Startups in the food and beverage industry need social media automation tools for their social media accounts.

As a business owner who wants more time, use these social media automation strategies and get back some.

For anyone running a business today in the food and beverage service industry, youíll know of how much competition you have. Given our need for nourishment, it should be no surprise that people love to spend a lot of money on quality food. The problem is that with so many startups in the industry to overcome, you can feel more than a little overwhelmed.

What if you could automate your social media posts, blog posts, social shares on all your social media platforms? Business owner and startup food and beverage companies post content on their social networks and it creates brand awareness, customer engagement, and more sales.

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For one, get your marketing plan ready. That can be a lot tougher than it might sound Ė at least at first. If you would like to make it easier for your start-up to succeed, then you might wish to look at some of the ideas we have for you below. These are all aimed at making sure you can use social media automation to help improve the chance of your start-up being a success.

This might help you make the most of social media, and to ensure that you can build up your following.

Why do I need to use social media for my start-up in the food/beverage industry?

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Why not save time and resources with proven social media automation strategies.

The answer to that is simple: social media allows you to interact with people in real-time. They get to see what you offer and can appreciate your business. Social media makes it easy for you to show them what you do Ė and how your food is being made.

They get to see what you offer and can appreciate your business. Social media makes it easy for you to show them what you do Ė and how your food is being made.

That is a major part of the process. Social media automation in this industry is important. It helps you to add a human face to the start-up and to take away the confusion and uncertainty.

Others might find your whole industry to be a touch confusing, or they might find your products in particular hard to grasp. Whatever the reason, the following social media automation strategies should help in making this possible.

So, where do you need to start if you wish to tap into the various benefits of social media automation for your start-up in the food and beverage industry?

1. Mouthwatering photography

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First off, quality photography is an obvious place to start. You are selling food and drink, so logic dictates it is a good idea to show people what they will be getting. We think you should look to use a professional photographer for this.

Someone good at capturing food and beverages is an investment your business should be happy to make. They can help to make sure that your photos will look delectable, showing the items you sell in the most beautiful light possible. It will help to make people want to try out your food, but it will also make them share it around.

When you see a beautiful piece of food on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. you feel compelled to share it. You can imagine eating it, and the flavors that must burst out from that piece of food.

With the help of a good photographer, you can encourage others to have that automatic impulse to share your latest and greatest foods with the rest of the world.

Done right, this can make it easy to boost automated sharing and reputation-building in your business.

2. Great customer service

No business or start-up will get anywhere without good quality customer service, though. Therefore features like chatbots and automated integration with Twitter Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger is essential.

Your business will enjoy being able to tap into this part of the industry. Youíll also be able to do a lot more to help your business grow, as people will appreciate how easy it is to get answers from your start-up.

In the sharing age of social media, transparency is by far and away from our most powerful weapon and companion. Using social media to our advantage can go a long way to making our business more likely to succeed. This is why making customer support and communications channels so easy to access will only help your business.

If you ever worry that your start-up is making the wrong impression, be sure to show how easy it is to contact you. The easier people feel it is to get answers from your business, the more likely they are to try out your service.

3. Use Facebook for market research

We also recommend that you use Facebook to do as much market research Mobile Signal as you can. With the help of Facebook, you can find who you should be targeting. Look around the Facebook Ads system. The fact it allows you to break everything down to things like likes, interests, location, even age, and income, makes it super-simple to find out who will be most interested in the product you are selling.

Letís say, for example, you want to sell your workout meal to someone. You would look for people whose interest include sport, fitness, running, and dieting. You would also look for people who are in affluent areas with a lot of greenery. People who live in these areas are more likely to go out running than someone who lives in a concrete jungle.

If you do this, then you can run some Facebook Ads to promote your products to different markets. Run them for two weeks, and see what results you get back. Once you find your true market, you can automate your Facebook ads to tap into that market.

4. Pull back the curtain

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Another great place to start for making your business shine is to pull back the curtain a little. On social media, one of the best things you can do is show the world the human element behind your business.

