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Matrix Marketing Group is an award-winning marketing consulting and services firm.

Since 2002, Matrix Marketing Group, located in Denver, Colorado, and Burlington, Vermont, is one of the top digital marketing agencies.

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Matrix Marketing Group assumes a long-term, integrated perspective, rather than the short-term horizon that sales departments usually embrace. However, we do commit to short-term wins where possible.

Digital Marketing Agency in Burlington, Vermont and Denver, Colorado

Matrix Marketing Group is an award-winning marketing consulting and services firm. 

Matrix Marketing Group, a marketing agency in Denver, Colorado, uses industry models to help our clients reduce sales and marketing operating costs, capture more leads, and convert more sales.

Our marketing funnel is a visualization for understanding the process of turning leads into customers.

The idea is that, like a funnel, marketers cast a broad net to capture as many leads (MCL) as possible, and then nurture leads (MQL) through the purchasing decision (SAL), narrowing down these candidates in each stage of the funnel.

Matrix Marketing Group takes a full-funnel approach to the marketing funnel. We fill the funnel at the top, nurture in the middle, and covert at the end. Go beyond Inbound!

We help our clients solve problems and achieve goals with sales and marketing technology. We use it to expand client businesses more efficiently and intelligently, tracking marketing and sales activities to bottom-line business impact.  

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Since 2002, Matrix Marketing Group, located in Denver, Colorado, and Burlington, Vermont, is one of the top digital marketing agencies.

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Matrix Marketing Group is a digital marketing agency with an office in Denver, Colorado and Burlington, Vermont, that provides digital marketing services to startups to small businesses all over the world.

Matrix Marketing Group has a team of professional marketing experts helping Vermont businesses with their online marketing strategies and digital campaigns.

Since 2002, Matrix Marketing Group, a full-service Vermont digital marketing agency, we can handle your digital marketing needs from building an SEO-friendly website to managing your social media to paid media advertising programs to providing search engine optimization to website design. Matrix Marketing Group is a top marketing agency in Vermont and Denver, Colorado.

How can I…

  • Do more with less?
  • Stand out in a sea of sameness?
  • Prepare for the new normal?

There has never been a more critical time for brands to connect.

Every touchpoint and interaction matters.

Life is a series of moments caused by interactions.

Some moments you remember, other moments, you won’t, and some last forever while others disappear before they start.

However, whether the moment is big or small, these touchpoints and interactions become a moment that might change everything.

You know the moment that will go down in antiquity.

That’s how we see the world at Matrix Marketing Group. Every interaction with your brand creates a moment. These moments matter to you, your customer, and other stakeholders.

Whether it’s internal within your company or aimed at your targeted market, the brand journey we design is aligned with your customer journey and mapped to your internal sales and marketing process, both omnichannel or multi-channel.

The article you posted on your blog. The ad you ran on on the local news. Your website speed and UX/UI. How well you capture high-quality leads. The social media posting schedule on your social channels. The sales reps handwritten notes they send to customers. The way your company supports your company’s mission, values, and brand message.

Every touchpoint and interaction matters. You never know which interaction will lead to that moment. You know, the moments that change everything for you and your business.

At Matrix Marketing Group, we bring life to brands and help them interact with their internal and external audiences to maximize your business success.

Vermont’s leading Vermont Marketing Agency, Matrix Marketing Group, located in Burlington, Vermont.

The leading Burlington, Vermont marketing agency, and Vermont web design agency in Burlington, Vermont, Matrix Marketing Group has grown to service over 2,193 clients and projects. We have seen Burlington, Vermont grow and we’re happy to be a part of it helping our friends marketing in Vermont.

Matrix Marketing Group has been developing custom websites that are SEO-tuned solutions since 2002 and pivoted into a full-service marketing agency in Burlington, Vermont.

Here is a sample of what we can do with 90 days.

As a Burlington-based marketing company, we help startups and small businesses drive more quality web traffic, high conversions, and more sales.

Although technology is constantly changing, we remain committed to building well-designed websites that meet current web design standards.

Our marketing services are created with design thinking and delivered with agile processes to boost your search ranking, drive more traffic, and convert more sales leads.

We’re here to help!

Give us a call at (802) 435-1414.

Matrix Marketing Group – Burlington, Vermont

150 Dorset Street, Suite 106
South Burlington, Vermont 05403

(802) 435-1414


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Matrix Marketing Group is top-notch. They contributed greatly to positioning a complex set of product lines and new technologies to a completely new set of customers. They architect the right strategic communication and vehicles to reach our audiences effectively.

Peter O’Neil, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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