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This conversation aims to determine how you may become a Matrix partner. We look forward to understanding your qualifications further. Or if it’s urgent, call us at 303-351-1645.

About the Partner Program

I’m sure by now you know what we do. If not, you are in the wrong place. Go back to the website and prepare.

A generous 10% commission is given for all deals over $10,000 that close. Most of our deals are about $200,000 multi-year deals.

We love our partners, and they have grown into mutually beneficial ventures over the past 20 years. They have become part of the family and contribute enormously, and we thank them for that.

global partner program

Marketing Technology

$500 per sale for annual contracts for the Microsoft and HubSpot sales.

Payments Terms:

The commission is paid on the 10th of each month.

sales funnel management hubspot
reduce sales cycles

Data-Driven & Customer-Driven Experiences

Matrix Marketing Group offers a suite of services that helps businesses scale their revenue operations.

The decisions your company makes can shape customer behavior and your profit. That’s why providing an excellent customer experience is important at every turn in the customer journey.

With Matrix by your side, you’ll be able to use and scale data-driven methods with CRM software from HubSpot implementation.