Positive news coverage and product reviews in your industries trade media can boost your company sales if you make your public relations marketing program serve the other, more important elements of your company’s marketing strategy.

In many companies, public relations is often the most misused, least effective marketing activity.

Next, to print display advertising, more companies in trade and business-to-business markets waste more money on ineffective public relations marketing program been on any other marketing activity.

The blame for ineffective PR execution can be shared equally between the PR firms that practice it, and the companies that hire them.

Half the time, the company is not managing its PR firm effectively, and the other has the PR firm is making big promises to justify its monthly retainer, but failing to deliver measurable sales results.

Public relations serves marketing, but by itself, public relations is not marketing

The problem of ineffective public relations is partly caused by an experienced marketing manager. They mistakenly believe that paying a PR firm to promote the company in trade publications means they are running a public relations marketing program.

This condition is aided in part by the egos of CEOs and senior managers, they like to see their names in print, regardless of any measurable sales effect.

In any case, most of the money spent with PR firms could be more wisely redirected into other conventional marketing projects, where it would generate additional sales for the company.

Another contributor to ineffective PR is a simple lack of common courtesy and respect for trade publication editors by PR reps at Denver digital marketing agencies and PR firms.

Every day, editors and writers receive hundreds of press releases sent by PR firms. Press releases containing announcements that are either not appropriate for the publication, or aren’t newsworthy enough to have been turned into a press release in the first place.

Editors and staff writers who received these press releases and follow up phone calls by the clueless reps at the PR firms who sent them, having their time wasted, and rightly so.

Haven’t had an unpleasant first contact with a company via that company’s PR rep, they will not be inclined to look at subsequent press releases from this company in a favorable light.

Benefits of PR in media management

All of this is not to say that public relations don’t work, or that it doesn’t have its place in your company’s marketing program. And effectively managed public relations marketing program that leads to a favorable article on your company’s new product can produce great results.

Results leading to thousands of new product inquiries, when setting a positive tone for all subsequent media coverage of your company and its products.

This coverage can be worth many thousands of dollars in free advertising for your company, and, equally important, can attract the notice of other companies seeking joint ventures and business development opportunities with your firm.

For these reasons, a well-executed, continuing public relations marketing program that keeps your company’s name any news of its product out there in the markets trade media can be a major benefit.

After all, PR is a medium of exchange. Editors, writers, and reporters rely on publications, and your company needs coverage for its products or services to supplement its other marketing efforts.

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Your company will get PR, whether you want it or not

Even if your company has decided not to have an ongoing public relations marketing program, one day an event will occur that affects your company, and the media will come knocking on your door.

A product recall, a lawsuit or adverse court decision affecting your company, or any other major event involving your company, either negative or positive, we’ll spark media inquiries.

You will then have no choice but to respond, and the truth and clarity of your initial response may mean the difference between the crisis that can be diffused, or one that spirals out of control.

A company that knows how to manage its media exposure through an effective public relations marketing program can neutralize a potential negative publicity situation, or exploit a favorable PR opportunity.

How trade and industry news is made

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One of the keys to using PR as part of your company’s public relations marketing program is knowing how news is made in industry publications.

  • By press release. The press release is a spark that creates news coverage for companies and business-to-business marketplaces. Even though editors complain about the large mass of press releases they receive every day. And even though they will only cover a small number of press releases sent to them, editors know they couldn’t operate without this flow of information. Press release mailings are the key means of distribution that keeps a company name and product line in front of the editors at trade and business publications. And companies keep sending press releases because they know, at some point, this continued exposure will lead to coverage.
  • A story pitch. Part of your public relations marketing program is pitching stories. Editors and writers also rely on reps at PR firms who call them with a story pitch, an idea for an article that involves their client company. A PR firm earns its fees by the nature of its relationships with editors and reporters at publications. And by the quality and credibility of the story pitches that make the editors and reporters on behalf of its clients. If the editor or writer thinks a story idea is newsworthy, or that it addresses an issue that’s on target for the publication, the company receive coverage in that publication.
  • By the writer’s initiative. Of course, many of the articles written in publications come about either because an editor assigned the story to a writer-reporter, or the writer came up with the idea on their own. Companies in the PR firms who represent them don’t have the power to control the content of articles, but they do have some ability to influence how these articles are written. For example, if it can keep its name and product line in front of the editor and writer at a publication by continuing to send press releases and making the occasional story pitch. A company may stand a good chance of receiving coverage when the writer eventually decides to write a piece on a topic that relates to the company or its product.

There are other ways your company can get media coverage. For example, your company could develop a product that becomes a major, industry-changing news event, attracting the notice of the trade media in your industry.

Without a public relations marketing program effort on your part, or your PR firm could dream up a brilliant publicity stunt that gets coverage by its sheer audacity. These events do happen, but they won’t provide you with the year and media coverage your company needs to support an ongoing marketing program.

The only way to get steady coverage that supports your company’s sales efforts is to develop and execute a continuous public relations marketing plan.

A plan that keeps a constant flow of relevant high-quality press releases in distribution to your industry’s top trade media, combined with thoughtfully developed story pitches to the key editors at these publications.

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Entering today’s current landscape, public relations will lead to business and other complex organizations.

Its leadership will be defined by public relations professionals able to integrate at several levels of business and society to create more integrated management processes.

The value of integration as a public-relations contribution emerges from the self-defined role of public relations building relations or integrating relationships between an organization and its publics.

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