Quality link building for SEO takes time, and it is the chief marketing officer’s responsibility to make sure that it is working correctly and showing a return on the marketing spend.

If you want to rank today, you have to be doing off-page SEO link building. In most of the cases, Chief Marketing Officers or CMOs face a lack of time to manage all the processes of digital marketing. 

Unquestionably, Off-Page SEO is a critical aspect and requires a lot of research to understand various tips and techniques. 

There are different things that should be considered while devising the SEO strategy for 2019. One of the most important things is the high-quality off-page SEO link building that ensures good web page traffic from different internet sources. 

No SEO guru can deny the great importance of link building and you can find thousands of guides available on the World Wide Web. The availability of so many informative materials makes people confused about choosing the correct plan.

Did you know that Google updated the search algorithm over 3,000 times per year?

If you don’t know you should if you are doing anything in the digital space.

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Do you want to see results like these? You must learn SEO or hire someone to handle it for you.

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Some businesses simply buy backlinks to get quick results, but that may not be the perfect approach for successful link building. According to the recent survey done by MOZ, around 37% of CEOs spend from $10,000 to $50,000 each month on link building.

Today we’ll reveal five quality link building strategies that successful companies are using today.

Useful Content Guides

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Nothing on the internet can beat useful content. Remember, we literally said useful content, not quality content. You might be wondering the difference between those two. You must have heard that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

Likewise, we believe that the term quality content is quite vague, hard to measure and open-ended. For instance, a copywriter writes a long copy with the perfect use of grammar and considers its quality content. However, there may not be enough value in it for an average reader.

On the contrary side, useful content answers all questions of readers by offering main action points and step-by-step guides. This actionable data helps readers in solving their problems.

So a slight change in mindset can truly make all of your content creation process purposeful as you focus only on the usefulness of the content.

That’s the reason why useful content guides getting a lot of respect and value from the audience around the world. Such guides have helped publishers earn the best quality editorial links that make it the perfect kind of investment.

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Because these useful guides establish your trustworthiness as an expert. On the other hand, infographics are normal nowadays and comparatively quite easy to produce. 

Useful guides are difficult to produce because they require a lot of research work and effort, but the end result you produce is very useful and detailed.

If you don’t feel comfortable in writing useful info, you can contact custom writings which is an amazing platform to help you with the creation of useful content. Before writing any guide, you should focus on the following questions to make sure that the content you create is actionable and useful:

  • What is your target reader stressed with?
  • The answer to this question should be focused on key points that will be addressed in the content.
  • Is this content available elsewhere on the internet?
  • Search for similar information on the internet and see what has already been written. You can try to put everything in a single guide to make it easier for readers to get all the stuff in one place.
  • How this information can be made useful?

Outline chapters and table of content, focus on making information actionable.

Links from Resource Pages

You can find dozens of resource pages on the web for all kinds of industries. Whether you are running a charity website or in the home improvement niche, tons of pages can be found online. These voluntarily link out to valuable content and websites in their industry. 

This particular link building strategy is considered being very effective as CMOs are able to get a link from a page that has been there on the internet for years and possesses good page authority. This good page value is passed to your website or blog post.

The custodians of such resource pages always look for new resources to keep pages up to date and advantageous for all their readers. Now you must be wondering how you can find such resource pages in your own industry. Check out these useful tips to find the required resource pages.

  • You can use Google Search Strings in order to find resource pages and links e.g. inurl:resources OR inurl:links (keyword)
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You can see in the above screenshot that a single keyword has helped in finding multiple resource pages. After reaching the dead end, you can simply change the keyword and keep building the prospecting list. If you have created the nutrition bar, then you should look for fitness and health resource pages.

  • A reverse engineer by inspecting top linking domains to the competitor website or famous ones which your business or company is competing against.
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Image Source

You can use Buzzsumo for this purpose as it will tell you which page or post has got the most shares. You can use Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer to find the linking domains. 

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A CMO can get many linking opportunities simply by going through their list of all links. This is a requirement for off-page SEO.

