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High website traffic in the ever-increasing competitive business world is what your business needs to begin the journey of conversion.


Website traffic is the lifeblood for inbound sales leads to many service-based firms.


The Importance of Website Traffic

Website Traffic SEO Plan

Just like a plant needs water to survive, a business relies on customers to grow. Therefore, it is important to gain large web traffic because it means that you have made the first step in grasping the attention of your audience. 

High traffic shows the number of potential sales that you could have if you use the right conversion strategies. In the current digitalized era, businesses and marketers have turned to the Internet as leverage for business growth. 

Over 70% of clicks go to organic searches that rank on the first page of Google. Click To Tweet

Globalization of businesses has compelled businessmen and marketers to place great importance on attracting all potential clients to their business sites. Your local customers might not help you get all the traffic you need to increase your ranking on Google. That is why you need to target a wider audience to achieve this goal.

SEO is one way through which you can gain recognition across a wide audience if you incorporate the right strategies in your endeavor. 


Push Up Your Website Traffic at No Cost

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You can gain web traffic through high ranking at a cost, but why spend money that you could otherwise use to enhance your marketing strategies.

There are various ways you can gain web traffic without spending a dime. Hence, you should not be left behind as we share 25 tips that your service-based firm could use to realize exponential increases in web traffic.

Our friends at Matrix Marketing Group uncovered critical development in SEO is called schema markup. This new kind of SEO optimization is one of the most powerful but least-utilized types of SEO available today.

Once you understand the concept and method of schema markup, you can increase your website in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

The schema markup language tells search engines about your page content which in turns can affect your rankings in SERPs and improve the domain authority of your website.

Look at these results. First on Google, SERP listing, and see the questions under the listing? This is the display from schema markup. Not bad.

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Matrix Marketing Group

Creative Content and Your Website Traffic

Come up with customer’s feedback on the experiences they have had using your service. Ensure to update these experience-based content because you do not want a visitor to keep on finding the same feedback until he or she is misled into thinking you might just be all-talk or a sham. 

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Guest Blogging

The aspect of guest blogging is dynamic because the benefits depend on how you go about it. Be an active guest blogger as it is a good way to create awareness about yourself and your services. 

It’s called off-page SEO.

However, be strategic in your blogging by being informative and integrating your link. It should not be obvious that you are just there to post your link as you might not get the results you want. 

Other than contributing to other people’s blogs, invite other bloggers to contribute to your site. Also, link your site as a resource when contributing to other people’s blogs. The rationale lies in sharing the link to your article, which could bring more readers to your site.


Fast and Painless – Website Redesign

The Result? A beautiful, fast, SEO tuned and mobile-friendly website.


Be Social

You should be a subscriber to every social medium because each channel is ideal for a particular purpose, and you want to converge all the benefits to give your website a boost. 

I have witnessed the magic of extensive use of social media in taking businesses to greater heights. Click to tweet links in Twitter helps you to increase the number of shares from your website. Actively engage individuals in conversations through social media as you draw them to your website. 

47% of consumers view 3-5 pieces of content created by a company before talking to a salesman from that company.  Click To Tweet


Use eye-catching and aim adverts to attract people to your website. Often, service providers promise to deliver products are out of this word. Adverts that are not backed up with reliable processes shun customers and prospects away; it makes little sense to spend much on advertising, only to deliver substandard services.

Use the approach that is best aligned to your purpose. Organic advertising is free but slow in generating traffic. Paid advertising helps to generate an influx of potential customers almost immediately. Paid advertising will get your web traffic spinning high because you have control of how advertising is done. 


Optimize Your Web Content

Increase Your Website Traffic

You need to enhance the attractiveness, usefulness, and operation of the website so it is easy to navigate through and gains high ranking on search engines. There are three ways you can achieve this:


Content Re-optimization

This entails making use of whatever is already on the website to increase page ranking for several search terms by using latent semantic indexing keywords. These keywords are almost like the primary keywords that help to increase ranking and attract a large audience;



Link acquisition campaigns can help to drive more links to your website resulting in heavy traffic to your site that helps your service firm to experience positive growth;


LSI keywords

LSI keywords are similar to your target keywords, and they help to increase the chances of your website ranking high based on relevance.  

57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative. Click To Tweet

Repackage Content to Create New Purpose

Spread your horizons by using a single content piece to increase market reach by repackaging it in various pieces, each with a distinct meaning. Remember, you are targeting a wide audience, and different audience groups have different needs.


Create a System for Recurring Traffic

When search engines and the social media backfire, it is important for you to have a backup plan. Email marketing is an equally effective way of keeping in touch with your customers but learns your customers’ behavior to avoid overdoing it. 

Use email marketing to target customers and capture their attention using the right keywords and relaying precise content.  


Doing it Differently                

SEO plan Increase Traffic

Optimizing content is important, but it is necessary to ensure you avoid an exaggerated use of keywords that renders the content as mere marketing jargon that is not appealing to visitors. 

