How Small Businesses can Increase Sales

Get to know your numbers? How many lists must you acquire or impressions must you make to engage someone? How many people must you engage to qualify a need? How many qualified opportunities must you cultivate to write a proposal? How many proposals must you write to close a sale? Is your sales forecast accuracy with +/- 10 percent? When I speak to a business owners or CEO, I ask them to walk me through their buying cycle and explain where the bottlenecks are. Many find this hard to do … [Read more...]

Pay-For-Performance Public Relations Meets Market Demand

Matrix Marketing Group Re-Defines Program to Eliminate Publicity Risks, Guarantee Results for Small to Mid-sized Businesses BURLINGTON, VT and DENVER, CO – August 5, 2014 – Matrix Marketing Group, LLC, a digital marketing and training firm, announced today the full roll-out of its new Pay-for-Performance Public Relations (PR) program designed for small to mid-sized businesses to reduce public relations risk from retainer-based public relations agencies. When CenterStone Technologies, a Denver … [Read more...]

Marketing Plan Audit

Matrix Marketing Group Launches Marketing Plan Audit to Increase Marketing Effectiveness and Sales Results for Small Businesses July 29, 2014—Matrix Marketing Group, LLC today announced its fourth generation Marketing Plan Audit in response to small businesses’ need to increase sales and control costs. A Small Business Marketing Plan Audit is a proven process to help small companies improve their effectiveness of marketing and sales support activities. The Small Business Marketing Plan Audit is … [Read more...]

Grow Your Business with Integrated Marketing Programs

Maximize your sales and marketing programs through tightly-integrated programs. When marketing efforts are not successful, many companies wonder why. They try to create  more activity such as distributing direct mail,  updating their Website, or attending a trade show, but are still left disappointed and frustrated with poor sales and under-used resources. Nevertheless why are sales down? Simply stated, marketing efforts must be more than a disconnected series of tasks. Effective marketing is … [Read more...]

Pay for Performance Public Relations Programs

It’s out there, but is it right for you? Shortly before his death, Edward Bernays, often called the father of Public Relations, said: “Public Relations cannot step boldly into the new century without first reevaluating what it is and where it is going.” Nineteen years later, “where it is going” seems increasingly clear: Charge clients only for Public Relations (PR) that produces results. A pay-for-performance based concept like this has been widely-recognized by a variety of industries looking … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Successfully Sell Using Social Media

Today, there's a lot of buzz about social media and social selling. But, it’s unclear what is meant by social selling. Can you really sell on social media? Social selling is a misnomer. And, let me tell you why. First, the answer, yes and no. It depends on your business model. Here at Matrix Marketing Group, we have two different business models. The first is a marketing agency where we offer a range of services. We might connect and engage with a potential client on social media, but as the … [Read more...]

This Week Track Your Links with

This Week: track your links with Do you or have you ever heard someone say that social media is hard to track and measure? Time out and go to the corner! It's easier to track social media activity now more than ever. Social media is easy to track IF you have the right tools and is one of the best, most powerful, and completely free tools out there.  Shorten, share and track your shortened URLs.  that packs some serious tracking power. allows you to track, in … [Read more...]

Facebook Training Video

In this part one of a 3 part series Facebook training video, I'm going to go through a step-by-step process on how to attract more Facebook fans on your Facebook Page. I’ll discuss Facebook marketing and how you can get more Facebook fans to generate more leads and sales for your business. Part two is about how to promote on Facebook to turn your fans into sales. And in Part three is it's all about selling on Facebook. I’ll show you how to create workflows, email marketing, creating sales and … [Read more...]

The tools that make up my business

Have you ever wondered exactly which tools we use to keep Matrix Marketing Group tuned and running day-to-day? Well wonder no more! I've leaked it all in this blog post all about our tools of the trade. When I started this business, I was really on my own. I had a few email addresses I had collected for a previous business, some social media profiles and a plan create a business that could scale. That was 11 years ago. Now I have more plans for the future for inbound and social media. So how … [Read more...]

The Five Broad Strokes of Social Media for the Local Business

Starting a business is not for the faint hearted. Here are some important statistics: 95% of small businesses will never reach even $1 million in annual sales. If you’ve done that, you are in the top 5% of small businesses and you are rare. Congratulations! The world is full of competition and needs getting ahead with strategic and effective marketing tools. With the advent of internet forums, website, blogs, and social networks, it is crucial to command a niche in the marketing world with a 5 … [Read more...]