Your digital marketing strategy should be reviewed at a minimum annually, digital marketing metrics should be looked at more frequently.

Being the chief marketing officer of a company’s digital marketing strategy and activity is a fierce job that few people can manage efficiently.

This job implies alertness, pro-activity, and a huge drive to take consistent action. It implies smart planning, patient analysis routines, smart insights, and problem-solving skills.

The modern marketer must drive digital transformation. This includes digital marketing planning for delivering performance-based digital marketing services to help reach the firm’s business goals.

A healthy digital marketing strategy leads to a fruitful expansion of the business. However, if the digital marketing strategy starts lacking, well, the performance of the brand will display a directly proportional result.

Studies suggest that 55% of bloggers are frequently measuring their analytics to keep their digital marketing strategies on track.

The tricky part is that sometimes, webmasters fail to recognize the clear signs that show the clear presence of an error. Something is not working, so it must be changed. It must be optimized and tracked again, and again, right until it generates positive results.

In this post, we’ll discuss seven hidden indicators that should ring some bells and raise some alarms that it’s time to renovate your digital marketing strategy. Let’s get started.

Your Organic Web Traffic is Very Low

A clear sign that your digital marketing is lacking consistency is the lack of organic traffic. When you put up the effort to promote your business online, you’d expect to reap the benefits of your work on a consistent basis.

Organic traffic doesn’t mean just SEO and Google rankings. You can get organic traffic from social media, blog comments, forums, YouTube, and many other digital channels.

By using Google Analytics, you can track and measure your traffic sources. Identify and separate the organic sources from the paid, and you’re able to see how much free traffic you’re getting on a consistent basis.

Every business has its own standards for evaluating the performance of traffic. If you think it’s low, it’s time to revamp your digital marketing strategy!

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Your Conversion Rate Sucks

Sorry to say, but your promotion efforts are totally in vain unless your marketing funnel offers a great user experience that ensures a satisfying conversion rate.

For example, if your main strategy is to collect emails from your website visitors, it means that your conversion rate should be high (because your efforts are pointed there). If you get an average or even mediocre conversion rate, it means that something’s not working.

Or, another example would be your email marketing performance. Say you’re promoting your main products to your email list, yet very few people bother opening your product links, not to mention buying them.

In these circumstances, you should immediately start searching for the causes of this poor performance. Using marketing tools, especially analytics tools, is a sure way to improve your conversion rate through practice and patience.

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Your Social Media Efforts Bring Disappointing Results

Social media can bring organic traffic if your strategy is planned and performed properly. You can do all sorts of things to encourage organic growth, like developing a niche community or organizing various contests, events, live-sessions, and other interactive and engaging activities.

When your social media traffic is low, when it converts poorly, and when it costs you more than it brings, you have to start reassessing your digital marketing strategy and re-prioritize your social media marketing efforts.

One of the common causes of poor social media results is intrusive marketing. Social media channels are not suited for direct advertising. Instead of pushing products down the social user’s throat, simply offer him something nice and ask him to cover to your shop and see if they need something else.

You’re Wasting Your Mobile Traffic

Let?s face it ? mobile has won the battle, and so the desktop is now the second choice for most people. It?s well known that 80% of internet users own and use a smartphone on a regular basis.

Another interesting statistic is that 80% of social media time is spent on mobile.

How do you translate that? To me, it is clear. If most of your traffic reaches your content on mobile, then your content must be well-optimized for mobile usage.

If you?re currently wasting your mobile traffic due to poor mobile optimization strategies, your digital marketing strategy is compromised by this simple yet powerful aspect. Solve it immediately by improving the experience of your mobile users.

You Publish Mediocre or Average Content

Poor content is the root of mediocrity, at least in contemporary times where people do no longer trust advertisements but choose to follow the best content.

Regardless of your digital marketing?s goal, your digital marketing strategy, you should always publish relevant, useful, and qualitative content. This is your ?proof?. The information you put together and share will improve lives and will change destinies. See it like that.

When you approach this attitude, both your website visitors and Google will start giving you better signals. An effective approach to content marketing is an effective approach to digital marketing.

If your content is written only because it needs to be written, stop wasting your time immediately. Focus on quality rather than on quality.

If content writing is not your forte, it?s very advised to outsource it to professional writers that can get the job done in the perfect fashion.

I always choose academic writers, as they are often more serious, better trained, and more effective in their work. Places like ResumesPlanet, Upwork, or Careers Booster are good places to start looking.

55% of bloggers are frequently measuring their analytics to keep their digital marketing strategies on track. Click To Tweet

Your Competitors Are Doing Much Better than You

If your competitors are clearly doing better than you in terms of website traffic, conversions, and sales, you should rethink your strategy and find ways to stop their expansion and regain your position in the marketplace.

You should use competitive analysis tools like SEMRush to gain sensitive data and intelligence about your competitor?s performance and strategies.

Look at what they do and find a good twist to do it better. Implement the change in your digital strategy and see how the results work. Don?t fall behind your competitors because it?ll be hard to stand up again and regain the trust of an audience who has to constantly choose between option A and option B.


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You?re Running in Circles with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Running in circles means that you?re using the same digital marketing strategy and taking the same type of actions while still expecting to gain different results.

Albert Einstein has even quoted it. He defined insanity as ?doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.?

You should stop right now and assess whether your digital marketing hasn’t changed for a good while now. You should also reflect on your key performance indicators. Are they on the rise? Are they stagnant?

You should think in terms of cause and effect. When you plan and do something, predict the outcome and see if it actually happens. Make small changes and get out of disempowering circles of low-impact actions.

Takeaways for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Test, measure, optimize, and repeat. Follow the process and you?ll never fall behind the trends again, your conversion rates will never be stuck again, and your site?s performance will stay consistent throughout its journey.

One last piece of advice is to stay focused. Put your mind on something and focus your time, attention, and energy towards it until you get it. The digital marketing environment is an amazingly creative field that you can leverage to ?do it your way?.

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Scott Mathews is a journalist and content creator at Essay Writing Land, but he is also a guest blogger a Paper Writing Pro?and? Scott lives and breathes digital marketing, with his biggest interests being lead generation and social media campaigns. He rarely ever takes a break, but when he does, you will probably see him on the local basketball court.”

General FAQ’s

What is the definition of a digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is a series of actions that help you achieve your company goals through carefully selected online marketing channels. These channels include paid, earned, and owned media, and can all support a universal campaign around a particular line of?business.

Why does a small business need a digital marketing strategy?

The most?crucial?reason a small business needs digital marketing is taking up the traditional marketing channels are as a result of the internet has enabled companies to interact with targeted audiences in real-time. Customers have grown accustomed to participating and interacting with one’s brand or business.

How do you measure a digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategies are easy to measure in real-time with the right marketing technology.
1. You are Starting With A Goal. Much of your online strategy is born from your goals.
2. Commit to a Time Frame.
3. Determine Success Factors and KPIs.
4. Provide a Specific Marketing Plan.
5. Create a Measurement Template for Digital Metrics.
6. Website Traffic Metrics That Matter for Growth.
7. Overall Website Traffic and Rankings by Keyword.
8. Traffic by Source.
9. Lead conversions.
10. Bounce Rate.
11. Create a Marketing Scorecard.


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