Using short-tail keywords might not work best for organic search rankings because there are already too many people there. Using long-tail keywords are used for most web searches, and overlooking this element might lock you out from attracting the right traffic to your site.

However, monitor the conversion rates of your long-tailed keywords. Keywords indicate the products clients are looking for. 


Learn What Works and What Doesn’t 

Use web analytics to know what gives a push to your web traffic and what does not. This way, you can concentrate on strategies that work for you and seek innovative measures to enhance their efficacy. 

Google Analytics is free, and it can help you in settling on an effective strategy to give your web traffic a push. Before you get to web analytics, you can conduct a self-evaluation of your website. 

Check grammar correctness, presentation of images, the accuracy of the information, and interface operation ability. Using web analytics, you review the website again to determine the unique aspects of the most visited pages. 

Google Webmaster will help you know the search terms resulting in great traffic to our site. Comparing results from both google analytics and google webmaster helps you to develop and strategy to optimize the content on your website.

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Informative Content

Customers turn to the website to find answers when you provide hallow details they feel their issues have not been resolved, they turn to websites with long and detailed content as it is likely to address their concerns. 

You might relate to this scenario when your searches almost hit a dead end until you found the website that was detailed and informative, answering most of your queries.  


Engage Key Figures on Your Website

Post interviews with key figures in your niche as this help to attract more visitors. When a key figure is spotted somewhere, the news spreads like wildfire. The principle is the same, your website will be linked to the influential figure, and you can enjoy the high traffic that comes with it.


Active Site

It is frustrating when trying to access a site and then a “site no longer available” error pops up. Ensure your website is running by checking it daily, even if not for updates.

The site should not only be viewed on a desktop. Smartphones are the most owned devices; hence, when accessed via android, are likely to reach a wide audience. 

A Site that Offers a Sense of Belonging

Audit Your Site for Free Today

A free SEO audit to check your website against best practices and common optimization problems.

Identify foundational issues affecting organic search performance.

Create a site that encourages people to engage in one another. Building customer trust is difficult, and if you can move past this point, you are good to go. 

When customers feel comfortable in sharing their sentiments on your site, you can understand their preferences and needs better as you work hard to attain high conversion rates.


Use Rich Content to Boost Your Website Traffic

The content you develop determines your ranking. Valuable content will drive more traffic to your website, and you can gain high rankings. Present content in different formats because different individuals want to engage with your content when seeking clarity. 


What is Trending

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Do your research to know what is trending and what is not. Do not create content that is old and does not add value to the audience. 

Content should be intriguing and relevant to the audience you are targeting. If targeting youngsters, the content is not relevant to an elderly who is likely to seek advisory services on real estate. 


Organize Webinars

Individuals are seeking to gain as much insight as they can on various spheres of life. If you select topics of interest, you can organize a webinar and later post it for anyone to access it on your website afterward. This strategy drives traffic to your site as individuals try to access the webinar.


Conference Attendant and Your Website Traffic

Making your presence felt in a conference goes a long way in attracting traffic to your site. In a conference, you meet individuals interested in the services you offer, and direct interactions with them can resulting invites to your site. 

Speaking as a guest enhances your authority and more people are likely to visit your site.Internal Linking to Boost Your Web Traffic

During the content development stage, ensure to create content that is related to interlink them. The process helps your website to get new recognition as SEO recognizes each new link as a new website. You webpages appear as multiple entries on SEO and increase chances of high ranking.


Capture the Interests of Influential People

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Identify the influential individuals in your field. Learn their interests and create compelling content that will attract them to your site and motivate them to share your link to others. It will amaze you at the increase in web traffic you will get.


Look for New Opportunities: LinkedIn and YouTube

Current statistics show that the chances of getting more likes and shares on LinkedIn are higher compared to others like Facebook. 

LinkedIn should be your target site if you want to improve your website’s ranking. Share good content on LinkedIn and the right people will be attracted to your website. YouTube has surpassed Facebook as the second most popular social medium after Google. 

Header Tags for More Website Traffic

Break up your content using heading as it makes it easier for the audience to skim and focus on the content they find relevant. 

Here an example a marketing agency might use:

  • #marketing
  • #bloggers
  • #inbound
  • #contentmarketing
  • #SEO

Readable Content

You might have come across an article that you couldn’t make out its meaning even after reading a second and a third time, leaving you feeling frustrated.

Such is the feeling your audience will get if you use hard words that they have to keep on referring to the dictionary. Use simple language that anyone can read and understand. 


Contact Information

You might have struggled contact information at some point and you became skeptical about the credibility of that site. Failure to provide contact information reduces the trustworthiness of your website and could reduce your ranking and web traffic. 


Learn from Your Competitors

Identify your competitors and the strategies they use to gain web traffic. You can review the links they use to back up their content. 

Quality Content and Your Website Traffic

Make your content awesome by using software like question analyzer that helps you to search for the main questions your target audience has interest in. Afterward, you can develop quality content defined by language, length, and use of visuals. 

We’re listening.

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