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To deliver on the promise of technology and human innovation.

Our Consulting Professional Services Firm is Here to Serve the Midmarket with HubSpot

We deliver on the promise of technology and human innovation.

Since 2002, MATRIX Marketing Group’s digital marketing services have been helping startups and small companies grow and scale their business by reducing marketing waste and improving marketing return on investment. Matrix enters into a new stage of its business cycle.

We provide high-value services in business process engineering, assessment, business consulting, sales & marketing system design, alpha and beta testing, and production-ready revenue platforms the marketing and inbound agencies can’t deliver. Our value is long before you need a marketing agency unless you want tactical people and advice. That’s not us.

The market is full of inbound marketing agencies which have arrived at marketing temporary agencies. They do not serve the middle market. Sure they may have a few midmarket clients, but it’s a different world and needs they are not ready to handle.

Growing your sales has never been easier with Matrix. Matrix Marketing Group is a professional services company with services in strategy, digital, people capital, and technology capabilities

We solve our clients’ toughest challenges by providing unmatched services in strategy, digital, technology, and operations for the front office in the midmarket.

Matrix specializes in unlocking value across the customer value chain for high-growth middle-market businesses in business services, financial, hospitality, private equity, software, manufacturing, logistics, and technology businesses. 

We bring together professional expertise paired with HubSpot technology to help you reach your marketing and sales revenue goals. We go beyond your typical inbound marketing.

Matrix Marketing Group is a professional services company solving complex problems in the SME market. We help companies to improve their sales and marketing performance through our consulting, training, HubSpot technology, and outsourcing solutions.

As a full-service professional services company for e-commerce, manufacturing, financial services, business services, food & beverages, private equity, medical, technology, software, travel, and hospitality companies. Our marketing services are proven and more affordable than a digital marketing agency in New York City.

Here are the challenges our clients typically face:

  • Lack of Leads
  • Poor Visibility
  • Poor Sales Conversions
  • Lack of Time
  • Lack of Marketing and Sales Integration
  • Poor Marketing Return-on-Investment
  • Connecting with the Customers
  • Increasingly perceived as a commodity in difficulty differentiating offerings
  • High cost per lead and lack of quality leads to fill the sales pipeline
  • Limited use of marketing content by selling organizations
  • Are your close rates too low to meet revenue targets?
  • Productivity loss from chasing unqualified opportunities
  • Steep discounts to win in competitive situations
  • Lengthy sales cycles ending in no-decision
  • Wide swings in forecast accuracy

The value is locked up in your sales, marketing, and customer services. We can integrate your sales, marketing, and customer support to drive growth while increasing revenue. There is the strategy gateway: processes, people, and technology. And the supporting systems and revenue programs to drive profitable growth.


revenue plan sales strategy

Did you answer yes to one or more of these questions? Call us if you would like some advice or explore our website to learn how we might help.

Matrix Marketing Group, a digital marketing company, is a US-based company and has what you’re looking for, whether an interim CMO, a marketing project, to a full-service outsourced marketing partner.

We provide a full array of professional services, including consulting, HubSpot implementation, onboarding, customer service consulting, operational consulting, SEO, content marketing, social media, PPC advertising, website design, and development. These digital marketing services are paired with customer relationship management and marketing automation platforms.

Here are a typical client sales funnel. There are industry benchmarks for marketing funnel conversions. But it is your real-time data that we use to optimize your marketing and sales funnel. With a customer data-driven model, it is hard not to improve.

Since 2002, MATRIX Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency in Denver, Coloradoand a digital marketing agency in Burlington, Vermont, provided consulting services to help mid-market and enterprise businesses grow and scale. We have been helping grow companies like Applied Research Technology, TrackVia, New Belgium Brewing, Oildex, Oniqua, NOFA, Vertek, CenterStone Technologies, Denver University, and more.

Grow your audience and build a profitable business. And who couldn’t use more sales?

Denver Digital Marketing Agency – About Us

Our mission is to propel growth for midsized businesses through proven digital transformation.


