Create your small business blog to reach your goals.

The water cooler used to be the unofficial place for office news and gossip. Today, it’s safe to say that cliché is dead. It’s been replaced by a wide variety of digital mediums fueled by content marketing, social media marketing, and blogging.

Small businesses are getting in on the action, creating stiff competition for visitors in its wake. Attracting these users to the page is one thing. You want to drive traffic to your website, create a loyal following, and increase conversions is an entirely different ball game.

You spend time creating content, what if no one reads it?

Content publishing, through blogs, is the most powerful strategy available to build inbound links, boost search engine rankings, drive website traffic, and generate leads. You should concentrate your products and services on tracking organic traffic from long-tail keyword phrases.

Here are five ways to enhance blog content to effectively attract users, grow brand awareness, and promote products.

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1. Strategic Content Strategy

High-quality content is the number one way to make your blog stand out typically written by a business expert or thought leaders. This can be accomplished through user engagement, education, and entertainment. Once their beak is wet, they’ll return for more. Because users are unforgiving, however, blog content requires an actionable content strategy that measures how the page performs in those three buckets. There isn’t a simple, turnkey solution to meet these demands, but there’s a couple of tools that can help.

answer the public

Answer The Public, for example, is a press coverage tool that helps marketers navigate consumer insights. Effectively, it aids research into top keyword targets based on the industry-specific questions these consumers are asking. By leveraging this tool, companies can create a content strategy around these queries and provide value to potential customers. By the same token, content explorer by Ahrefs can be leveraged as well.

Moreover, evergreen content is one of the best ways to build a blog’s profile because this content remains relevant forever. This type of content is especially important for content surrounding popular trends, or broad topics.

Moreover, content surrounding industry and business related news helps blog pages stay relevant. Especially if the content provides new insights that other sites do not cover. Blogs that build legitimate “10x content” stimulate the “WOW!” factor in readers and separate themselves from the competition.

Google rewards sites that produce valuable user content. Avoid stuffing keywords for the sake of it. Instead, focus on targeting keywords that make sense within the overall context of the post. This aids organic search rankings. Whether you write this content yourself or outsource it to a freelancer, keep in mind that readers hate filler content and so does Google.

2. Killer Design for Your Small Business Blog

If the blog isn’t aesthetically pleasing, don’t expect visitors to stay long. As the old saying goes, people eat with their eyes, and the same sentiment applies to page design.

Design for Founders has an excellent guide on the fundamentals of blog design. The guide reviews design tools, style guides, and even how to create logos and graphics. This step is crucial for establishing an online brand identity. People tend to respond and remember content that is visual in nature.

small business blog

3. Consistency is Key

Producing new, original content on a regular basis aims to develop an audience of readers. Once these readers are hooked, they’ll want more. For your small business blog, you should post on a regular basis so readers know when they can expect it, making a blog’s posting cadence key.

Also, the content must remain at a high-level to avoid losing loyal audience members. Read more about the 7 Highly Effective Habits for Successful Blogging.

Gaining new readers and generating repeat visitors is key to growth, and a content calendar will help with that. Not only will it help with post timing, but it helps to track the channels and/or social media platforms where posts appear.

To be specific, campaigns should be crafted around content type, audience, and keyword targeting, as we’ve briefly discussed. Once there’s a solid foundation of repeat visitors, outreach efforts can be segmented.

Remember, current customer, do not need to hear about the benefits of the service or product, although reminders never hurt! Instead, take the next step and give them something that improves and builds on their initial experience.

Always keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. If the content is posted at a high frequency, it must pass the quality test to avoid sacrificing its integrity. The sweet spot lies between the intersection of frequent posts and high-quality content.

small business blog calendar

4. Know the Purpose of Each Article

The primary purpose of your blog is to inform your visitors. But blog design and structure are important as well to generate sales leads or to convert sales with an e-commerce website. After all, what are internet users looking for above everything? Answers.

Readers want content that informs, but also educates them on unknown subjects and/or enhances their pre-existing knowledge. A blog that gives them these resources effectively guides them into purchasing decisions. To do that, content must have real, actionable tips that readers can follow up on, and it should answer a wide-range of their questions.

For example, this infographic is teeming with helpful tips that small business owners can take away and immediately insert into their hiring process. It’s in an easy to digest graphic that highlights the most pertinent information for its audience.

A steady stream of content tailored for fresh visitors should complement lists, DIY guides, and infographics. For more seasoned consumers, and each article should answer known customer questions This makes the purpose of each piece becomes more defined and actionable.

influencer marketing

5. Leveraging Influencers

When buying a new car, or looking for a restaurant for lunch, people typically read reviews and recommendations first. Accordingly, the recommendations of influencers, or people with a large online presence, carry a lot of weight. A blog in its infancy can benefit from influencers because it connects it with their entire audience. The resulting exposure will trickle down to all of their connections as well.

Digital marketing expert Neil Patel put together a guide to influencer marketing that every blog owner should read.

Another benefit of influencer marketing is shout outs from established blogs. Off-page SEO helps you with credibility, trust, and SEO juice.

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Wrap Up about a small business blog

There’s no such thing as too much research when it comes to blog content. Thoroughly analyzing the competition and target audience tremendously aids content strategy and production. Following the steps outlined above is a fantastic start, but part of owning a blog is continuously reviewing and revising its strategy.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own personal touch, that is what makes your blog yours!

We’re listening.

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Haku Kapule is a contributing editor at 365 Business Tips. He’s passionate about finding and offering useful tips to small business owners.

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