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Press releases are an awesome way to announce something huge paired with the right press release distribution.

For popular celebrities, press releases are essential to success.

These personalities thrive on these releases because it’s a way to make known to everyone if they have a new movie coming out or they will be part of the next big event.

If you think that this is only for celebrities, then we have good news for you. This can also be applied to your business.

A Good Press Release Can Make A Huge Difference

A well-written press release is a great tool in helping your business reach your target audience.

The added value of having one is your search engine optimation (SEO) can also be boosted in the process of promoting your news story.

Premium press releases can help you improve your SEO and make you target a larger audience.

Writing a press release can help you get exposed to more people versus not having one.

Press releases differ from other forms of articles or news stories because they are placed into some of the top information authority sites like Newswire.

When you craft a well-written press release and distribute it using a high authority press site like Newswire, you will reach a potential audience of millions. Your SEO will also get a boost because of the keywords used in your release. [Learn More]

High authority press release sites practice very high standards especially on how your release is written which includes heavy formatting compared to a regular article.

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You are also not allowed to write content that sounds like an advertisement. If you plan to link out to your website you must have content that gives value.

Informational content that is entertaining as well can be a hit among readers. These types of content are important enough to get announced to a larger audience.

Your business can put out a story that is significant to your brand like plans to launch a new product or service, updating equipment, moving to a new office, or announcing the retirement of your CEO.

Expect your site to get much traffic, keep it updated and fresh before you issue your release.

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Premium Press Release Services

Newswire has worked alongside both small and large businesses and organizations. They have helped in not just telling their stories but share it in an impactful and meaningful way.

The team has a diverse background, a mix of unique experience and professionalism that is unparalleled. You can expect your news to get into the right people at the right time.

You can pick a package that suits your budget and needs. Professional, Small Business and Enterprise Plans range from $199 a month to $839 a month.

You can also choose a custom plan that you can create with the help of the Newswire team.

Premium packages can provide your business with the most impactful multimedia exposure for all your readers. You can also expect the widest distribution on the web, blogs, news sites, and major national outlets.

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The process of submitting your release to Newswire has been made easier. You can accomplish this through a single page submission form where you can input all your press release information.

Their editorial team responds quickly, you can expect notification within a few hours.

You also get to track and analyze your campaign with an Analytics tool. You can discover your social media engagement, the location of viewers, and all other relevant stats in your member panel.

Added data can also be collected by using your Google Analytics code for more detailed data.

For one of the best premium press release services in the business, Newswire is your best bet. Get added to the long list of satisfied customers that have availed of their premium packages and see your business soar to new heights.

Expect to get blown away with the traffic your website gains when a professional press release from your premium press release distribution hits major news media outlets.

This will surely provide your business with priceless exposure. With Newswire premium packages, you get a quality press release that’s distributed throughout several of the top media outlets in the online world.


To SEO or Not To SEO

There may be SEO companies and so-called experts that will tell you that there is no more value with press release since they won’t affect your SEO.

This may be true due to the recent changes in Google’s algorithms penalizing those who have taken advantage of the system by using press releases in ways that were black hat to gain the much-coveted backlinks.

However, this does not mean that the press release is already dead and not effective anymore.

In fact, Enterprise level SEO firms who charge thousands of dollars a month use press releases all the time as part of their SEO campaign for your company.

This proves that SEO is not dead or dying as some may claim. Real businesses send out press releases when they have something newsworthy to make known to their audience. The important thing is to make things the right way to be effective.

You should be wary of SEO companies that send out press releases just for the sake of sending them out. These stories have nothing that is newsworthy. They may read as spam articles and won’t get any good distribution.


Don’t Be Fake

News editors and reporters are highly skilled in filtering through bogus press releases and knowing the ones that are sent out to get links, these are quickly sent to the trash bin never to see the light of day again.

Newswire will help you craft the best press release no matter how simple your story may be. They have a team of professional writers that can help you create high-quality press releases that contain breaking news that can attract the eye of news media outlets.

Many press release distribution services will allow three links to be embedded into the press release. It is best to use your brand or company name, a URL and a link to an inner page to avoid issues when it comes to exact match anchor text.

Google knows that many press releases have spammy junk links so copying the same approach businesses use when syndicating news announcements are a big help for a brand.

Videos, images, and infographics give your press release a more professional look compared to text-only releases.

Premium press release distribution services give you the best services and make sure that you get your money’s worth.

Professional writers may charge very high rates which is why many PR firms charge such outrageous prices for their press release distribution services.

The problem is, their press release distribution is nothing special, they charge that way because they outsource their writing to professional writers.

Newswire can write your press release for you based on actual news that can get attention. This will help attract news sources and syndication platforms that may publish your press release.

There is a bigger chance for people to share a news link on their social media profiles if it attracts emotions and interest.

If your audience feels more connected with your story, they are more likely to share your link to others.

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Be Relevant To Your Audience

Making relevant and attractive press releases should be the goal so that quality links can be generated across trusted media sites.

Press release marketing is a good supplement to other marketing campaigns. Getting a premium press release package from a reputable service provider should not be your ‘Only’ marketing strategy.

Complement this with other tactics to reach the same goals which are to get your story in front of the eyes of people.

Having placements on major news outlets may give you value, but they should be known sites like CNN or Google News or any major site that is relevant to your brand. It will be a gamble if you are paying for placement on sites that are not useful to you.

Press releases are time sensitive if you don’t get your message in front of people at the perfect time you are potentially losing out on a lot of media attention.

Priority distribution given with Premium press release distribution services makes sure that you end up in front of your audience when you want to.

Distribution to many editors, reporters, influencers and lists are considered valuable as long as they are in relevant locations.

Your news should not get lost in the shuffle because there are thousands of press releases being sent out daily.

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Do You Really Need Premiums Press Release Distribution Services?

Paid press release packages are quite costly, but they can give value for money in the long term.

There are free services that are available out there that promise to give results but once you do the proper research you don’t get the best results when you go for these services.

As they always say, expect to get what you paid for. Free press release distribution services, like PR Web, can never be up to par with paid wire services when it comes to results and ROI.

Information is free on the internet so you should start doing the legwork and research before you dive into a hiring process with a chosen press release distribution service provider.

Check their history, the team behind the company and their track record. You can go the extra mile by asking satisfied customers if their claims on their site are verified.

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