SEO Case Study

In a crowded coffee market, this new local coffee shop and third-wave coffee roaster wanted more visibility,†foot traffic,†and sales. Matrix Marketing Group increased its†organic†website traffic by 564% within 3-months using on-page and off-page SEO.†


Promoting in the Coffee Niche (online and store)

This third-wave†roasting coffee shop offers its customers freshly roasted coffee at the shop and online.†There has never been a better time to buy great coffee.

The shelves at cafes and food shops are overrun with beautifully designed bags of single-origin beans from small-batch roasters. There’s just one problem.

With amazing coffee exploding out of every market from Burlington,†Vermont to Denver, Colorado, it can be hard to narrow down which beans to buy and brew.

Through SEO and content marketing, we focused on the consumer profile, persona, and did an SEO audit on their†website. The website had some authority and was ranked within the top 2-4 pages with only branded keywords and anchor text.

Our SEO team started the project with an SEO†audit which told us that the website had not been tuned for on-page SEO.

Then we created a competitive gaps analysis for the keywords of their top 5 competitors. We cleaned up all the on-page SEO first. Then we moved on to guest post writing and link building. That’s when things started to take-off.



On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Backlinking Strategy
Content Development and Writing



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