Video marketing is hot and paired with social media can help small businesses gain traction quickly.

The startup is on a tight budget and video marketing campaigns can be a great way to help with web traffic, engagement, and more leads.

Throughout the years, social media has gone through various changes for content.

We’ve moved on from status messages, photos with captions, and now we’re at the peak of video sharing. Gone are the days when photos were the best thing to share online. 

Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a certain product ended up buying the product. Click To Tweet

The ubiquity of video is significant today. A well-crafted video marketing campaign can boost sales leads quickly. There’s a high probability when you open your Facebook or Instagram feed, the first post you see is a video. 

Whether it’s a short clip or a lengthy tutorial, videos are garnering views on every social media platform and brands are investing more and more in this content. So what’s the deal? Why does it seem like video taking over the Internet?

Why Video?


You”ve probably heard that video is the future of marketing often but aren”t sure why.

Well, we’re here to discuss and fill you in about why they”re great for your marketing strategy and why you should be implementing them in your content planning.

Visual Learners and Video Marketing Campaign

When learning a new subject, would you choose a plain text article or an engaging video? When Wyzowl asked this question to its consumers, 68% of them answered short videos.


This shows we?re all visual beings and we thrive when we learn with visual aid compared to blocks of text or audio alone. 

According to Hubspot, 97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products. Consumers love video because it’s easy to digest, entertains its viewers, and is engaging. 

Impressive Conversion Rates

Videos can bring in a lot of profit. Having a product video on your site can increase your conversions by 80%.

Videos are also great for bringing in sales. Studies have shown that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a certain product ended up buying the product.

The effectiveness of a video isn’t that all surprising because of its visual elements. Most of the information being transmitted to our brains is visual so videos bound to leave a lasting impression on its viewers.

High Shareability

The share button on social platforms isn’t there for just decoration. It’s a way for platforms to encourage their users to share video content. 76% of users said they’d share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining enough.

Nowadays, social media platforms encourage video content. Instagram allows video sharing of 60-second videos, Instagram Stories, and their newest addition? IGTV in which accounts can share long-form video content.

Explainer Videos

why a explainer video

If you’re looking to increase your online presence with a video, a great start is having an animated explainer video. This works well, if you have a brand or if you’re looking to sell products or services.

Self Explanatory with Video

Cat got your tongue? Want to explain a complex concept but confused about how to do it? Try animated explainer videos. 

Explainer videos are great at what they do which is explaining. They help educate people about your brand’s product and can be used together with instructions, customer service activities, and many more. 

98% of people have voluntarily clicked on and watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

This shows that explainer videos are great at conveying information. As a result, 45% of businesses have opted to put an explainer video on their home page and 83% of those businesses claimed that the video was effective.

Top Ranks on Google

Did you know videos can keep your viewers on your site for longer? An engaging video will keep them watching and this is great for your site since longer exposure builds trust and tells search engines that your site has good content. 

Moovly says that you are 53 times more likely to show up on top of Google if you have a video embedded on your site. 

Ever since Google bought Youtube, it’s essential you have videos in your content to ensure a top spot on the search engine giant. However, don’t forget to optimize your videos for Youtube’s SEO.

Optimizing your videos SEO can be done by writing interesting titles and descriptions, adding links back to your site, products, and services which can lead customers to your site, increasing more traffic.

Cost-Effective and Video Marketing Campaign

Having a high bounce rate may mean that your SEO efforts aren’t worth it. This can occur when you have people clicking on your ad but not staying on your site which makes your investment in ads a waste of money.

People will leave your site when there isn’t anything interesting to make them stay. If it leads to a block of text or an ad that tells them to buy your product or service, they’ll probably close your page.

45% of businesses have opted to put an explainer video on their home page and 83% of those businesses claimed that the video was effective. Click To Tweet

With videos, your audience is bound to stay longer since they’ll be enamored with motion, graphics, and audio. A video is a great engagement tool and a worthwhile investment.

This will reduce your bounce rates, increase visit times, and interaction on your site. Adding a video on your landing page won’t cost you extra dollars, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t give this cost-effective method a try.

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Solid Branding

Today, a great brand means they’re trustworthy. For building a solid brand, earn your customer’s trust since that’s the foundation of conversion and sales. A brand that’s too salesy can come across as off-putting and lose potential customers.

So, how can you sell something without selling it? You let people come to you by providing interesting and valuable information. A video can build trust. It engages its viewers and sparks its emotions, bringing the audience closer to the brand. 

Some customers have second thoughts about buying products online because they’re scared of fraud. With informative explainer videos, you can create a sense of security since 57% of consumers mention that videos gave them more confidence to purchase online.

Significant ROI

Explainer videos may seem pricey but compared to ads, it’s not a hefty cost to pay for. In fact, it’s a smaller cost with a better return on investment. According to studies, videos today generate three times as many monthly visitors to a website as plain text posts.

