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Google Ad and Adwords Manager help you test, manage, and scale your online advertising campaigns.

Nowadays, every brand is urged to get the most from PPC advertising.

But we can adopt other measures. And Google Ad Manager (GAM) is one of them. Why should one pay more when it can give you more business opportunities and ads?

However, it is known that selling and purchasing ad space and ads is a complicated task. Businesses should utilize and work with ad networks like Amazon Advertising and Google Ads.  

Programmatic Ads can reach 98% of the internet, including the Google platform, allowing for 15 billion impressions and counting through programmatic ads buying.

Here, our concern lies in showing you how GAM benefits businesses and how to use it. But let’s first find out what GAM is.

What is Google Ad Manager?

Paid Advertising Helps Rank

GAM is also recognized as DoubleClick by most publishers. It is a comprehensive Google-hosted ad-serving platform that controls ad management- even if you deliver mobile web pages, ads to websites, games, mobile apps, or a blend. 

Google Ad Manager (GAM) is a comprehensive ad management platform that helps publishers sell, deliver, and measure their digital advertising. It offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Ad inventory management: GAM allows publishers to manage their ad inventory across all of their digital properties, including websites, apps, and videos.
  • Ad serving: GAM delivers ads to publishers’ websites and apps and optimizes ad delivery to maximize revenue.
  • Ad reporting: GAM provides publishers with detailed reports on their ad performance so they can see what’s working and make necessary adjustments.
  • Ad blocking prevention: GAM helps publishers prevent ad blockers from blocking their ads so they can maximize their revenue.

GAM is used by publishers of all sizes, from small businesses to large media companies. It is a powerful tool that can help publishers increase their ad revenue and grow their businesses.

Here are some of the benefits of using Google Ad Manager:

  • Increased revenue: GAM helps publishers maximize their ad revenue by providing various ways to sell and deliver their ads.
  • Improved efficiency: GAM automates many of the tasks involved in ad management, such as ad delivery and reporting. This frees up publishers’ time to focus on other aspects of their businesses.
  • Better insights: GAM provides publishers with detailed insights into their ad performance so they can make informed decisions about their ad campaigns.

Google Ad Manager is a free platform to use, but there is a premium version called Google Ad Manager 360 that offers additional features and functionality.

And, if you have experience in the Google Advertising tool have merged features of Doubleclick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for ad publishers.

You can get help from Google AdWords Advertising Services to target the potential users who search for your services and products. Otherwise, we are here to make you appreciate GAM and its impeccable functionalities.

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How has GAM Changed in the Past Years?

  • Its first version came into the market in August 2008. But, its working is almost different now. 
  • In 2018, the digital advertising line changed its approach.
  • In 2019, GAM was considered in the price auction process. Here, the highest bid defines the closing price of every ad.
  • In 2020, things changed, so it now supports many distribution channels, such as smart televisions, desktops, video, and mobile.
  • 2023, ads are still a quick way to drive traffic.

What is Google Marketing Platform?

With Video 360 and the other Google Marketing Platform products. The new Google Marketing Platform features listed above are linked to the new common product switcher. 

Two Fundamental Measures of Google Ad Manager

online ppc ads adwords

For small businesses (free)

It is appropriate for small to mid-sized businesses (online advertising publishers) with no ad impression needs. Large publishers that have at least 90 million monthly impressions can use remarkable features kept by Ad Exchange integration and DFP Premium. 

There might be new Ad Manager features for larger publishers that are not accessible, but with smaller publishers, and you can use Ad Manager SMB. Practicing the Google Account Manager, you can communicate with them regularly to verify the features and functionalities in a particular Ad Manager network. 

Faster Products to Market

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It is a premium yet exclusive digital marketing resolution from Google. Ad Manager 360 combines Ad Exchange, Google Analytics, AdSense, and Ad Manager for the best end-to-end management of every digital marketing attempt.

Is GAM, SSP, or Ad Server, or Both?

