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45 Most Important SEO KPIs For Marketers To Track

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important because it helps your website get more visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO ensures that your website appears near the top of relevant search results, making it more likely for people to find and visit your site.

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Are you looking for ways to improve your SEO campaigns?

Tracking the right SEO KPIs and KPIs for SEO will help you gain insights into your website’s performance and success. By monitoring these metrics, marketers can identify opportunities for improvement, adjust their strategies accordingly, and ultimately achieve their desired results.

With the right tracking tools in place, you can monitor domain authority, organic search rankings, page speed and performance, backlinks, keyword rankings, click-through rate (CTR) from SERPs, and more – all of which will help increase visibility and generate more organic traffic.

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General FAQs

What are SEO KPIs?

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SEO KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are metrics used to measure the success of an SEO campaign, such as domain authority, organic search rankings, page speed and performance, backlinks, keyword rankings, click-through rate (CTR) from SERPs, and more. By tracking these KPIs over time and making changes according to trends identified in data analysis, marketers can ensure their website appears higher up in SERPs than ever before—ultimately resulting in increased visibility and more organic traffic for their business or organization.

What benefits can be gained by tracking SEO KPIs?

tracking SEO KPIs

Tracking SEO KPIs provides several key benefits, including improved visibility through increased keyword rankings and backlinks, insights into competitors’ weaknesses, and optimization for higher traffic volumes through page speed and performance or optimizations for better click-through rates from SERPs. All these things work together to boost organic traffic and leads generated through SEO campaigns.

How can I track SEO KPIs?

track SEO KPIs

Various tools are available to help marketers track their SEO KPIs over time. These include Google Analytics for tracking organic visitors; Alexa for measuring website ranking; Ahrefs for monitoring backlinks; Moz’s Domain Authority Score for checking domain authority scores; Page Speed Insights for assessing web page loading speeds; MOZ Keyword Explorer or SEMrush’s Keyword Ranking Report to track keyword rankings; etc.

Where can I learn more about SEO KPIs?

learn SEO KPIs

Download our whitepaper for a comprehensive guide on 45 essential SEO KPIs marketers should monitor! It contains information about each metric, including how it works, why it is important, the target values, and the best practices when optimizing your website with those metrics in mind.

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