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Burlington, Vermont

Welcome to MatrixAI, the intersection of creativity and innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We are an industry-leading firm in AI solutions and are on a mission to transform the world through revolutionary AI technology. Internship jobs in Burlington VT including brand strategy marketing internship fall and summer internship jobs in Burlington. These are also offered in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.

It’s AI with the Human Touch!

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Marketing Powered by AI

MatrixAI is an AI digital marketing agency and marketing platform.

It’s the first to harness the power of artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning languages to deliver customized marketing campaigns to omnichannel audiences in real time. MatrixAI drastically transforms your team’s capacity with less labor and more productivity. The sales results are amazing.

Unlock the Power of AI in Marketing with MatrixAI

Here at MatrixAI, we believe in the power of AI to redefine the marketing industry. MatrixLabX is the proud architect of MatrixAI, a game-changing AI-powered marketing platform setting a new standard in the marketing sector. We leverage data-driven insights, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics to create personalized experiences, predict trends, and drive business growth.

We seek passionate, driven, and innovative individuals to join our dynamic team. You’ll get to work on fascinating projects in a vibrant, forward-thinking environment.

President, AI Digital Marketing Agency – Vermont


Group, Director of AI Creative of MatrixAI, a design and branding agency for a performance player type individual that has worked in startups and grown them beyond 20 million dollars. Supported by a non-equity partnership with Google. The product roadmap FY23/24 is completed and rolling out in wedges.

Director of AI, Foundation Models


As the Director of AI, Foundation Models, you will lead the technological vision of MatrixAI and guide our journey toward becoming the global leader in AI-assisted product development and digital marketing solutions. Your strategic direction, leadership, and expertise will help us stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.

Position Title: Technical Marketing Internship – Burlington, Vermont

MatrixLabX, a rising star under the Google Startup Program and a trusted player in the AI-driven economy, is seeking a driven and innovative Technical Marketing Intern. You will be stepping into a future where AI and human creativity unite to redefine the possibilities of digital marketing.

As a part of our team, you will immerse yourself in our AI WorkSpace, MatrixAI, designed to boost performance in business strategy development, business modeling, market research, and competitive analysis. You can work with seven mini-apps and generative AI tools that revolutionize how businesses launch products, rebrand, or accelerate brand performance.

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  • Want to work in the AI space?

In a world where traditional business models are being overhauled, your role will be pivotal in leveraging targeted methods to deliver efficient and precise results that surpass what traditional agencies or consulting firms can achieve. 

You will work on go-to-market and product launch plans, develop and tune content on our website, and conduct market research—all with the support of our advanced AI platform and our industry-savvy and technically proficient team.

We believe in the power of the human moment and the human experience to propel brands to loyalty. 

Therefore, your work will also involve roles in content generation and social media marketing. At MatrixAI, we aren’t just about marketing; we are about building a future where AI and human creativity converge to redefine digital marketing. Join us to drive unprecedented growth and shape the industry’s future.

AI is rapidly transforming the marketing field, and we’ve been ahead. Various roles have emerged that combine AI technology and marketing to optimize business strategies, customer interactions, and marketing campaigns. Here are some of the top jobs in AI for marketing:

  1. AI Data Scientist: They develop models and algorithms that help companies to understand and utilize large volumes of data. These professionals are crucial in predictive analysis, customer segmentation, and personalized marketing.
  2. AI Product Manager: This role involves guiding the strategy for AI product development, focusing on marketing-related features. They work closely with data scientists and engineers to create AI-powered tools and platforms that meet marketers’ needs.
  3. AI Marketing Analyst: These professionals use AI tools to analyze market trends, customer behavior, and campaign performance. They help in making data-driven decisions to optimize marketing strategies.
  4. Chatbot Developer: They design and build AI-powered chatbots that can interact with customers in real time. These chatbots can handle customer service inquiries, guide users through a website, or even help with sales, making them a valuable tool in digital marketing.
  5. Content Personalization Specialist: These specialists use AI to create personalized customer content based on their preferences, behavior, and past interactions. This can significantly improve engagement rates and customer loyalty.
  6. AI Solutions Architect: They design comprehensive AI solutions that meet the specific needs of a marketing department or business. This can involve integrating AI technologies with existing systems, ensuring they function smoothly and efficiently.
  7. Machine Learning Engineer: They design, build, and deploy machine learning models to solve marketing problems. This could involve predictive modeling for customer churn, creating recommendation systems, or optimizing ad targeting.
  8. AI Ethicist: As AI becomes more prevalent in marketing, the need for professionals to understand the ethical implications of AI use in marketing increases. They help companies navigate issues like data privacy, bias in AI models, and ethical marketing practices.
  9. Sentiment Analysis Specialist: They use AI to analyze customer feedback, social media comments, and product reviews to understand customer sentiment, which can inform marketing strategies.
  10. Voice Technology Developer: With the rise of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, professionals who can develop effective voice technology strategies for marketing are in high demand. They might work on creating voice-friendly content or optimizing SEO for voice searches.

The growth of AI in marketing is creating a wide range of new opportunities, and this list is by no means exhaustive. The most successful professionals in this field will be those who can combine a strong understanding of AI technology with traditional marketing skills.

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