“Automation continues to change how we do business, with advertisers looking to transact all their campaigns, guaranteed or not, programmatically.

That’s why we broke away from the traditional constraints of “ad servers” and “SSPs” to build new programmatic solutions directly into the product we now call Ad Manager—from our programmatic deals framework to features like Optimized Competition that helps you maximize yield across reservations, private marketplaces, and the open auction. –Google

With Ad Manager, you get a complete ad platform that helps you earn more and grow revenue, no matter how you sell”.

Features of GAM

google paid ads

GAM amalgamates a lot of its utility for online advertising.  

It has many significant features to make your business thrive. All these features vary according to your business type and what you are trying to sell (ad space or product). Also, the amount of impression you are getting every month. 

Let’s look at its features and advantages below:

Granular Ad Targeting

What is geo targeting

GAM controls how one can consider the ads and requires which types to display. There is a possibility that you are more inclined toward targeting mobile users.

But, consider that with GAM, you can focus on the small elements, like Firefox users with versions 40.0 and above. The more targeting options it includes are:

  • The user device is a tablet, phone, connected TV, or smartphone. 
  • Browers, comprising versions and “unknown.”
  • Device manufacturers like BlackBerry, Apple, HTC, Ericsson, etc.
  • Geographical location
  • Operating system
  • Supportive Language
  • Mobile carrier or Internet connection 

It also includes custom targeting, which you can use to target the custom fundamental values, content metadata, audience, and system-defined criteria, like geographical location, OS, and bandwidth.

DoubleClick Platforms

GAM took DoubleClick almost ten years ago. Advertisers use it to boost their businesses. However, the demand for combining the two programs—DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)—into one came to notice.

YouTube player

Check out below what AdX and DFP are:

DoubleClick for Publishers

This tool primarily enables publishers to handle ads on the website. It permits publishers to include many functions in one ad platform, such as online ad scheduling, ad optimization, and ad list prioritization, to attain more revenue. 

Advantages of using DoubleClick for Publishers

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is a comprehensive ad management platform that helps publishers maximize their revenue from online advertising. DFP provides a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • Advanced targeting and optimization: DFP allows publishers to target their ads to specific audiences and optimize their ad campaigns for performance. This helps publishers deliver the most relevant ads to their users and generate the highest possible revenue.
  • Flexibility and control: DFP offers publishers a high degree of flexibility and control. Publishers can choose which ad networks to work with, how to set their ad prices, and how to display their ads. This allows publishers to customize their ad management solutions to meet their needs.
  • Reporting and analytics: DFP provides publishers with detailed reporting and analytics on their ad campaigns. This information helps publishers to track their performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about their ad management strategies.
  • Global reach and scale: DFP is a global platform that reaches billions of users worldwide. This gives publishers access to a vast inventory of ad networks and advertisers.

In addition to these general advantages, DFP also offers several specific benefits to publishers in different industries. For example, DFP offers specialized solutions for publishers in the news, media, and entertainment industries.

How DFP can help publishers achieve their goals

DFP can help publishers achieve their goals in several ways. For example, DFP can help publishers to:

  • Increase revenue: DFP’s advanced targeting and optimization features can help publishers increase their ad revenue.
  • Improve user experience: Publishers can improve the user experience on their websites and apps by delivering relevant ads to their users.
  • Save time and resources: DFP’s comprehensive features and automation capabilities can help publishers to save time and resources on ad management tasks.
  • Gain insights into their audience: DFP’s reporting and analytics features can help publishers to gain insights into their audience, which can be used to improve their content, advertising strategies, and overall business. MatrixLabX use RPA in the custom ad systems.

Overall, DoubleClick for Publishers is a powerful ad management platform that can help publishers of all sizes to achieve their goals.

