Director of AI, Foundation Models – Matrix AI

Job Description Summary

As a Director of AI in MatrixAI organization, you will lead multiple teams to define, develop, deliver, and execute our product roadmap and vision around foundation models and Generative AI leveraging large business data sets. You will manage and be responsible for delivering some of our most strategic technology initiatives. You will provide thought leadership to engineers and front office teams to invent and implement large language and vision models.

At MatrixAI, we are committed to bringing AI and cloud-based solutions for our customers: all aspects of computing services across the cloud and edge – including advanced analytics, visualization, computer vision, multimodal learning, analytics, software, and intelligence — are delivered over the Internet. 

Our organization is harnessing the power of technology to make marketing more precise, personalized, and accessible for everyone. From driving the omnichannel-centric innovation strategy to delivering new digital and machine learning capabilities – we’re committed to leading digital transformation, improving outcomes for marketers, and creating a world where marketing has no limits. 

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

Do you have a passion for leveraging AI to revolutionize marketing? We’re looking for a driven and passionate leader who truly embodies foundation models and Generative AI and would like to join the team at MatrixAI. As the Director of AI, you will focus on exciting generative vision, text, speech, time-series, and multi-modal problems related to segmentation, object detection, large-scale generative models, large-scale pretraining, prompt tuning, distillation, robustness, responsible AI, quantization, and AI-powered industry models.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Leading AI research and development efforts to provide automation of sales/marketing tasks using one or more marketing technologies.
  • Hiring, growing, and managing highly educated and independent AI engineers and managers building foundational models and generative AI.
  • Setting the roadmap and owning the MatrixAI platform for AI/ML systems.
  • Driving Strategy and defining best practices for the Generative AI team.
  • Participating in key technical and design discussions as a hands-on manager with technical leads.
  • Driving research innovation, technical excellence, business impact, staying current on published state-of-the-art algorithms and competing technologies, and identifying areas of opportunity for the team.
  • Fostering collaboration across the AI/ML research teams and with other cross-functional teams.
  • Building strong relationships with stakeholders to understand their needs and provide strategic input on AI research initiatives.
  • Developing large-scale frameworks to implement machine learning models across various business segments, driving organization-wide initiatives with dexterity.
  • Operating at the business breadth and technical depth, understanding details of company goals, and navigating and influencing the MatrixAI data platform and AI/ML technology stacks.
  • Helping to grow a larger AI science and analytics community within MatrixAI.

Basic Qualifications

  • Advanced degree (e.g., M.S. or Ph.D.) in computer science, statistics, engineering, mathematics, or relevant discipline.
  • 7+ years of working experience as a data scientist.
  • 4+ years of experience in leading and mentoring a team of data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning engineers in the delivery of MLaaS and/or MLaaP.
  • Demonstrated expertise in large-scale foundational and large language model training, pre-training, prompt tuning, distillation, robustness, responsible AI, quantization, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience in building/delivering large-scale AI such as generative AI models, large vision/language models, and multi-modal AI models for problems related to segmentation, detection, quantification, measurements, classification, etc.
  • Demonstrated history of delivering high-impact machine learning projects and products from concept to finish line.
  • Proven track record of leadership, with an ability to articulate, inspire and execute a compelling vision for ML as a Product and ML as a Service.
  • Experience with high-level languages (e.g., Python) and frameworks and tools like DeepSpeed, HuggingFace, MLFlow, Megatron, PyTorch lightning, TensorFlow, KubeFlow, r, Julia, etc.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Publication record in top conferences (such as NeurIPS, CVPR, ICML, etc.).
  • Skills to influence Cross-functional teams
  • Strong Experience and capability to handle challenges with vague or abstract problem definitions.
  • Experience working with large-scale AI training.
  • Experience with various MLOps, ModelOps, and FMOps (Foundation Model Ops*) methods.
  • Experience with high-dimensional imaging data and waveform/time-series data.
  • Experience with core machine learning techniques, advanced analytics (e.g., regression, classification, clustering, time series, ranking and applied Bayesian statistics and dynamic linear models, NLP, Computer vision), and technologies like Kubernetes, spark, Databrick, GPU, etc.

*Google’s foundation models

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