How To Set Up An Automated Social Media Post From A Blog With Make.Com

Automated Social Media Post

How To Set Up An Automated Social Media Post From A Blog With Make.Com

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Learn How to set up an automated social media post from a blog with

Here’s a compelling introduction to spark curiosity and engagement for the topic of automating social media posts from a blog:

Tired of the Social Media Treadmill? Get Off with Automation

Are you constantly scrambling to promote your blog posts across multiple social media channels? 

Does the manual process of sharing each new article leave you drained and out of time? 

If so, it’s time to break free from the social media grind and embrace the power of automation.

The Secret Weapon:

affordable marketing automation (formerly Integromat) is a powerful workflow automation platform that allows you to connect your favorite apps and services, streamlining tedious tasks. 

With, you can easily create automated workflows to share your latest blog posts on social media the moment they’re published – saving you valuable time and energy.

Effortless Content Promotion

Imagine this: You’ve just hit the “publish” button on a fantastic new blog post. 

While you bask in the satisfaction of a job well done, works tirelessly behind the scenes, crafting engaging social media updates and blasting them out to your followers across all your preferred platforms. 

No more manual effort, no more missed opportunities.

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Ready to Dive In?

This guide will walk you through setting up an automated social media posting workflow using 

Get ready to reclaim your time, expand your reach, and let your blog content shine on the social media stage.

Here’s a look at the pains and desires of small business owners when it comes to automating social media marketing:

Social Media Struggles: The Pains of Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. Social media marketing is vital but can be a major time-sucker, stealing precious hours away from other critical tasks. 

You might grapple with issues like consistency, feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of platforms, and need help measuring your efforts’ impact.

Automation Dreams: The Desires

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could streamline social media? Imagine having a system that works in the background, consistently promoting your content while you focus on running your business. 

Small business owners desire automation that will save them time, increase their reach, and simplify tracking their social media success.

The Promise of Automation

The good news is that social media automation tools can address these pain points and help you achieve your goals. 

By automating tasks like posting, scheduling, and even basic engagement, you free up time for the bigger picture – strategy, content creation, and building relationships with your audience.

Pains and desires of small business owners regarding social media marketing

ai sales marketing

Social Media: A Blessing and a Curse for Small Businesses

Social media holds incredible promise for small businesses – increased visibility, stronger customer connections, and affordable advertising! Yet, navigating these platforms can be a source of frustration as much as success.

The Pain Points

Small business owners often struggle with:

  • Time Drain: Finding the time to create content and consistently post across multiple platforms.
  • The Skills Gap: Understanding the nuances of each platform and mastering effective marketing strategies.
  • Lost in the Noise: Difficulty standing out and reaching their ideal audience in the crowded social media landscape.

What They Desire

Business owners long for:

  • Effortless Engagement: Easy ways to connect with their audience and build community.
  • Data-Driven Results: Clear insights to understand what’s working and what isn’t.
  • A Helping Hand: Affordable tools or assistance to streamline their marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

Unlock the Power of Automation: A Small Business Owner’s Guide to

As a small business owner, I know the whirlwind of juggling tasks. Social media is a must, but it gobbles up precious time – time I could better spend growing my core business. That’s why I was excited to stumble upon This incredible platform has transformed my approach to social media, and today, I’m sharing my journey with you. Your Social Media Automation Sidekick, formerly known as Integromat, is like a magic wand for your online presence. It seamlessly connects various apps and services, helping you create automated workflows. 

For example, you write a new blog post, and automatically generates tailored social media updates, blasting them across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more! Talk about a time-saver!

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The Setup: Easier Than You Might Think

I’m not the most tech-savvy person, but I found surprisingly user-friendly. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process:

  1. Connect Your Accounts: Create a account and link your blog platform (such as WordPress) and desired social media channels.
  2. The Workflow Magic: Create a “scenario” (’s term for automated workflow). This is where you’ll define the magic – when a new blog post is published (the trigger), will craft social media posts (the action).
  3. Content Customization: The beauty is in tailoring! You can make your posts dynamic by pulling elements from your blog, like the title, an excerpt, and a featured image. Add hashtags and personalize your message for each platform.

