Using YouTube Live with your content marketing strategy can boost sales leads.

With the New Year starting, it is now becoming mandatory to re-evaluate your digital marketing strategy to determine its efficiency, and whether you should implement some changes or not.

One thing is for sure, though in 2021, content marketing is bound to become even more important than it was. On top of that, the creation and distribution of content marketing are expected to go through several changes.

In this respect, we anticipate that YouTube Live comes with numerous real-time opportunities like live events that stream live, regular videos, live feeds, live broadcasts, and live video streams.

Additionally, irrespective of the type of business you run, YouTube Live could help you optimize your revenue so that you can reach the target audience and reap results.

With that said, here are the reasons that we found to be most convincing when it comes to incorporating YouTube Live as a content marketing strategy for 2021.

YouTube Live Gets More Views in Comparison with Other Platforms

First of all, perhaps one of the most convincing aspects is the significant amount of YouTube users.

It seems that most people have abandoned traditional TV. In exchange, YouTube has emerged as a decent substitute, bringing the content that matches the interests and inclinations of the viewer.

YouTube is definitely a platform that seems to be a winner in this view. According to statistics, the number of YouTube monthly viewers is 149 million. It seems that only Facebook (and Facebook Live) outnumbers the figure of active users, as you can see in the graph below.

YouTube monthly viewers
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The postmodern world is changing at a fast pace: this is seen not only in the rise of content marketing and new strategies and approaches but also in providing essay writing services like essaypro. It seems that more and more students opt for professional assistance. It seems that more and more students opt for professional assistance. This could be because of the fast-paced lifestyle they lead, among other things.

YouTube Users Have a Different Mindset

Moving on, let’s focus our attention on the mindset of YouTube users, shall we YouTube users have a lot in common with TV users. So, the main thing they have in common is the sense of immediacy and excitement that is associated with live content.

In other words, live content is raw, unedited and direct in comparison with other forms of video that go through several stages of alteration.

To top things, it appears that the people who watch live streams also engage in other activities as well. To that end, live streaming facilitates the possibility of multi-tasking. Thus, if you’re eager to incorporate this strategy into your marketing approach, focus on outlining the sense of excitement, urgency, and rawness.

Live streaming is anticipated to become a $70-billion industry by 2021.

Authenticity Is Highly Valued on YouTube

The aspect of authenticity is related to the elements we discussed in the previous point. One of the reasons why live streaming is highly appreciated is its authenticity. Live videos aren’t edited; they are just as they are; which is what makes them so appealing to the audience.

At the same time, live streams are pretty much the same thing with transparency, which can further lead to the development of deeper connections with brand enthusiasts.

You might consider using live streaming for providing a behind-the-scenes type of content. This appeals to most customers and picks their interest. We could say that it helps you optimize brand awareness. This should be one of your main priorities for 2019.

youtube live marketing
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Multi-Channel Activity

Why is it so important to engage with your audience on more than one social media platform? For one thing, you should make a priority out of engaging with your followers, regardless of the platform. By creating a strong bond with your audience, people will be more inclined to follow your content on other platforms as well, this includes YouTube Live streams.

Posting frequently is a strategy that works for most businesses. Frequently means posting several times per week at the very least. This indicates that you are committed to interacting with your audience. At the same time, it is just as important to create a personal connection, which is why using your own voice is mandatory. Of course, you should avoid spamming your audience, as this will only make them hit the unfollow button.

Optimize Your Revenue

Furthermore, if you succeed in growing your follower base, then your YouTube account might become a source of revenue. How is that possible?

Basically, enabling ads on YouTube is a way of earning money, depending on the number of views you get. And while this won’t be your main source of revenue, the extra money is definitely a nice addition.

Your content marketing strategy is a critical part of your marketing plan.

Learn how to create a content marketing strategy from start to finish.

Your content marketing strategy is a critical part of your marketing plan.
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If you’re not convinced yet, then you should know that live streaming is booming. Moreover, it has the highest potential of reaching out to new customers through the click of a button.

Still, other tactics such as search engine optimization might take up too much time and resources. But live streaming offers so many opportunities at a relatively low cost nearly free, might we add.

Once again, we will turn to official statistics. Back in 2016, the live streaming business was worth $30 billion. According to projections, by the year 2021, it is anticipated to become a $70-billion industry. This merely points out that live streaming is growing, and it is growing at an incredible rate, which means you have to embrace this tactic as well.

Having that in mind, one more compelling piece of information is that people of all ages create and watch live streams, which further outlines the popularity, as well as the potential of this content marketing strategy.

live streaming
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Live Streaming to Optimize Active Engagement

If people would analyze the way in which content marketing has evolved over the last couple of years, then we could draw a conclusion: the use of standard video has become more and more popular. Not only that people watch videos on their tablets or smartphones, but this form of content is taking over on all kinds of devices.

And, in comparison with other forms of video content, live streaming seems to be expanding at an unforeseen rate. In order to understand why you should use this approach for your business growth, it is essential to see why people choose this content form in favor of others.

It appears that people prefer live-streaming for the same reasons they watch television. Online viewers experience a sense of immediacy, excitement, and connection. It allows them to be updated on what interests them, to be informed, involved and, on top of that, connected with the world.

On a different note, live streaming provides many opportunities because it allows the consumer to actually interact with your brand. In the postmodern era in which we live, live streaming represents the newest form of digital communication and content consumption. It offers your company the chance to optimize its growth and reach to a bigger audience.

To that end, if you want to have a strong brand presence, using YouTube Live will help you accomplish this.

SaaS Marketing Case Study

TrackVia also saw the potential inbound marketing offered to attract visitors, convert leads, and close more deals.

Final Thoughts

On a final note, before going live, it is essential to define your audience and see what it expects of you. After answering this, you must find the best way to connect with your audience and embrace consistency, authenticity, and rawness.

Note that live streaming isn’t about perfect content; it is, first of all, about being an actual human, authentic and real. At the same time, you shouldn’t overproduce this form of content, so that the audience doesn’t think of the content as being spammy.

So, are you convinced to try YouTube Live streaming in 2021? Hopefully, our article has managed to answer your questions and convince you because, frankly, this approach comes with many opportunities worth grasping. Your business can be going places in 2019 granted that you use the right content marketing strategies.

We’re listening.

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Jilian Woods is a freelance journalist and a contributing writer having more than two years of writing experience. As a writer, she sees her purpose in producing and sharing relevant content with people who are willing to expand their knowledge base and learn something new for themselves. Apart from her day job, you may find Jilian engaged in volunteering or doing yoga. Get in touch with Jilian on Facebook.


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