5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Sales Funnel More Efficient

In today’s digital era of marketing, it’s easy to focus all your efforts on content, and neglect your marketing sales funnel. While content is crucial to any marketing campaign, it’s only part of the equation. When it comes to turning leads into customers and bringing in more revenue, optimizing your sales funnel is the key. The days of stuffing as many potential leads into the sales funnel as possible are long gone. With the technology available now, marketers have the ability to streamline … [Read more...]

How to Generate Marketing Leads Your Sales Team Loves

Generating leads is one of the biggest parts of a marketer’s job. In order to impact your company’s bottom line and really help out the sales team, you need qualified leads. These are potential customers who are seriously interested in your products or services - people who might one day actually become customers. How do you differentiate? When planning your marketing campaign, how can you be sure your strategy will generate qualified leads? We’ve compiled a few tips to get you started. Go … [Read more...]

Why My Career Path Would’ve Gone Smoother If I’d Outsourced Marketing

Part of the reason I joined Matrix Marketing Group, was because I was the client. I was in your shoes. I was stressed and overwhelmed 98% of the time. (The other 2% I found solace in a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc.)  I was the Marketing leader of companies that were always trying to do more with less. My teams were small and mighty, but despite the exceptional talent, we just didn’t have the bandwidth to do everything we needed to reach our aggressive goals. So, when I saw this business model … [Read more...]

Why Inbound Marketing Isn’t Enough for Most Small to Medium-Sized Companies

I just left HubSpot’s INBOUND conference and it was great to learn a few more tips on how to be a better marketing leader. And while I was surrounded by marketers drinking the “inbound marketing” Kool-Aid, I challenged myself to think, is inbound really enough? Does it provide enough support for small and medium sized companies that want to grow quickly and efficiently? And I came to the conclusion that it’s not enough. I look at inbound marketing as a foundation, rather than a single approach … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Fix Your Marketing and Sales Funnel

If your marketing and sales funnel has one or more of these issues, then your funnel could use some work: You’re not generating enough leads. Leads are stuck in a certain stage of the sales cycle. Marketing hates sales. Sales hates marketing. Your sales cycle is longer than it needs to be. You don’t have the data to tell what the hell is going on in your funnel. It is possible to create an efficient revenue architecture for your organization. Here are a few ideas for making … [Read more...]

The Biggest Problems With B2B Market Development

At executive staff meetings, CEOs are asking tough questions: Can we tie revenue generation back to branding efforts? We have to manage to costs, so should we cut marketing’s budget again? What are we getting for our marketing investment? Let's spend more on sales instead. What is marketing doing to help generate sales? It’s All About ROI As closed deals become fewer and smaller, sales cycles get longer, competition intensifies and then sales organizations have a tendency to … [Read more...]

The Role of the CMO has Changed.

I recently read this article that CMOs have a new role – “growth officer.” And it really resonated with me. Sure it’s been mentioned over the years, but now CMOs and marketing leaders are being held just as accountable for revenue growth as sales is. This Forbes article talks about this evolution, and that the CMOs that have a more “traditional” approach, are going to be left behind. I was lucky to have gotten involved in demand generation early in my marketing career, so I was immediately … [Read more...]

7 Signs You Should Consider Outsourcing Marketing Services

You understand the value of marketing and know that a good marketing team will help you significantly grow revenue. But there is a tipping point, and there are warning signs, when your current team needs support and you may need outside expertise. Here are a few signs that indicate you should consider outsourcing marketing: 1. You Question Whether You have the Right Technology in Place This is a pretty good indicator. Are the systems you’re using making your processes efficient and scalable? … [Read more...]

Building Customer Relations in the Digital Economy

Life is complicated, it's as simple as that. People are rushing to meetings, events, extracurricular activities for the kids, and barely making it home in time for a last-minute thrown together dinner. Pleasantries are a thing of the past. According to the bureau of labor statistics in 2014, roughly 50% of families had both parents employed in their household. Great, people are busy, but more importantly is how easy it is for them to access information in our digitized economy. The 2013 Census … [Read more...]

Managing the Customer Journey with Multiple Touchpoints

Customers interact with your company across many touch points throughout their journey. And while surveys gather data on customer satisfaction at these key touchpoints, they don’t always reveal the big picture.  When questioned, many customers will report satisfaction at specific touchpoints while reporting a lower overall satisfaction rating. To improve customer satisfaction, you need to focus on the overall journey, and not just the touchpoints themselves. The customer journey can include … [Read more...]