2019 requires you to make some adjustments to your SEO strategies for your WordPress blog.

Do you want to know what are the most important WordPress SEO strategies?

Well great.

Then what if I told you that we could help you secure some pretty powerful SEO ninja tips? Would you go crazy to secure them?

And what if I told you that you could easily power up your rankings just by taking a few easy & simple steps? Would you be even more tempted to read on?

Then check this awesome article out since weíll teach you:

  • How to Optimize Your Meta Tags
  • Why Content is Still King of SEO with keyword research
  • Whether You Should Stick with www. or Not
  • New Strategies for Improved SEO Results
  • And Why Mobile Means Everything

Optimize Your Meta Tags

If you want to rank on Google, consider optimizing your Meta Tags for better results.

How can you do that? Well, you can supercharge your Meta Descriptions and do more. Check below to discover what we mean.

  • As a warning since the other Meta Tags – Social meta tags, Geo, Site verification, among others likely wonít impact your SEO rankings – and because we havenít found new effective information regarding the other meta tags – weíll focus on increasing your rankings, by solely optimizing your meta descriptions instead.


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Meta Description for Your
SEO Strategy

How can you turbocharge or fix your meta descriptions for improved SEO results?

According to Moz.com, you can.

Write Kickass Meta Ad Copy

Want to flood your site with visitors?

Then consider writing kickass meta descriptions so you can win over peopleís attention and ultimately tempt them to click through.

But how can you create awesome meta descriptions?

Well, you can hire an awesome copywriter – who can write amazing descriptions for a specific price – or go on Google and look up basic copywriting formulas and tips – so you can create seductive descriptions using reliable copywriting methods yourself.

But make sure that you insert crucial target keywords and long tail keywords into your descriptions so you can exploit the fact that Google – along with other search engines – bold them in order to help users – like yourself – find relevant information to whatever it is that theyíre searching for.

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Also, make sure to match those keywords as close to the search terms as possible for superior results. Look for search volume and competitiveness to get a shot to help get your web pages ranked.

You need to think about a content marketing plan. What piece of content is driving the most leads which are not? Create content like case studies, blog posts, eBooks, infographics and others. This will create a better user experience and help retain customers.

Get Rid of Duplicate Meta Descriptions with your SEO Strategies

Donít want to lose clicks?

Then kill duplicate meta descriptions since having similar descriptions can ultimately cause confusion for your viewers – drawing them away from your content.

How can you avoid duplicate descriptions?

You can consider creating a unique and programmatic method that can help you create distinct meta descriptions for any automated pages that your website creates to help you avoid duplicate descriptions.

leads generation playbook
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Get Rid of Double Quotation Marks

Want to know a painful way to hurt your SEO?

Quotation marks. Yes, using quotation marks can hurt your rankings but indirectly since Google tends to cut off any words surrounding your quotation marks.

So itís recommended that you remove all non-alphanumeric characters from your meta description to help you avoid just that.

But, if itís massively necessary for you to use quotation marks, consider using the HTML entity instead since itís a great alternative.

Now that you know how you can conquer SEO strategies by improving your meta descriptions learn why you should focus on content – Still the King of SEO in 2019, below.

SEO strategy
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Focus on Content – the King of SEO

If youíre looking for higher search engine rankings, power-up your SEO game with more content since according to Quicksprout, you can reap massive SEO rewards.

Use social media to help boost and amplify your content.

What type of rewards? You can do the following.

1. Increase Your SEO Rankings

According to Quicksprout, serpIQ ran some research a while back, and they discovered that – on average – content with at least 2000 words tend to outperform other types of webpages – since people tend to love it.

SEO strategies
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  • Buffer

What else can you reap?

2. Score More BackLinks

According to the same source, SEOmoz also ran a different study that discovered a correlation between word count and the number of backlinks each webpage received.

As you may already know, content-rich pages had an increased number of backlinks linking back to the site likely due to the increased in information that it provided.

What’s another perk you can win?

3. Increased Social Signals with SEO Strategies

You must be data-driven today to win long-term. Since you can score massive amounts of social shares – and since social signals are taken seriously by search engines – itís important for you to make sure that you overload your content with more information.

Want numbers?

According to the same source, content with over 1,500 words scored over 290 tweets (average) and over 70 Facebook likes (average).

Whereas content with less than 1,500 words won less than 175 tweets (average) and less than 60 Facebook likes (average).

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So if you want to boost your SEO in 2019, turbocharge your content with additional information to help you increase your SEO rankings, your backlinks & your social signals.

