Marketing Best Practices for the High Tech Industry

When an industry is hot, so is the competition. Selling any type of technology or technology service to companies, can lead to a lot of success. However, you have to first figure out a way to be heard over the competition. There are many reasons that it is extra important to get your marketing right in the high tech industry. There is a lot of noise in this field, so it’s difficult to make your message stand out. There is a lot of competition, and it can sometimes be hard to … [Read more...]

Gone Digital: The New Brand Battleground

There is turbulence in the B2B marketing. Why? Are buyers really not 57% of the way through their journey before they speak with a vendor sales rep?  Are they really not sourcing 67% of their buying research online? Was this ever true?  If not, how can we believe the new insight that sales rep involvement now starts at the beginning of the journey two-thirds of the time? Digital media has changed the consumer process of evaluating and buying products and services. The buying cycle, … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Journey

In today’s marketing environment, nothing is static. And it’s clear that a lot of marketing, as we previously knew it, has drastically changed. Where we used to focus on the funnel, we are now having to reach our customers in places and in ways we never have before. As you plan your marketing strategy, you have to meet your potential customer on a journey that takes a lot of twists and turns. You have to be able to make the ride one they don’t want to get off and one they would recommend to … [Read more...]

Matrix Marketing Group Expands Client Services Team

Marketing Agency Adds Two Senior Executives to its Team Roster DENVER, CO –  Matrix Marketing Group, LLC, a leading provider of performance-based marketing services and technologies, today announced that it has hired Gem Swartz to head up its account management department as vice president of client services. Amanda Gregory joins the team as senior account director. Both Gem and Amanda bring senior account management and delivery expertise to the growing Matrix Marketing Group team in Denver, … [Read more...]

7 Signs You’ve Found Your Next Marketing Leader

When it comes to your marketing plan, a lot is riding on it being great. But if you want a great marketing program, you need to have someone great leading your marketing initiatives. How do you get that, though? What are the steps that you need to take to ensure that you hire the right person? There are many qualities you should look for when you are interviewing candidates. 7 Qualities to Look for in Your Next Marketing Leader Here are seven qualities you should see in a candidate before … [Read more...]

Matrix Marketing Group Wins KPM Exceptional Account

Regional Distributor of Outdoor Power Equipment Signs Up for Marketing Services DENVER, CO and LANDING, NJ –  Matrix Marketing Group, LLC, a leading provider of digital marketing, today announced that KPM Exceptional (KPM), a New Jersey-based distributor of outdoor power equipment, has signed an agreement with Matrix Marketing Group to provide marketing services, including strategy, content marketing, and marketing automation. “Matrix Marketing Group will be integral to taking our business … [Read more...]

Agency Billing: Hourly vs. Packaged

Weigh your options Many marketing agencies bill clients using an outdated method that rewards ineffectual behavior. Traditional billable hours are flawed; both the agency and the client suffer because of this substandard billing. Moving towards a progressive, flat fee billing method results in positive changes for the agency and its clients.  Conventional Agency Billing Conventionally, marketing agencies bill using an hourly rate. The rate varies based on which of the agency's employees is … [Read more...]

17 Sales Development Stats for Sales Reps

U.S. “Switching Economy” Puts Up To $1.3 Trillion of Revenue Up for Grabs for Companies Offering Superior Customer Experiences, Accenture Research Finds. Sales people of all types have their jobs cut out for them. Outbound marketing is shifting to inbound marketing or interruption marketing vs. permission marketing. Response rates are dropping, sales are becoming more complex, and as a result it’s getting more and more difficult to break through to the right person. And the buyer journey is … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Accelerate Sales

Making sales happen is the hallmark of success. Making them happen even faster is not only successful, but smart. So what can you do to accelerate sales faster? Take note and make smart choices. 1. Concentrate on strongest personas Buyer personas are what the old-school marketers would have called a target audience. With personas, you're zeroing in on one or more typical buyers. You may have some personas that will make a small order fairly quickly. You could have one that analyzes and … [Read more...]

5 Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Marketing ROI

Ah, the all-powerful Return on Investment measurement. ROI is ensuring that the dollars you're spending are bringing in more than what went out. It's also being sure that if your dollars are not delivering value, you stop and reallocate quickly. How much ROI is a matter of debate and depends on the business, but ROI should almost always be in the positive territory. 1. Do understand what ROI means in terms of marketing. With metrics that measure audience engagement, brand awareness, social … [Read more...]