Trade Show Guide

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Explore our trade show checklist template (excel), trade show checklist pdf, or the sample planning for trade fairs and exhibitions ppt.

Tradeshow Marketing – Making a Success of Your Company’s Trade Show Opportunities

Trade show marketing may be a great fit for your marketing and sales activities. Good execution is even more critical in trade shows

We have spent millions on trade shows over the years. And if you don’t do it right it can cost you money and creditability with your sales team quickly.

Use these pre-trade show marketing ideas before the trade show to ensure quality booth traffic for more sales leads.

Trade show marketing ideas can help any small business owner or marketer. The promotional activities you execute before the show date are almost as important as marketing activities are done during the show.

These pre-trade show marketing ideas and the trade show marketing plan must be started well before the show (about 8 to 12 weeks).

Trade Show Booth Design – How to Attract Qualified Visitors

Your trade show booth design is the marketing element that performs the first, most important job of attracting the attention of show visitors.

Your trade show booth design is part of your image, your brand. It’s like your website.

Trade Show Logistics: Learn How to Reduce the Headaches

Trade show logistics includes shipping, booth utilities, booth setup and breakdown, and other important details and called trade show execution.

Once you’ve developed and produced your trade show booth, and all the other associated materials needed for the trade show, your job is only half-finished.

It’s likely you’ll also be handling all the important event logistics-related details involved with your company’s trade show project.

Trade Show Giveaways and Your Trade Show Booth

Trade show giveaways and selecting your trade show booth location and size matter.

What are trade show giveaways?

Think beyond pens, we’ve compiled all of our best trade show giveaways to leave a lasting impression at your next show.

Turn Your Tradeshows in Revenue Machines

To survive in the age of the customer, you must use marketing technology to create a connected digital experience while driving operational efficiency.

See how businesses like yours are producing results from tradeshows with SharpSpring.

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