Here are some examples of how publishers have used DoubleClick to achieve their goals:

  • The New York Times uses DoubleClick to target ads to its readers based on their interests and demographics. This has helped the Times to increase its ad revenue and improve the user experience on its website.
  • BuzzFeed uses DoubleClick to automate its ad-serving process. This has saved BuzzFeed time and resources, and it has also helped the company to deliver more relevant ads to its users.
  • The BBC uses DoubleClick to gain insights into its audience. This information has helped the BBC to improve its content and advertising strategies.

If you are a publisher, I encourage you to consider using DoubleClick for Publishers. It is a powerful tool that can help you to increase revenue, improve the user experience, save time and resources, and gain insights into your audience.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange

AdX was useful when agencies, ad networks, and publishers sold and purchased advertising space in real-time. It simplifies the ad-buying process. Regarding Programming Advertising, AdX was considered an example of the Demand Side Platform (DSP) for purchasing ad space.

Combining the abovementioned platforms, Google can offer two related services simultaneously.

Ad Server with Significant Features

Use GAM to run every campaign, whether guaranteed or not in the programmatic arena, with the waterfall of the Exchange Bidding Dynamic Allocation (EBDA) auction framework.

It also offers advanced competition features to amplify the inventory yield in open auctions and private or reserved marketplace sales. This is an all-in-one platform that permits publishers to get more ad revenue without considering the selling process of ad inventory. 

Monetize New Arenas

Keeping the growth and consumption of content creation, GAM gives you different ways to build new ad opportunities on different screen sizes.  

Considering these monetization opportunities, new challenges like discovering yield groups for tags and apps, finding the most suitable ad units for desktop and mobile, etc., are derived.

With GAM, you can practice a single platform for measuring, optimizing, and delivering on every platform and device, like YouTube, AMP, mobile apps, CTV, etc.

Save You and Your Brand

sales marketing technology ai

The digital advertising market encountered many challenges, including ad fraud and brand safety. The problems do not harm only the user experience but also affect black-hat advertisers. This is the reason GAMs offer many critical safeguards.  

It has almost 30 controls for guarding the advertisers and controlling the ads in such a way that they fulfill your brand values.  

Optimize the Revenue of Every Buyer

The main aim of Google Ad Exchange was to aid the publishers in getting more profits with real-time competition. But, with time, the goal has shifted from exchange or auction to a comprehensive sales channel.

With the help of Ad Managers, the publishers can assist the ad inventories with the programmatic and reserved demand to optimize every relationship. The Ad Exchange buyers also got changed to the allowed buyers.

Smart Bidding Technology with GAM

The popularity of YouTube is known to everyone. The percentage of its users has crossed one billion users, which is around one-third of the Internet. Most of us prefer to consider YouTube as a reference before purchasing anything. 

This is not only worth advertising on YouTube because videos can increase conversion rates by over 85%, but it also guarantees that the video ads are presented to the right audience and at the right time and is worth it.  

To assure better results, Google has proposed Smart Bidding technology, a feature from the concept of machine learning. Using this technology, you can manage the ads at an appropriate time.

This also assists the ads in serving the users who acknowledge your brand after checking the video. This technology adjusts the bids automatically to maximize the effect of the video ad.

Saves Your Inventory

Considering the advertising industry’s fraud challenges, guarding the advertisers and inventory brands is crucial.

Deception can give rise to several issues for the publishers, like downgrading the user experience by presenting inappropriate ads, irritating creatives, and malware. This tool comprises 30 tools for managing the ads you want to show on the publishers’ properties. 

Local Campaigns

It does not make any difference when the users check out the product on YouTube or Google. They can yet purchase the physical location. Google has even asserted that the searches with the keyword “near me” have grown excellently for the last few years.

Also, the local searches provide a high conversion rate with a decent percentage. The plans may be different, from the product requirement to needing an outing, but the outcome is the same.

All they need is to, but something is encouraging traffic to grow revenue rate at the physical location.

GAMs’ local campaign feature provides a new campaign to get more store traffic. It only demands necessary information, such as ad creative and business locations. Here, Google will optimize the ads to get more customers at your store door.

