10 Best Ecommerce Hosting Providers in 2022

Ecommerce hosting providers

Ecommerce hosting providers are the backbone of your ecommerce store

Ecommerce website owners are always looking for the best ecommerce hosting provider who can offer them a reliable and secure ecommerce server. 

There is no such thing as the best ecommerce host, but there are definitely quite a few bad ones out there. When you choose your host it’s important to do your research and make sure that they have good customer service and their infrastructure is stable.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to tell if ecommerce hosting providers offer great value or not. 

47% of customers need to load pages faster than two seconds. The speed of the search results is a ranking factor by Google.

We review all of the top 10+ providers in order to help you find the best one for your needs! Our reviews include pricing so that you can easily see which provider will be right for you based on budget & needs. You can also read our honest reviews about each provider’s features, performance, support-quality & more!

This article is about how there are many different hosting providers out there who offer ecommerce server hosting. And while this may sound like a simple service, it can be difficult to find the best one for your business’s needs. For businesses that are looking for the best hosting provider, here are 10 of the top ones that you should consider.

Web sites are reliable and easily useable to accommodate your requirements. Shopify’s stores use lightning-fast servers to ensure your store will be responsive. 

WPengine provides WooCommerce Integration support. Grow your WooCommerce store with WP Engine’s eCommerce hosting platform. Increase website speeds up to 40% and sales up to 18%.

BlueHost comes with an easy install solution and a dedicated WooCommerce plugin. Bluehost’s SSL certificate offers free hotlink protection for your site, Secure Shell access (SSH). It also provides Spam Assassin protection. 

The Backend host is easy, flexible for beginners making their first website. The mid-tier plans by Bluehost offer exceptional performance with unlimited SSD storage for domain registration free access and nonmetered bandwidth.

This list shows the most popular 10 self-hosted e-commerce platforms. You may choose what e-commerce platform you use.

The top 10 best ecommerce hosting providers

  1. WP Engine – Best Managed WordPress Hosting
  2. Bluehost – Best Web Host for Beginners
  3. DreamHost – Most Affordable Month-to-Month Plan
  4. HostGator – Best for Lean/Minimal Needs
  5. GreenGeeks – Best Eco-Friendly Hosting
  6. SiteGround – Best for Making Your WordPress Site Speedy & Secure
  7. A2 Hosting – Fast & Reliable Shared Hosting
  8. InMotion – Best VPS Hosting
  9. Hostinger – Most Affordable Hosting Plans Overall
  10. Nexcess – Best for scaling and growth

Who needs ecommerce hosting providers?

Web hosting is not necessarily needed to build an operating online store and ecommerce platform. If you’re planning on running a store with an all-in-one solution like Shopify, Squarespace, or Wix provides ecommerce hosting providers.

But if you want flexibility in design and UX/UI bump up to WooCommerce, Magento, Presta Shop Open Cart are the best ecommerce hosting providers.

However, ecommerce web hosting should meet your unique requirements. I have a bunch of websites and apps available so keep reading to find what will work best for what your needs are. 

Considerations when choosing a ecommerce hosting providers for your store

Choosing a ecommerce hosting platform

You may want to consider hosting a website with which you can grow. You can swap hosts at any time but transferring your site can be quite difficult.

Consider the following three points to help you choose how to host your store:

  • Reliability and performance of hosting servers from
  • Ease of use for the customer service team on all levels
  • Number of technical problems faced with your website. The shopping carts work well with most web hosts but if there are compatibility issues, then you really need to consider this information.

Ecommerce hosting provider how much to spead?

The cost of hosting will vary depending on many factors such as the type of site that you have, how large your site is, and what host options are available.

Before you choose a web hosting plan, it is necessary to research which

Most retailers do not host their own sites. Web hosting services offer a multitude of advantages including affordability. Various types of hosting options are available.

It is better to choose the best web hosting provider in advance so that you know how good they are to host sites like WPengine.

Do some research before committing to an affordable plan that met some of your criteria it is important to do some research.

The best e-commerce website platform available include WooCommerce, Magento, Presta Shop Open Cart are the best.

Ecommerce hosting provider types

Your ecommerce hosting providers should offer you what you want and need. Ecommerce hosting providers should satisfy your unique requirements to be the best possible choice for you and your business.

You will want a site that is lean and flexible with the capacity to grow as you require. Choose a web hosting plan that meets some of your criteria before choosing an affordable plan that you think might be right for you.

When considering which server type to choose, it is important to note what you anticipate doing on your site such as distributing large files or bandwidth-heavy content like HD video streaming or live video chat features. 