And also think about the uniqueness of your writing if you need help creating kickass content plagiarism checker by Essayontime will be a great help.

Now, discover whether you should stick with www or not below.

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Decide Whether to Stick With www or Not for your SEO Strategies

If you think using www in your URL will make a difference, think again since Google doesnít consider this to be important for SEO.

But wait since itís still important for you to stay consistent between one or the other. This because the inconsistency can confuse Google and cause it to create duplicate content.

If you want to know how you can remove www from your URL, check out our source here.

Next, keep reading to discover new SEO strategies that can help you generate increased backlinks in 2019 below.

You Still Need to Build Links in 2019

If youíre looking to rank, itís highly important to build links – even in 2019 – since Google and other search engines still place a massive amount of weight on backlinks.

So consider using these amazing SEO tips provided by Brian Dean – from backlinko.com – for improved SEO results.

Create a Proven SEO Strategy in 3-Months

Learn what is an SEO strategy? How do I create an SEO plan? And how do I implement an SEO strategy?

7 New SEO Link Building Strategies:

1. Create Skyscraper Content

Whatís skyscraper content & why can it help you?

According to Brian Dean, skyscraper technique allows you to search & use popular content so you can steal them to quickly upgrade them.

And since youíre essentially overloading your new content with more words, up-to-date information and a new design – ultimately making it superior to the old one – you should see interesting results using the skyscraper technique.

2. Connect With Reporters and Bloggers (Easily Done with HARO)

According to Brian Dean, HARO allows you to connect with bloggers & journalists so you can provide them with new information – in exchange for links & exposure.

To get started all you have to do is:

  1. Register as a free source
  2. Choose your payment plan (free is an option)
  3. Constantly view which requests you can provide information for
  4. Send your journalist a powerful, but short pitch for superior results – check out Brianís link above to learn how to do just that.

3. Use Outdated Resources for Link Building

According to Brian, his ďMoving Man MethodĒ allows you to find old & expired URLís so you can find sites still linking to them and provide them with new & improved content.

To do that you should:

1. A site search for sites in your industry that:

  • Changed names or URLs
  • No longer offer a specific service
  • No longer update a resource
  • Was shut down

2. Search for sites that still link to the expired or outdated URL.

3. Contact those sites to win your new backlinks.

Use Reliable Formats Proven to Drive Results

According to Brian, certain formats allow you to increase your probability of success so you can avoid joining the 75% of content that generate 0 links.

What types of contents have proven to drive results? And how many Average Referring Domain Links did they generate?

  1. List Posts – Generated 6.19 Average Referring Domain Links
  2. Quizzes – Generated 1.6 Average Referring Domain Links
  3. ďWhyĒ Posts – Generated 5.66 Average Referring Domain Links
  4. ďHow toĒ Posts – Generated 4.41 Average Referring Domain Links
  5. Infographics – Generated 3.67 Average Referring Domain Links
  6. Videos – Generated 4.13 Average Referring Domain Links

So focus on creating these types of content for improved SEO results.

Plus check out this link for Brian Deanís full list of badass SEO strategies.

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Source: Search Engine Journal

Mobile is everything, speed counts

Are you mobile optimized? You should be.

According to Groupon, Google is supposed to release a new feature informing users if your site is mobile optimized or not – which can ultimately help or hurt your rankings due to Google personally endorsing it.

How can you make it mobile-friendly?

You can take several steps recommended by Google:

  1. Avoid software not popular on all mobile devices – for example, Flash
  2. Optimize your text so readers can view without having to zoom in
  3. Optimize your content, so readers donít have to resize it in order to comfortably view
  4. Place your links wide apart so your viewers can easily click on them

So if you want to avoid being penalized by Google – by having less visibility on mobile devices – and want to increase your SEO rankings, consider optimizing your site for mobile users to do just that.

Conclusion about SEO strategies

Now, you know how to do SEO in 2019, so you can improve and supercharge your SEO game plan.

Youíve discovered:

  • How to write a kickass meta description for increased click-through rates
  • Why itís important to kill duplicate meta descriptions
  • Why you should kill the use of double quotation marks
  • Why you should turbocharge your content for increased SEO rankings, backlinks, and social signals.
  • Why using www or not likely wonít have an impact on your SEO strategies and search ranking
  • How to use Brian Deanís 7 New SEO strategies
  • And why you should optimize your site for mobile users

If you crave more kick-ass information, check out our other badass articles on our site.

Until next time.

We’re listening.

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