On-Page SEO Case Study

A North America manufacturer of CNC machines had an established website with 190 indexed pages on Google. However, the website was not generating enough search traffic to meet leads and revenue goals.  

Boosting Traffic for Manufacturing Company

By auditing their website using our SEO Tool, they discovered that the site had 198 links pointing to the homepage.

The project went beyond a typical best practices SEO project, which is primarily a problem when the SEO boost from those links doesnít flow to internal pages. Too many were pointing to the homepage.

Initiating a new navigation structure and removing some of the links pointing to silo pages while retaining the links that supported usability (such as ďcontact usĒ and support pages).

After 7-weeks of re-structuring the internal pagesí links and the homepage, most of the fresh pages and links had been re-crawled by Googleís spider. A total of 90 links had to be removed.

In a very short period of time, even with Google’s recent search update, we were able to see a significant boost in high-quality web traffic.†



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