Instead of sending people to look at your business as Ďjust another food start-upí Ėshow them who you are. Build some videos that deliver interviews with major players in your business. Show people what they are getting if they will use your food: show them the philosophy behind what goes into your food.

Show them where you get ingredients from, the building process for your food/drink products. Letting people in on your little secrets will encourage them to do the same and to share that with other people. It makes your start-up more authentic and removes any pretensions about your food being Ďsecretí or anything like that.

Today, many people want to know what they are eating. If you pull back the curtain, you make people more likely to trust your products. And in social media, trust can be your most powerful currency possible.

5. Share your story through social media

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Your story, too, should be shared as much as you can. Many people do not do this. They sell their food/juice product as some kind of generic food product. Instead of telling people who you are why they should trust your expertise in food, most try to sell the product.

In the food and beverage industry, though, most people want to know what you think makes your food so great. That might seem obvious, but it is a factor that passes many people buy for various reasons. With that in mind, we recommend that you spend more time telling people who you are.

Itís a simple thing, but itís a powerful thing at the same time. People love to know who they are buying from. So, if you tell them why you got into the industry, what your motivations are, and how you can help them, theyíll be far more likely to buy from you. That story will get shared on a lot more on social media, too, than some generic content about how Ďgreatí your food is.

Keep this in mind if you arenít getting much social media traction.

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6. Access to manufacturing & communications channels

Another useful tool you should use is giving your users access to manufacturing and communications channels. People feel a lot better when they know who is involved in the creative process and in creating anything they eat and drink. If you do not take that seriously, then you soon find that many people will just go elsewhere.

To boost the results of any social media campaign we recommend that you spend more time showing people involved. Theyíll feel better knowing where it is being created, and who is behind both manufacturing and communication processes. Itís a smart and simple way to show people who you are and why they should trust you.

Again, social media is all about showing people you are more than just another faceless start-up. Itís about adding more detail to who you are, showing them you care and that you are transparent. That is very much a good place to start for any business in the food/drink industry, where trust is essential. Open up this side of your business, and people will come back in their droves.

7. Find influencers and tap into their networks

The food and drink industries are loaded with influencers and experts. People who have thousands of followers and who are more than happy to promote the products they like. It might cost you in free shipments and trials, but you can get some of these influencers onboard if you let them try your goods.

They will be able to then give their community an honest appraisal about what you make. This will be better for reputation building and helps you to tap into hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands, of people who might be interested in the goods you create.

Itís these little things that can make all the difference for a start-up. Getting an influencer onboard means you have the chance to be seen by all of their viewers. Even if just a few of them share the promotion from the influencer, you could see automated changes and improvements to your follower count.

Best of all, influencers often see their posts getting shared, commented on, and looked at, for days after they were posted. This creates automated, residual increases to your personality and profile on social media and beyond.

8. A supportive environment

Any business serious about making a go of success has to be in a supportive, transparent, and open environment. Alongside customer support of a high standard, make sure that our business stands for something.

From backing important charities and causes to donating a portion of your proceeds to something of import, you can do a lot to show that your business supports others rather than keeps its profits to itself.

These little things are the noble deeds that can make you get a lot more shares on social media. Creating an environment that shows your business as one who stands up for those in need will do wonders for your reputation. Itís this consistent approach, though, that is almost certain to make a difference to how your business performs with social media marketing.

With all of this in mind, you might feel more than a little ready to take on the challenges of the day to come. Social media automation is hard to get right, but if you were to keep all of our ideas in mind you would be much more likely to make it successful. Itís still tough, but these foundations should go a long way to making your start-up stand out.

This rounds out our discussion about social media automation strategies and food and beverages startups.

Wrap up on social media automation strategies

Startups and entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry need to manage their social media channels better. But first, do some social listening to get the context and tone of any conversation.

Once you do itís time to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Snapchat via of a post scheduler.

There is plenty of social media automation platform, Buffer, Hootsuite, and more.

Weíre listening.

Have something to say about social media automation strategies? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or our LinkedIn.


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