Sales and Marketing Efficiency Model

Marketing and Sales Efficiency Model

Sales Hit the Plateau of Productivity?

Learn how our Marketing and Sales Efficiency Model Boost Productivity.

The model helps you examine four business scenarios that can help you improve your business performance. For example, increase the size of your sales force, increase your sales organization’s close rate, decrease your sales cycle time, or increase your average order size. By entering historical and assumptive data, you can determine the impact of each of these investment decisions on your top-line revenue and bottom-line performance.

For example, a 10% decrease in your sales force and a 10% improvement in your average order size could increase your top-line revenue by 7% but increase your operating margin by almost 600%. And this tool helps you identify the challenges to overcome and succeed in each business scenario. It provides a better framework to assess current and future sales and marketing investments. Use your data.

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