit.  This involves taking apart your site, and making sure everything is there, and what could be taken out or added to your site for more engagement. 

This can include content, the technical aspects, or even keywords that aren?t ranking anymore.  It is a process, but if you have a site already, that isn?t doing so great, look into this.  You can get help from professionals, or do it yourself. 

Also, look at the crawlability and the technical aspects of your site too, because this could affect how Google looks at you. 

Doing this when you don’t know what is preventing you from ranking is a big part of SEO, and small businesses can benefit from it greatly. 

Connect with Your Customers


The Reviews are In! 

Finally, these marketing tips are used for the middle and bottom of the funnel customers. let?s talk about this underrated point of SEO marketing: reviews.

Reviews aren’t just used for products, they?re used for businesses and services. If you want to create a good reputation for your business, consider reviews. 

A review period gives you an extra authority on a subject compared to other types of content.  People can be honest, and if you want to rank better, reviews are the way to go. Lots of times, reviews are the way to really get noticed on Amazon. 

Their algorithm favors those products with tons of reviewers and even Google will give you that extra boost if you have reviews. 

How do you get reviews then? It?s simple after a product or service is delivered, you can send out an email that says, ?how did we do? as the subject header. From there, you write in there that you?d like some reviews, and you can have customers review your product.  

They can give honest reviews, and this, in turn, will get others to understand, and if they?re positive, this builds brand trust, and it can help you look better on different search engines as well.

Did you know Amazon does look at these? They do, so if you want to get your products seen within the first couple pages, or within the first few search numbers, get those reviews!

Supercharge Your Marketing Operations

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Wrap Up on Marketing Tips for Small Business

These marketing tips are something that every small business should know, and if they don?t have them in place yet, you get this in place. 

It creates a much better, and a much healthier atmosphere, and in turn, you?ll be able to build a much better, and healthier business. 

Small businesses can be successful on the internet playing field, and you can truly benefit your small business on so many different levels with these ten tips to go by. 

We?re listening.

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