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Considering A New CRM Platform? Demystify The Process With Our 2022 CRM Buyer’s Guide.

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Making Sales and Marketing More Human.

What if your marketing was as efficient and effective? With the HubSpot platform, you could drive more leads that convert into sales. Not only will it help increase ROI for optimal results but also save time in inefficient sales and marketing operations!

HubSpot Sales Hub

Sales Hub is a CRM and marketing automation platform designed specifically for companies within the sales professional’s world.

Sales professionals’ lives are varied – high-performing ones take on an average of about 15 roles each day. They’re networkers, deal finders, risk managers, and relationship builders all at once. If you don’t make Salespeople your focus at work you’ll miss out on better opportunities to grow your business.

Sales Hub by HubSpot makes it easy to close more deals with Revenue tools that help increase pipeline velocity, simplify customer relationships management (CRM), and aid data-driven prospecting with powerful predictive insights built-in.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a platform developed by HubSpot, which helps companies generate leads, grow sales and stay organized.

HubSpot’s marketing tools help companies to do everything from blogging and social media to email marketing and landing pages.

Platforms like these are undeniably convenient—especially for business owners who want to focus on what they’re best at but still need fantastic digital marketing support.

I recommend exploring the countless time-saving features of HubSpot Marketing Hub before making your decision.

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is an all-in-one Businesses communications platform for a fraction of the price.

The need for more affordable communication solutions tailored to businesses’ needs was in full swing, and we were determined to find it.

We took a look at what we could do better, but beyond that—we set out on a soulful quest to understand the things our customers want most from their marketing workflow experience.

With HubSpot Service Hub, you can always stop holding your team for better customer service.

HubSpot CMS Hub

The HubSpot CMS Hub is a content management service that includes visual engagement tools, intelligent publishing capability, built-in SEO features, and an intuitive user experience.

The result? Your team has everything they need to manage your site without any developer or training required.

HubSpot Operations Hub

With the launch of Operations Hub, a new member of the family-HubSpot heels included! It’s not often that they release an entirely separate platform and functionality. However; this time around feels different because what was introduced in May 2021 brings something completely unique: namely – the enhanced ability for business owners/managers across all departments (including sales) to work more efficiently together through better communication tools which will hopefully lead to higher profits.

HubSpot Implementation

Onboarding a new employee onto HubSpot is easy with tons of resources, including an onboarding guide that will walk you through the process.

Most HubSpot implementation partners are trying to sell you services you may not need.

Matrix Marketing Group will listen to what you are trying to do, understand your needs and requirements, perform an IT audit, and recommend a roadmap forward.

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