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Integrated Marketing Campaign

TrackVia also saw the potential inbound marketing offered to attract visitors, convert leads, and close more deals. The company wanted to develop customer relationships, and target buyers with a better connect customer approach.


Oildex - New Product Launch

After listening to their suppliers, it became apparent that Oildex needed an add-on that allowed buyers and suppliers to seamlessly interact and exchange invoices.

OpenInvoice Supplier Link is the add-on Oildex developed to streamline the accounts receivable process for their suppliers.


Applied Research Associates - Full Product Launch

After 40 years of selling to government markets, ARA decided they could expand their product offering to commercial markets with high-security requirements. 

Their Extendable Unattended Ground Sensors was the perfect starting point. With the right product in mind, ARA reached out to Matrix Marketing Group for guidance exploring rebranding and lead generation strategy.


Oniqua - Google Adwords Campaigns

Oniqua’s competition began advertising on AdWords in increasing volume, and they began experiencing lower ad positions and higher competition for key search phrases.


On-Page SEO Case Study

A North America manufacturer of CNC machines had an established website with 190 indexed pages on Google. However, the website was not generating enough search traffic to meet leads and revenue goals.


Natural Retreats - Lead Generation

Natural Retreats is your guide to life’s most amazing experiences. Natural Retreats wanted to increase website traffic, lead conversions, brand awareness, and increase sales.


Integrated Recruiting Campaign

Working closely together, our creative and media teams launched a fully integrated media campaign that included a brochure, postcards,  and banners that supported admissions events for its graduate, transfer, and international audiences.


Twinstar - Lead Generation

Matrix Marketing Group helped Twinstar 2X their sales pipeline with 7 six-figure closed deals within 6-months.

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