The ecommerce hosting providers should offer VPS servers that are good for scaling and growing quickly but they don’t offer the same performance capabilities as a dedicated server that can host more demanding ecommerce stores.

Ecommerce hosting providers: security

Ecommerce hosting providers security

SiteGround security is strong for SiteGround but it’s frustrating that people need to upgrade to the higher plan in order to gain SSL security and PCI compliance. 

Dreamhost considers site security a major necessity. A well-trained security firm closely guards these websites and sometimes fixes issues right at home before you know they occurred. 

WPEngine (one of the top ecommerce hosting providers) will fix your site once it’s hacked and since the company completes complete security at the server level, it’s safe to install no security plugins. 

With flywheel security a good ecommerce hosting providers, there’s no need to get rid of a hive of data. Kinsta has a highly capable team of developers who can work together and consistently protecting your site against possible site vulnerability.

Ecocommerce hosting providers: performance

SiteGround provides top-of-the-range WordPress performance designed to improve webpage speed. SiteGround, a commerce hosting providers, has a one-click caching tool and many WordPress-specific plans also have free CDNs. 

Dreamhost is similar to SiteGround and Bluehost with regards to performance optimizes.

There is one feature that differentiates Kinsta from other hosting services like Microsoft Cloud and Google. DreamHost plans to start overseas ecommerce servers next summer however it has limited plans at present for such deployments.

The best part is that they use a WordPress-independent Evercache database server, which can process 500 dpi and 500-millisecond pages.

Ecommerce hosting providers: customer support

SiteGround Support provides 24-hour service via telephone chat and e-mail for every plan. Dreamhost is one platform where you can grow old and never have downtime. 

The WPEngine Support Team offers the very best in the sector above all other ecommerce hosting providers.

Kinsta Hosting (ecommerce hosting provider) offers comprehensive documentation for handling the troubleshooting of your account. 

Flywheel is the most supportive support team available here and I’d argue that Flywheel is the most helpful one. We also argue that Flywheel has a fun and creative toolbox that allows users to easily control their own web pages using voice control and easy navigation.

Database throttling & commerce hosting providers

Budget hosting providers allow unlimited database calls on a website. In a typical figure, 10 requests at once are in operation. 

Database responses should still take just a couple of milliseconds. The quicker your database requests are the more unlikely a collision occurs to occur.

Make sure you inquire your host about the limit of requests before signing up and then see if it’s feasible to block requests on your site. For instance the average number of available requests pe.

Caching your pages & commerce hosting providers

Caching occurs when the server stores a temporary copy of a webpage that rarely changes. 

The server then has this cache installed to service future requests – but this cache will expire soon. This saves a large amount of servers resource and helps you service more pages to more people, quicker.

Many ecommerce platforms support caching, either as an embedded feature or via an extension. 

The most common technology here is Redis which is typically found on the cheaper and more advanced hosting packages and ecommerce hosting providers. In. Even a minor boost in traffic could otherwise keep you offline. 

Make sure to ask the hosting company if they have access to caching or if there are resources on your web server that may support caching.

An e-commerce site needs to load fast

e-commerce site needs load fast

Good speed is important to improve our customer service experience. If there’s any customer enjoyment on this page they will return much faster. 

Low traffic websites will lead to poorer user experience, increasing page abandonment, and lower rank among Search Engine Optimization services. 

A fast website means better visibility, lightning-fast transactions, and a higher conversion rate

Google has made a ‘Speed Update’ that ‘comprises data and speed in Google’. The quicker you get your mobile site the better your SEO ranking. 

A fast website is a result of improved search visibility and rapid transactions. 

The key features of commerce hosting providers for small business

A lot of hosting companies simply provide special features specifically to eCommerce needs. 

Having your blog out of date for longer can cause big damage to your credit card. 

Amazon lost 2 million dollars on all downtime because of website troubles. 

We’re going to show you the web hosts all offer which will help you make the right choices. 

Each internet host will have its own unique strengths that you will want to consider when selecting the best eCommerce ecommerce hosting provider for small businesses. 

Of course, we recommend not making a choice with only limited features. After all, each host has their own strengths to take into account.

Backups for commerce hosting providers

If something goes off in your website and then it’s safe to do that, your web host will have a backup that will store the information and prevent it from being accidental. 

Your company information could be lost without a strong way to protect your website. You should back up as much data as possible monthly or every week. 

The backups should be stored in a separate folder from your website and can easily be accessed if you must reload your site. 

If a website provider backups its entire network it should not have the need. If you pay an agency to create your website, you may find yourself losing your time and your money.

Wpengine gives you free daily backups, full-backups.