We focus not only on our clients’ growth but on our internal growth as well. Matrix professionals live and breathe the latest marketing trends and technologies every day. We work together to push ourselves to achieve greater successes constantly.

Our holistic marketing approach allows us to match your best customers with your products, It goes deeper than simply guessing what might work and is supported by real-time data.

Trust and Transparency

We believe successful partnerships are built on trust and transparency. It starts with following through on every promise we make. We don’t just assume – we analyze to ensure we’re always making the best decisions for our clients and all stakeholders.

We are committed to delivering the highest level of service to our clients.  Our success is entirely dependent upon our client’s total satisfaction.  We strive to provide 100% client satisfaction.


Logic and creativity. Work and play. Successful marketing isn’t just about creating a catchy campaign. It’s about producing practical results too. We incorporate a balance of function and form into everything we produce for our clients while ensuring balance for our teams through work-life flexibility that keeps burnout.


Matrix is not just another marketing vendor. We’re your guide, a marketing partner to help you through the evolving digital marketing landscape. We’re here to help startups and small businesses learn how to use digital marketing programs to deliver more revenue, better ROI, and increased profitability.

Digital Professional Services Company for Explosive Growth

If your marketing doesn’t motivate people to sit up, take notice, and do something. It’s not working hard enough.

Our Company and Marketing Operations

Matrix Marketing Group uses insights, storytelling, content, and technology to create lasting alignment and active connections between people, products, and companies. Full-service digital marketing agencies are changing into hybrids of creativity and science.

Our Focus.

We specialize in digital marketing, emphasizing driving improved business results. Using our marketing expertise to help our clients is our passion, and it’s all we do.

Digital marketing is changing, but the fundamentals of marketing do not. If you want to get your brand in front of people, we can help. They can enjoy, or solve a complex problem.

Our Solutions.

Customized marketing strategies and programs solve each client’s particular business problems. Our holistic approach, so we understand how to pair sales, marketing, and customer service strategies paired with HubSpot technology.

Our Expertise.

MATRIX solves real-world business problems across industries, business types, and geographic boundaries. Since 2002, we’ve experienced the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape.

Our People.

At Matrix Marketing Group, we assemble and manage high-performing teams of digital experts around your brand.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

With global reach, we have people distributed throughout the world to support our clients with localization with global reach.

Our Insights.

Innovative research techniques yield unique customer insights, so your strategies and actionable programs are grounded in data and facts – not mere gut feel.

Our Technology.

Collect, connect, and activate customer data in real-time with MATRIX. We built HubSpot industry models as the most comprehensive and affordable sales and marketing automation platform.

Our Business Partners

Providing a Holistic Marketing Approach with a Integrated Marketing Projects

General FAQs About Digital Marketing Agencies

Integrated Digital Marketing with Average ROI of 475%

What is a digital marketing agency?

social media services

A digital marketing agency (digital marketing company) is typically an extension of your team to build marketing campaigns and sustain growth using digital marketing strategies. Matrix Marketing Group is an example of a top digital marketing agency.

Why hire a digital marketing agency?

Even the sharpest marketing teams sometimes don’t have the bandwidth to take on digital marketing. Like Matrix Marketing Group, digital marketing agencies help businesses by creating integrated digital strategies and optimizing their brand through paid search, display advertising, SEO, content creation, social media, and website design. The reasons to consider hiring a digital marketing agency are to outsource all of their digital marketing, while others might just be looking to expand their in-house team. No matter why the digital landscape is in such a constant state, you will need to partner with a digital marketing agency to keep you ahead of the curve.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

digital marketing agency reaches customers online through omnichannel marketing, multichannel marketing, or single-channel marketingDigital marketing agencies, like Matrix Marketing Group, evaluate your website traffic, determine the best online platforms to invest in, and continually maintain the balance between your marketing activities and the results they provide. Working with a digital marketing agency means more leads converting to customers.

What services do digital marketing agencies offer?

Full-service digital marketing agencies (like Matrix Marketing Group) offer the following services:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
PPC Management.
Online Advertising.
Email Marketing.
Content Marketing.
Social Media Marketing.
Social Media Advertising.
Website Design and Web Redesign.

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