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Security Marketing Case Study

Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) is an employee-owned research and engineering firm. It provides innovative technologies and solutions to improve safety, security, and way of life for both the government and private industries.?Their employees, most of whom have advanced degrees in engineering and the physical sciences, have the expertise to tackle the most challenging technical problems.


Applied Research Associates, Inc.


Product launch plan
Web design
Product shoots
HubSpot implementation
Content marketing
Influencer marketing
Social media marketing
Public relations


84% increase in marketing qualified leads (MQL’s)

68% increase in website leads



Increase in Web Traffic

Increase in Web Leads

Increase in Keyword Terms

After 40 years of selling to government markets,?ARA?decided they could expand their product offerings to commercial markets with high-security requirements.

Their Extendable Unattended Ground Sensors was the perfect starting point. With the right product in mind, ARA reached out to Matrix Marketing Group for guidance exploring rebranding and lead generation strategy.

ARA also saw the potential?inbound marketing?offered to attract visitors, convert leads, and close more deals. The company wanted to develop customer relationships and target buyers with a better connect customer approach.

As a?Vermont Web Design Agency, we ere able to quickly create a website that generated leads and more lead conversions.



??The Challenge

Challenge & Solution

 To remain competitive, ARA wanted to increase market penetration in the military markets and launch into the commercial industry as well.

ARA’s management team also saw the potential?inbound marketing?offered to attract visitors, convert leads, and close more deals in a multi-channel environment. The company wanted to develop customer relationships with its military and commercial buyers with a better connect customer approach.

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User Experience Research

A team of brand professionals interviewed ARA employees to develop buyer personas. This information created the foundation for optimizing the ARA website user experience through constant monitoring and assessment of the customer journey and conversion paths.

Launching a Content Strategy

The marketing team used research data and information to launch a content strategy that included persona-specific long-form blog posts, ebooks, infographics, video, and guides for the TrackVia website. These content elements are constantly generating organic visits and converting visitors into leads.

Sales Sheet and Brochures

Knowing that ARA attends multiple events and participates in a handful of demos each year, Matrix knew it was critical to producing a sales sheet that ARA’s business development team could use effortlessly.


When done correctly, blogging is the most scalable marketing effort. By identifying the long-tail keywords ARA’s market is searching for online, we can create a consistent flow of organic search traffic to ARA’s Pathfinder microsite. As we develop more blogs targeting relevant keywords, ARA can accumulate more traffic to its website.

Social Media

To build Pathfinder’s social media following, Matrix developed a strategic social media plan for the product’s Twitter and LinkedIn page. We produced a monthly social media calendar and populated it with relevant industry news, product promotion, and links to Pathfinder’s blog to ensure ARA was interacting with its target audience daily.

Full HubSpot Implementation

HubSpot marketing automation and CRM became the technology backbone for ARA’s marketing efforts. Most importantly, HubSpot played a critical role in tracking and nurturing ARA’s sales pipeline.

With business development flying all around the world for meetings, they needed a system that accurately tracked deal updates and contact information.

With HubSpot in play, we decided to approach these critical lead generation avenues:

The marketing program includes acquiring media coverage and bylines, creating lead nurturing workflows, downloadable content, and blogs, utilizing Google Adwords and remarketing, tuning up social channels, publishing social posts, and engaging with audiences.

Public Relations

Security is a hot topic right now in industry trade publications. Editors are looking high and low for a good story, and there aren’t many companies doing what ARA is doing in the perimeter security market.

Matrix was able to secure multiple placements in security trade publications, which the security industry views as a reliable resource for industry trends and products.

The numbers

The Results

ARA saw amazing results within the first few months of the campaign:

  • Website Traffic: 191 percent month-over-month increase in website visitors
  • Leads: 383 percent month-over-month increase in top-of-the-funnel leads generated
  • Keyword ranking: Boosted the number of head and long-tail keywords.

With continued marketing efforts, Pathfinder is consistently being recommended as the top-performing ground sensor in the military and commercial market.

  • Organic Website Traffic Increased – 191%
  • Social Following – 85%
  • Conversion Rate – 90%
  • Return Users – 77%


Increase in Web Traffic


Increase in Web Leads


Increase in Ranking Keywords

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