How to Use Google Ad Manager

Generally termed DoubleClick for Publishers, GAM enables advertisers to maintain the purchasing and selling of ads easily from different third-party networks and exchanges.

If you are operating ads on various platforms and obtaining better value. GAM is the best solution your business should go with. Find out below how to set up and use GAM: 

  • To access the GAM, you need a Google account and a Google AdSense account. If you do not have one, create one.
  • If you have not used it, check to see if it is active. (You do not need to use Google Adsense, but holding an account is necessary.) 
  • Navigate to
  • Click “Create an Account” and answer some related questions.
  • Confirm the network settings. 
  • After creating an order, you cannot change the currency and time zone.
  • For this, navigate to Admin==> Global Settings ==> Network Settings.
  • Make an inventory structure and start working on the ads.
  • There are two versions of GAM. To access GAM, you must provide a large amount of data.
  • You can create reports to check performance weekly, monthly, quarterly, or for a particular date range.
  • Sorting can also be done on different reporting dimensions, such as Ad Location, Activity Group, Advertiser, Ad Sources, bid ranges, Digital Marketing Agencies, Salespeople, etc.
  •  For Google Ad 360

Faster Products to Market

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Future Updates for Google Ads Manager

You can get constant updates regarding GAM from Google tools. Google has stated the coming changes that the users should be aware of it.

Below are some of the changes that you should be aware of:

  • In January 2020, GAM will update the dimension of the Demand Channel reporting. The exchange bidding will be termed Open Bidding (retroactively) and will ensure the product’s flexibility. Also, regarding publishers in the Network Bidding, Open Bidding will be the other name of the Reporting Dimension. If it changes your reporting process, you can plan before any further changes. Now, the Ad Manager 360 publishers can access auction information from the Ad Manager Data Transfer.   
  • The NetworkBackfillBids file will incorporate features of each authorized Buyer bid and Open Bidding for your inventory, even if the bid acquires the auction. There is also an update in the NetworkBackfillBids sample file. 

Wrap Up on GAM

GAM is of utmost importance. It has many features and tools that businesses can benefit from. It is a helpful tool for firms that control multiple ads or the values that give immense benefits.

Designed for businesses of every size, its free version allows around 150 monthly impressions to non-video ad units in significant countries.

But, this number has reduced to 90 million in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the US. Whereas states like Arab and Europe are getting 200 million monthly impressions.

GAM offers access to many features, like limited reports, standard or vast delivery, historical reach, active view impressions, and API. Have you tried the Google Ad Manager app?

Let’s revise some of the benefits of GAM for your business growth:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • More active results than search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Command the audience to purchase
  • Grow Ad visibility to the potential audience
  • Plan Campaign strategies according to users’ demographics
  • Schedule Ads to reach the audience at the correct time

If you have any Google Ad Manager documentation queries, then ask. And, if you have been experiencing it for a long time, share your experience with us. Google ad manager help is at your fingertips.

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General FAQ’s

What is Google Ads Manager (GAM)?

social media advertising services

GAM is a comprehensive hosted ad-serving platform that streamlines your ad management, whether you deliver ads to websites, mobile webpages, mobile apps, games, or a combination. 

How does GAM work?

ppc advertising services

When you sign in to Google’s Ad Manager, you’re signing in to a particular network. Most publishers use a single Ad Manager network to manage their advertising across all their content. Your Ad Manager network is where you define your inventory and create, manage, and report on your advertising campaigns.

Is GAM free?

online advertising services

There are two types of GAM accounts: Ad Manager for Small Businesses (free) and Ad Manager 360 (paid version). The small business offering has limited features but works well for small to medium-sized businesses.

What are the programmatic ads?

google advertising services

Programmatic Ads provide advertisers access to the vendor-neutral RTB (Real-Time Bidding) ecosystem. Programmatic Ads can reach 98% of the internet, including the Google platform allowing for 15 billion impressions and counting through programmatic ads buying.