The Results? Life-Changing for a Small Business

Since implementing automation, I’ve seen:

  • Saved Sanity: Hours reclaimed each week that I now invest in strategic initiatives.
  • Consistent Presence: My social media hums along even when I’m focused elsewhere.
  • Increased Reach: My content goes further as it’s consistently shared across platforms.

Ready to Take the Leap?

If you’re a small business owner tired of the social media hamster wheel, I highly recommend exploring 

While it has a slight learning curve, the rewards far outweigh the initial time investment. Imagine a world where your blog practically promotes itself on autopilot. 

That’s the power of automation, which can be at your fingertips.

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Tired of Social Media Chaos? Automate Your Blog Promotion with!

Hey there, fellow marketing manager in the trenches! Juggling content creation, social media strategy, and analytics can feel like a never-ending battle. 

But what if there was a way to streamline your workload and free up precious time for more strategic initiatives? Enter, your secret weapon for automating social media posts from your blog.

Why Automate? Time is Money for Small Businesses

Small businesses thrive on efficiency. Every minute you spend manually crafting social media posts for your latest blog is a minute stolen from other vital tasks. 

Automating social media promotion with solves this problem:

  • Reclaim Your Time: Let handle the tedious, repetitive posting of your blog content to various platforms. Focus on creating high-quality content and developing engaging social media strategies.
  • Consistent Posting is Key: Social media algorithms favor accounts with consistent activity. ensures your blog posts get shared automatically, keeping your audience engaged even when you’re swamped.
  • Effortless Scalability: As your content creation ramps up, automatically scales with you. You won’t have to scramble to post every new blog piece manually.

The Magic of Setting Up Your Automated Workflow acts as a central hub connecting your favorite apps and services. Here’s a simplified glimpse into how it automates social media promotion:

  • Connect the Dots: Start by linking your blog platform (WordPress, etc.) and your target social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to
  • Building the Automation Blueprint: Create a “scenario” within This defines the workflow – when a new blog post is published (the trigger), will craft social media updates (the action).
  • Tailored for Each Platform: Here’s where the real magic happens. lets you customize your social media posts. Pull elements from your blog like title, excerpt, and featured image. Add relevant hashtags and personalize the message for each platform.

The Benefits: A Win-Win for Your Business and Your Boss

By automating social media promotion, you’re not just saving yourself time; you’re boosting your employer’s bottom line:

  • Increased Reach: ensures your fantastic blog content reaches a wider audience across all social media channels.
  • Improved Engagement: Consistent posting keeps your audience connected and engaged, leading to better brand awareness and potentially more leads.
  • Measurable Results: Analyze the performance of your automated posts in each platform’s native analytics. Track what resonates with your audience and refine your strategy accordingly.

Ready to Streamline Your Social Media Strategy?

Free yourself from the social media grind and impress your boss with an efficient workflow. Give a try, and unlock the power of automated blog promotion. 

With your newfound time, you can focus on your small business’s next big marketing win!

3 Powerful Use Cases for Automating Social Media with

As marketing managers, we understand the constant pressure to deliver results – bigger reach, higher engagement, and more leads and sales. 

However, managing social media promotion for a blog alongside other marketing tasks can feel overwhelming. Here’s where steps in. 

This automation platform can be your secret weapon, freeing time and boosting your social media strategy with targeted workflows. Let’s explore three compelling use cases:

Use Case #1: Personalized Posts for Different Platforms 

Tailored messages resonate better, leading to higher engagement. allows you to craft unique social media posts for each platform.

Use concise snippets with relevant hashtags for X’s character-limited format. Include a captivating excerpt for platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. lets you dynamically pull these elements from your blog post, ensuring each platform receives an optimized post.

Use Case #2: Promote Evergreen Content & Maximize Reach 

Repurpose your valuable content for a sustained social media presence.

