Most industries don’t even know the advantages of Android app development.

Let’s explore how Android app development can help you within your industry.

An increasing number of people are using their smartphones for various activities including accessing the internet and using web-enabled services. 

The sales of smartphones have gone through the roof but also it has enthused an entire generation of app developers to develop useful applications that people can download to their smartphones and use them on the go. 

According to IDC, Android OS-powered smartphones control nearly 87% of the market with its sole competitor, iOS accounting for the rest. With its established popularity, it is small wonder that Google Play Store has over 2.6 million apps catering to every requirement that one can imagine. 

We’ve used AndroidRank’s data to determine these numbers. Here are the top 3.

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1. Facebook (4.119 billion downloads)

Facebook comes out on top of the list. Despite scandals, questionable privacy practices, and the #DeleteFacebook movement.

2. Facebook Messenger (3.408 billion downloads)

The presence of Messenger in the second position reinforces the control that Zuckerberg’s empire has over the smartphone app marketplace.

3. WhatsApp (2.979 billion downloads)

Do you notice a theme developing? Facebook apps hold all three of the top spots. The world’s most popular instant messaging tool has been under Facebook’s ownership since a $19 billion buyout in early 2014.

These apps shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. So let’s look at why Android apps can help your business in your specific industry.

The Top Advantages of Android App Development 


Advanced graphics support: 

The Android app development platform offers comprehensive support for every type of need for graphic design. 

Right from business applications to gaming, app developers have access to everything that they want for a superlative graphic design bounded only by one’s imagination. The platform offers built-in 2D and 3D graphics support for the design of apps that are intuitive, attractive, and just the right thing to drive traffic.

Highly affordable with Android app development

With a huge number of app development tools and experienced developers, the cost of developing Android apps is low and even businesses with tight budgets are able to afford them. 

There are solutions available at every price point that you can imagine. So you can start off with an app addressing the core functions and go in for more sophisticated features as and when the profitability of your business permits. 

Android OS-powered smartphones control nearly 87% of the market with its sole competitor, iOS accounting for the rest. Click To Tweet

Highly robust and secure: 

Anyone who has any experience of developing apps on the Android platform will testify regarding the platforms robust structure and security.

This ensures that apps, when developed following standard practices, will not have a tendency to crash and disrupt the business operations and cause financial losses. 

The robust architecture of Android apps makes it very easy for app developers to develop new apps without having to bother about glitches and bugs that might make it unstable.

In addition, the apps are secure against malicious infiltration and damage by third parties that can cause irreparable loss to both the business and the app users. 

Superior integration with Android app development

Because the Android platform has existed quite some time, most of the glitches that app developers face at the OS level have already been ironed out. 

This makes it very easy for the system integration to be done at the development level. Because of which, the speed of development and integration with the operating system is boosted bring the cost of development down further and enabling businesses to respond to the changing environment more. 

How the Android Platform Is Being Used by Different Sectors 

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Retail industry:

 If there is a sector that has perhaps benefited the most because of the introduction of Android smartphone apps, it is the retail sector. Which has been transformed the brick and mortar experience to shopping in the comfort of the home with a variety of handheld digital devices? 

The apps make it possible for both the retailers and the customers bridge conventional gaps and make the shopping experience far more convenient and pleasurable. Customers can explore a wider range of options shopping from an online retailer whenever and wherever they like. They are bypassing the problems of physical travel, parking, laborious dealing with the shop assistants, and then having to lug back everything back home. 

It can offer a larger range of goods for consideration and keep track of the purchase behavior of customers to customize their shopping experiences. This is the magic.

The burgeoning growth in the e-commerce sector is the result of the rapid penetration of smartphone apps among customers. The phenomenal growth of digital marketing services is because of the versatility and ease of development of Android apps.

Medical industry

The medical sector is one sector that has benefited by a huge number of apps permitting users to keep track of their health, including vital parameters like heart rate, calories burnt, level of blood glucose, etc. 

They can also schedule appointments with doctors and for health checkups at clinics from their homes and workplaces without the need of calling up or visiting the hospital to fix the appointments. 

Many of the apps integrate with the bank account so that users can also pay for the services. A large number of Android apps are being used by the hospital or clinic administration to carry out various vital administrative functions on the go and from remote locations without a hitch. 

There are also apps that help caregivers and users used in the healthcare sector to manage their activities, both for patient management and administrative functions.  

Real estate industry:

Users looking to buy, rent, lease, or sell their properties can use several smartphone apps that give them freedom from traditional desktops. 

It becomes very easy for users to get an update fix on the real estate options available to them. With the help of apps, real estate companies and their agents can facilitate their customers to discover the ideal property of their choice and to line up appointments and home inspections.

Banking and finance industry: 

The deployment of Android apps by banks and financial services companies have an enormous impact on the way people conduct their business and live their lives. Individuals can conduct almost every aspect of their banking and financial needs through apps. 

You can monitor your bank account, pay for product and services from the account. Pass along instructions, make investments, buy insurance, and do a lot more on your smartphone app without approaching the bank branch or insurance company. 

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Conclusion about Android App Development 

Smartphone apps built on the Android platform have been popular beyond imagination and responsible for much of the transformational change in the way we do business and lead our daily lives. 

When you build your first android app you will learn how to code in programming language android developer use. Advance android programming with help increases the user experience.

The apps have liberated entire populations who can now escape the confines of the desktops. They can access the web and millions of web-enabled services for all conceivable functions on the go with the help of smartphones and other internet-connected portable devices. 

The versatility of the Android operating system, its sound technology, and advanced graphics support besides its capability of superior and quick integration at affordable costs have made it the world’s most popular smartphone OS.

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