Digital Marketing Pricing Packages.

Grow better with the right marketing plan.

Our pricing is developed into several categories to match and align our professional services and technology with your needs.

  • With over 22 years in business driving results for our clients.
  • Centuries of client experience in 7 core industries.
  • Matrix provides our clients with long-term programs for sustainable growth.
one time project consulting

One-Time Projects (Project-based Pricing)

Still trying to decide whether to commit to ongoing services? Why wait? You deserve the best marketing foundation possible.

Marketing projects are designed to do one of the following:

Marketing and Business Consulting ($1,000+)

Improve your marketing strategy, technology, and story from professionals who deliver results.

Regular or ad-hoc consulting is available.

While the majority of Matrix Marketing Group clients are long-term, campaign-based engagements, our senior consultants are available to take on limited, high-priority projects in the areas of:

business consulting

Customized Marketing Services

Your business is unique. Each service is designed entirely around your challenges and goals. Our services typically range from $3,500 to 18,000 per month, depending on growth goals and needs. Each scope is built custom to your needs, and below are sample packages.

Starter – $5,000/mo.

Entry-level services package designed for conservative growth.

Entry-level packaged for conservative growth
Technology infrastructure audit.

** Professional – $8,000/mo. **


Great for basic overall marketing consulting and support or special services. Good for demand generation campaigns.

Customized marketing plan.
Technology infrastructure audit.
Campaign management.
Metrics and Scorecards.

Enterprise – $14,500/mo.

Drive growth with marketing consulting and services designed to generate demand. Aggressive sales growth paths to accelerate sales.

Customized marketing plan
Technology infrastructure audit
Campaign management
Metrics and Scorecards
Weekly updates
Media monitoring

Get My Custom Quote

Every business is unique. You need a customized marketing package to reach your sales and business objectives. And it all starts here.

Maximize the Power of HubSpot.

HubSpot is a platform that helps you connect with your customers and grow. Our services enable all aspects of the business – from product management to marketing strategy- so it’s always in line with what works best for you!

HubSpot Implementation Services

hubspot service hub

Service Hub Enterprise

You’ve made a HubSpot Service Hub investment, and Matrix will ensure that it is tuned and working for your business objectives.

hubspot sales hub crm

Sales Hub Enterprise

You’ve made a HubSpot Sales Hub investment, and Matrix will ensure that it is optimized to increase sales productivity and your goals.

hubspot marketing hub

Marketing Hub Enterprise

You’ve made a HubSpot Service Hub investment, and Matrix will ensure that it is tuned and working for your business objectives.

Matrix Marketing Group’s Pricing Point System: A Market Research Analyst’s Take

As a market research analyst, I’ve delved into Matrix Marketing Group’s (MMG) pricing strategies, and here’s what I’ve unearthed:

MMG’s core principle relies on dynamic pricing, not fixed costs. This means prices fluctuate based on various factors, making it challenging to pinpoint a singular pricing point system. However, I can shed light on the key elements impacting their pricing:

  • Product Tiering: MMG offers a range of products or services within different tiers, each with its price range. These tiers could be based on complexity, features, target audience, or other differentiators. For instance, a basic SEO package might be considerably cheaper than a comprehensive brand management campaign.
  • Project Scope and Customization: Pricing adapts to the project’s scope and level of customization. A simple website analysis will cost less than a complete multi-channel marketing campaign with ongoing optimization. MMG likely assesses the time, resources, and expertise required for each project, factoring these into the final price.
  • Market Dynamics and Competitiveness: MMG operates within a competitive market, and its pricing reflects this reality. They likely analyze competitor offerings, industry trends, and economic factors to ensure their prices remain competitive while maintaining profitability.
  • Client-Specific Factors: MMG might tailor pricing based on the client’s size, budget, and existing relationship. Large corporations or repeat clients could secure better deals than smaller businesses or one-time projects.
  • Performance-Based Incentives: In some cases, MMG might offer performance-based pricing elements. This could involve tying fees to achieving specific results, such as increased website traffic, improved conversion rates, or higher search engine rankings.

Overall, MMG’s pricing point system is dynamic and adaptable. While it lacks a fixed or simple structure, it offers flexibility and caters to diverse client needs and project complexities. Their approach allows them to remain competitive, attract various clients, and potentially secure higher margins for complex projects.

However, the lack of transparency can be a drawback for some clients. It can be challenging to understand the specific factors influencing their pricing and how project elements impact final costs. To address this, MMG could provide more detailed breakdowns or offer customizable quote generators for greater transparency and client confidence.

Remember, the absence of a fixed price point doesn’t necessarily imply arbitrariness. By understanding the underlying factors and seeking detailed quotes, potential clients can make informed decisions about whether MMG’s services align with their budget and expectations.

General FAQs about Digital Marketing Pricing Packages

What are Digital Marketing Pricing Packages?

Digital marketing pricing varies, but the average cost is $3500 – $18,000 per month, $150 – $500 per hour, and $1000 to $9500 per project.

What is Digital Marketing, and How Much Does It Cost?

Digital marketing services are typically billed in one or more of three ways: hourly rates, project-specific prices, and monthly retainers. Most businesses will pay between $90 to $250 for hourly services or $3,500 to $10,000/month per project.

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has become a popular form of advertising. This has a lot to do with how times have changed, but there are also a lot of benefits. Some benefits include: (1) It’s the most powerful form of marketing, (2) It is the most measurable form of marketing, (3) Digital marketing can target your ideal audience easier, (4) Most people begin their buyer’s journey online, (5) You can easily and quickly adapt your strategy for the best results, and (6) It is the most cost-effective way to market a business.

What is an example of pricing for a digital marketing program?

Examples of pricing for Internet Marketing services that will give you an idea of how much you will pay for your purchase. Local SEO services cost between $1,500 – $4,000 per month. Local search includes businesses like solar dealers and installers, construction, contractors, plumbers, car dealerships, lawn and garden, and real estate firms. Companies attempting to rank nationally for competitive search terms like “construction projects” or “solar dealers” will invest from $6,000 to $18,000 per month. Paid search management (a/k/a pay-per-click, sponsored ads, PPC) will cost between 15% – 25% of your monthly spend or a minimum of $1500 if spending is minimal.

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