Sometimes shared hosting is necessary for small/medium or fresh ecommerce sites by the ecommerce hosting providers. This allows for relatively high prices when you’re just getting started when resources are shared among servers.

Once the volume is growing in your business plan you can look at cloud solution dedicated virtual servers or VPS.

Are the hosts available on their website to offer additional storage or bandwidth? If the answer was yes then you are likely to be required to switch the hosts later. 

Much better if your host can simply scale to accommodate your growth, it’s a good option to look into dedicated servers.


A good host should offer 24/7 support and have a group of professionals that are qualified to resolve problems quickly. 

Always look at hosts with uptime guaranteed at 97 %. A host will take whatever necessary precautions may be taken to minimize the disruption. 

For instance, 99% of its services will be provided with 100% uptime in its first year of service. 

Providing customer support is easier with a customer help phone system with an automated chat system which is designed to quickly resolve the problem – and quickly.

What is VPS ecommerce hosting?

Providing an intermediary between virtualized hosted web hosting and virtual commerce offers an alternate choice between the shared and the dedicated websites. 

A VPS can continue using the resources they are allocated to a server. 

Unfortunately, your website virtually accesses that server and is given its own disk space, operating system, and bandwidth. 

You now have a much cleaner private website versus any other app on the internet. This gives you much more control and faster operation and gives you more control over your server. 

Getting a free virtual private server is a step up from hosting an open-source hosting service.

Customers won’t be able to access vulnerable sites.

The goal in Chrome is to ensure everyone who surfs can find safety while browsing. HTTPS certificates are small files written to a server that secures and transfers information between your computer and website server. 

They’re perfect for securing data transferring and credit card transactions and can even be used for the browsing of various social media websites. 

Chrome warns web visitors that they may not be in a position to preview the page that they are trying to open with an SSL certificate. 

A good server provider provides encryption in their package. 

Plus keeping your security updated could be quite an undertaking. Your ecommerce solution must be capable of maintaining upgrades and patches for their own server’s security policies.

Shopify (all-in-one)

Shopify website design

The leading e-commerce platform hits the benchmark for both the features we discuss below. 

Shopify now offers customers a 14th-day trial period to test their investment. This is a fully integrated online store manager and builder. 

The pricing reflects the breadth of e-commerce functional areas included. 

Creating an online business is not a big issue – it costs the most time and can take much work! Learn how to get a Shopify website designed professionally.

The trial period has been set to include a price of $100,000 and a trial period of $150,000 for the trial of Shopify (one of the top ecommerce hosting providers).

WooCommerce is not only the most popular E-commerce platform, it’s also the best.

WooCommerce is not only the most popular E-commerce platform, it’s also the best. WooCommerce was developed by a guy who was fed up with all of the hosting providers out there. 

WooCommerce is the top ecommerce hosting providers.

One of the main reasons for his frustrations was because these providers were charging exorbitant fees while providing unreliable service. 

WooCommerce has grown to be used by over 2 million people including household names like Tesla Motors, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

The prominent features of WooCommerce are its flexibility. 

It allows you to easily create pages with drag-and-drop elements, customize fonts and colors to your liking, use themes that are available in WordPress’s Theme Directory to show off items in your store, or design something completely unique, use plugins to expand functionality, and support for 50+ payment gateways.

Ease of Use

With the advancement of technology most things are getting easier by the day, Ecommerce is no exception with various online shops popping up all over the place many people are starting their own home-based businesses selling everything from honey-baked hams to their very own art. 

One of the most important things you need to make a successful shop is a quality web host for Ecommerce websites.

According to experts, a suitable eCommerce hosting service should provide robust infrastructure and customer support that would ensure your website’s available to your customers round-the-clock.


Magento (one of the top ecommerce hosting providers) is a CMS that was created by a group of developers from California. 

Magento started as a small business and has grown to be one of the largest companies in the ecommerce industry today. One of the main reasons it’s been so successful is because it offers a very intuitive interface for both customers and merchants to use.

Another great thing about this platform is that you can integrate other applications, such as Facebook or Google Analytics, into your account without having to purchase any additional plugins or extensions from Magento.

One thing that may cause some people not to use this platform is that because it’s open-source, it suffers from vulnerabilities more often than the other platforms on the market. 

Despite this drawback, Magento remains popular with many ecommerce brands, including Canon, Microsoft, and Adidas.

Presta Shop Open Cart

Presta Shop Open Cart is a cart software that was developed by the company PrestaShop. The cart has grown to become one of the most popular cart systems on the internet today. 

One of the main features of Presta Shop Open Cart is its ability to create customized pages with ease.