Not all blog posts have a short shelf life. For evergreen content with lasting relevance, create a scenario to automatically share these posts periodically across your social channels.

This strategy keeps your audience engaged with valuable content while maximizing the reach of your evergreen pieces. Schedule these automated posts at strategic times for optimal visibility.

Use Case #3: Leverage Employee Advocacy with Automated Alerts 

Employee advocacy expands your reach and builds trust.

Empower your team to become brand ambassadors! Set up a scenario that automatically sends email alerts to your employees whenever a new blog post is published.

The email can include a pre-crafted social media message with a link to the blog post, allowing employees to share it with their networks easily. This expands your reach and leverages the trust employees have with their connections.

Streamline Blog Promotion & Track Results: A Step-by-Step Guide to

Marketing managers know that consistent promotion is vital for blog success. Yet, it’s easy to get bogged down in the manual labor of sharing each new post across social media. Let’s change that! 

With, you’ll transform this process into an effortless, automated system that provides valuable insights into audience behavior. Here’s how:

Step 1: Your Toolkit

  • Get an Account: Create a free account on (they also have paid plans for more robust automation).
  • Connect the Apps: Link your blog platform (e.g., WordPress, Webflow, etc.) and desired social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to your account.

Step 2: Build Your Automation Workflow

  • Create a Scenario: Begin a new “scenario” within This is where you define your automated workflow.
  • The Trigger: Select your blog platform’s “Watch RSS Feed” (or equivalent) module. This tells to wait for new blog posts.
  • The Action Part 1: Add social media modules (e.g., “Create a Facebook Post,” “Create a Tweet”). Customize each with dynamic fields drawn from your RSS feed: title, URL, excerpt, etc.
  • The Action Part 2: (Optional but Powerful!) Add a “Google Sheets” module to store data from each automated social media post. Include the post date, platform, URL, and a placeholder for future engagement metrics.

Step 3: Activate and Optimize

  • Go Live: Activate your scenario! Whenever a new blog post is published, works its magic in the background.
  • Data Mining: Over time, your Google Sheet will amass valuable data. Analyze engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments) across platforms to understand what content resonates best with your audience on each channel.
  • Iterate!: Use these insights to refine your social media content strategy, post timing, and hashtag use. This closed-loop approach ensures your automation serves the ultimate goal – boosting visibility and engagement.

Beyond the Basics: Power User Tips

  • Hashtags: Customize hashtag lists within for each social platform to ensure optimal reach.
  • Images: Set up to automatically pull your blog’s featured image and include it in your social posts, boosting visual appeal.
  • Scheduling: If you don’t want posts to go live immediately after publication, add a “Delay” module in to schedule them at strategic times.

Ready to Unlock the Power?

Remember, a little setup time can have a huge payoff. By streamlining blog promotion with, you’ll reclaim time, expand your reach, and gain the insights needed to optimize your social media presence. 

Say goodbye to the social media scramble, and hello to a truly data-driven strategy!

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Automate Your Social Media, Elevate Your Brand: Partner with Matrix Marketing Group

Social media success requires consistency and efficiency, but finding the time to manage it all can be tough. Let and Matrix Marketing Group be your dynamic duo! This powerful automation platform streamlines sharing your blog content to all your social channels, keeping your audience engaged even when your schedule is packed.

Why Automate?

  • Time = Money: Focus your brilliance on content creation and strategy, not monotonous manual posting.
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Track which posts resonate and optimize your social strategy for maximum impact.
  • Consistent Presence Wins: Automatic posting ensures your brand stays active, even during your busiest periods.

Matrix Marketing Group: Your Automation Advantage

We understand the unique needs of your business. That’s why we don’t just introduce you to We tailor automation solutions that align with your goals:

  • Customized Strategies: We’ll develop workflows specific to your blog, target audience, and the channels where your customers hang out.
  • Analytics Expertise: We help you extract meaningful insights from your data to refine your social media strategy continuously.
  • Growth-Focused Support: Partner with us to leverage automation for maximum