We’re not saying a video is cheap. It’s a big investment but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are a lot of options you can opt for such as using online tools to produce your own video or find an agency with the ideal rates.

High Recall Rates

Videos are great at helping people keep information longer. Around 80% of viewers can recall a video ad they saw in the past 30 days and out of those people, 12% make a final purchase. 

Videos can tell a story compellingly. With added animation and sound, your audience will connect and engage better than with any content. They’ll remember what they say. 

Other than being engaging content for audiences, videos can ignite a person’s emotions and when combined with a person’s memories, it can create a unique bond with your brand.

What’s Next with a Video Marketing Campaign

So, you’re sold on explainer videos but now you don’t know where to begin. Don’t fret just yet, we got some tips just for you to help you out. Whether you’re ready to splurge or you’re tight on budget, these 5 tips will come in handy.

Have A Target Market

Do you know who your target audience is? If you do, then it’s a great start to your video marketing campaign. However, for those who are still figuring it out, having a target audience is important.

Your audience dictates what content you put out into the world since they’re the ones consuming it. So, it’s only logical to create content it will interest your audience in.

Take action in getting to know your audience in-depth to help meet their needs. You can start by identifying your target audience which can be done in several ways.

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The first step is to define what you’re showing. This can be in the form of a product or service that your brand offers. You need to explain why the product or service exists, what problems it solves, and how it’s different from the competition.

The best way to do this is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Also, looking for a target audience doesn’t mean forgetting your existing customers. 

The next step is to analyze your competitors. Try to do a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat)  analysis and figure out what you need to improve or what you can emphasize. A great self-examination can do wonders as long as you’re open to new ideas.

Keyword Research

After identifying your target audience, it’s time for keyword research. You might think. Why do I need to do keyword research if I’m publishing a video?. Well, keywords are useful when it comes to a successful video marketing campaign.

Keyword research is important but it’s losing steam to video. Sure don’t ignore it. Let’s see what Matrix Marketing Groups’s been up to with its SEO strategies.

Now, look a the keyword or in this case keywords. These are long-tail keywords you need to think about with your video campaigns.

Knowing the right keywords can help you create ideal content for your audience. So, how can you do this? 

There are many ways but one way that’s easy is to go to Youtube’s search bar. When you type something in, a drop-down of suggestions will appear. These are YouTube’s popular searches and can a guide when you’re making content.

So, brainstorm and come up with a bunch of keywords from Youtube’s suggestions and see what you can create for your audience. When you’ve decided on the right keywords, you can build your content from there and try to emphasize them.

A Strong Script

product videos explainer video

Just because a video is made of images and sound, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the words. 

Invest in a decent script and concept prior to creating an actual video. We can’t stress enough the importance of this because there have been many videos that are appealing and hit the mark in every way possible but lack a good script.

This can be caused by emotionless content and an overall boring video. So, don’t fall into that trap and craft a compelling script as soon as you can. Avoid boring monologues and opt for a conversational tone, your audience is human.

Get Help with Tools

writing tools

You have your audience and your script in hand. The next thing to do is to create the video, but wait you don’t have the right tools and most tools can cost a pretty penny.

We have great news. Nowadays, the Internet is full of free resources and tools you can use. From stock photos, videos, or even free movie editors. 

The best part is that anyone can create an explainer video at the comfort of their own home. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with making videos or if you re a video marketing expert, there’s a tool for everyone.

Just because you’re not equipped with expensive equipment or a studio doesn’t mean you can’t create a video.

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Have More Than One Platform

One last tip once your video is ready to be published, make sure you publish them on more than one platform. 

Your video won’t start working unless you do, so put in the effort of spreading your video around different platforms so they reach different audiences and gain traction. 

Many videos end up going to waste because they don”t get published on multiple platforms. So, spread the word about your new video to gain more views and shares. 

Publishing on multiple platforms helps in so many ways. One of them is that you need not put in too much effort in spreading awareness since it will most reach different audiences.

Also, different audiences have different behaviors. Some people on Facebook might not have seen your video whereas people on Instagram might have.

So, now that you have a rough idea of how to start your video marketing campaign, it’s time to take the first step forward. 

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Wrap-up on running a video marketing campaign and explainer videos

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

General FAQ’s

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video s a short animated video commonly used by startups and small businesses to tell their brands’ stories memorably quickly.

Why use an explainer video for a startup?

An explainer video is a short video that businesses use to quickly introduce themselves, explain what they do, and tell how they can help solve their customer’s problems. Explainer videos can are perfect for ecommerce and SaaS firms, B2C has been doing this for years, and B2B is catching on.

How much does an explainer video cost?

The price for a high-quality explainer video is between $5,000 to $35,000 per minute. The cost goes up depending on a lot of factors, like the studio and the animation style you choose.

Why use video for a startup?

Video is the future of marketing often but isn’t quite sure why. Video helps your marketing effort in so many ways. Would you read about a new product or rather watch it in action? Think SEO and UX too.


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