You can also design themes, use plugins, and install third-party applications onto your cart without having to purchase any extensions or plugins from PrestaShop.

One thing that may deter some people from using this cart however is that it’s open-source so it suffers from vulnerabilities more often than other carts on the market. 

Despite this drawback, PrestaShop remains popular with several ecommerce sites including, Canon Camera Inc., Adidas U.S.Presta Shop is open-source software for running an ecommerce site. 

It is mostly used by small business owners with simple needs that are on a tight budget. The plugin architecture built into this platform allows users to add or remove features as needed without having to purchase

OpenCart ecommerce hosting providers

OpenCart is the third popular Ecommerce software currently available with over 380,000 online stores. In contrast, Woocommerce is a standalone e-commerce app that runs independently or separately from each other. 

Its popularity has its origin from early adoption by web developers. The ecommerce site like OpenCart includes British Red Cross Bottom Paint Store and Kids Wheels. 

It is capable of running in any web hosting and has numerous plugins which add added functionality. You may like OpenCart as your choice of eCommerce platform or eCommerce solution. OpenCart can give you a better experience to make the right choices – and more importantly the right price.

WooCommerce Ecommerce Web Hosting

Almost 500 000 businesses currently use WooCommerce. Unlike most ecommerce software WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin instead of a standalone app.

Golfclubs.com AeroPress PersonalDefenceNetwork and Minipop.fr are amongst the best hosting providers for WooCommerce (ecommerce site) websites using the plugin. 

The best WordPress hosting provider for such services is by now WordPress specialists, with servers properly configured to run WordPress at scale.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting provides excellent performance (especially in the USA) and reliable service. It’s a great all-around pick with good security features. They don’t have much variation in the plan but they offer some robust products for small to medium businesses.

Best ecommerce hosting compared: pricing

SiteGround is a budget host like Bluehost but is easily accessible with SiteGround’s prices. 

DreamHost is a well-known e-commerce provider which offers a variety of e-commerce packages. Sharing web hosting may seem an unprofessional option for many web designers wishing to look out for web hosting services but it is actually far better than it seems. 

The cost can be significantly improved by switching from private hosting to shared. The hosting package offers the advantage of fast loading pages and fast product delivery. Similarly, ecommerce sites are much less expensive. 

The most economical option is to commit for 3 years at a charge of $0.99 a month or 10.95 a month for monthly payment.

Best eCommerce hosting compared (in a nutshell)

We set up a simple WooCommerce ecommerce site with a few goods using each host. 

We used the same setup for all three eCommerce Ecommerce Hosting Providers including the store itself and all the other plugins we used and measured their performance with the Pingdom tools. 

When dealing with eCommerce then you have already realized how essential deciding to pick the right ecommerce hosting providers can be. 

Conclusion on the best ecommerce hosting providers

Customers will leave a slow site.

47% of customers need to load pages faster than two seconds. The speed of the search results is a ranking factor by Google.

Caching improves the performance of ecommerce site documents by holding the information that would normally exist on a page.

Content delivery networks can be described as a broad network that hosts your website’s available resources. 

A CDN enables faster loading time and routes visitors automatically to the server in your geographical location.

Google branches off of your homepage or site map to crawl through the links to find pages in the search engine results. The most efficient Ecommerce Hosting company will ensure they can handle the volume you have envisioned.

General FAQs

Which hosting is best for an ecommerce site?

The most economical option is to commit for 3 years at a charge of $0.99 a month or 10.95 a month. But expect to pay $30 – $100/mo for a great hosting provider. So you’re debating whether it’s worth putting down the money for ecommerce hosting the first year, the best place to start is to find out if your website needs hosting in order to work at all. You get what you pay for so don’t skimp here.

Which e-commerce hosting is best for an ecommerce site?

No matter how you’re managing your commerce business, at some point, you’ll want to choose www.wpengine.com Web Hosting services for your website or company website. Or Shopify for an easy e-commerce platform.

Do I need an Ecommerce hosting provider?

No matter how you’re managing your commerce business, at some point, you’ll want to choose ecommerce hosting for your website or company website. Ecommerce hosting is typically affordable and set up as a complete suite of features with an easily navigable control panel. If your site doesn’t need anything too extravagant – such as multiple load-balanced servers on different datacenters – then there’s no reason not to purchase ecommerce hosting and manage the server management yourself (although it might be worth looking into managed hosting).

What is a web e-commerce hosting provider?

web e-commerce hosting provider is the provision of shared server space within a provider’s network. E-commerce web hosts manage all the hardware and software required to keep online stores running smoothly. They can also include security tools like anti-virus, firewalls, spam filters, and database services like SQL.

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