After having a nice list of prospect links, you can begin pitching the webmasters by finding their social media accounts or email address. In order to enhance the chances of getting links for such resource pages, you need to make sure to give first and not just ask for it.

Categorized Infographics and Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO can be easy with a few great infographics.

No doubt infographics are an awesome form of link-bait, but they have the possibility to go viral. It means this is the kind of link building plan which is both scalable and assists in generating high-quality links as well. So it’s always a win-win situation for link builders.

It has been very famous among marketing agencies during the past few years. Many business organizations and companies have seen spikes in terms of brand mentions, links, and social shares. 

Infographics can be classified into the following important categories.

  1. Keyword focused
  2. Statistics and Research
  3. Story-based and How-to

The above categories can definitely help you understand what sort of infographics you need to achieve link building goals. 

Keyword Focused and Off-page SEO

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All the keyword-focused infographics are created for the purpose of ranking for a particular keyword in Google. This kind of strategy can help you rank higher for keywords that seem very difficult to rank due to high competition. 

Social media is a must and it’s about visual. Use visual content like infographics with your with Off-Page SEO.

For example, we wanted to rank this keyword Social Media Cheat Sheet but it turns out that the competition is very high.

We created an infographic and posted an in-depth post along with this. The results were amazing as we got more than 10,000 social shares and ranked number two for the keyword.

Statistics and Research

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This sort of infographics is based on data and considered being a great way to get contextual links via citations. Results are always remarkable when you try to get links through this kind of infographic.

Story-based and How-tos

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This kind of infographic performs well both on social and editorial fronts as they are evaluated towards the general audience. Story-based infographics work as an exciting piece of information and people love sharing this type of stuff with their loved ones. Hence you can get more and more backlinks to your business.

Building Authority with Sponsorships and Off-page SEO

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Sponsorship is another great strategy to get free backlinks from high PA and DA pages from events, conferences, boot camps, and summits. Once your company sponsors any event, your organization’s website + logo is directly linked on their dedicated sponsor’s page or homepage which makes such kind of link building strategy very scalable and effective.

Off-page SEO and sponsorship go hand in hand.

One thing you need to remember is that by sponsoring you aren’t only acquiring a link from an existing page with top authority but also bringing your company name in front of many new viewers. This can definitely bring in more business opportunities.

The last few years have seen a growing trend of different sorts of conferences in the industry. Every year we see dozens of SEO, marketing, social media, and technology summits. So you can easily dedicate a marketing budget only for sponsoring such events in order to build link and brand equity.

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For example, if you run a Web Development Company, you will find the WordCamps pretty helpful as their camps run throughout the year in various cities.

Each year a dedicated website is built, this means sponsors of 2012 camps get the link juice, for the off-page SEO, from such dedicated websites even in 2019.

You can easily search for available sponsorship opportunities in your business industry by searching on search engines like Google or using this string inurl:/sponsors/ Keyword.

A keyword can be anything related to your business like Health Conference, Fitness Bootcamp, IT Summit or Exhibitions. Sponsorship links are untapped and offer great value to your business.

All conference organizers create dedicated websites which attract many press and media centers. This is why sponsorship backlinking brings valuable and high-quality traffic.

There is no dearth of conferences every year, so you can do sponsorship backlinking over and over again in order to strengthen your business profile.

Expert Roundup Articles and Off-Page SEO

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It has been observed that expert roundup posts are getting great attention as a workable link building strategy. Believe it or not, a great roundup post has the ability to create tons of backlinks and social shares as you invite experts to contribute on a single topic which will be published as an in-depth article or post.

This can really boost your web traffic with Off-Page SEO.

For instance, you can invite 11 guests to share the advantages of Blogging and publish their opinions as a whole in the form of a blog post. You will get the response that you might have never expected or experienced before. 

You can get thousands of shares in a day through such a spectacular post. Another wonderful thing about roundup posts is that you can easily rank them for any specific keyword.

It is worth mentioning the great example of Richard Marriot who built a fresh website and earned great prestige through it within a short span of time. 

Remember, you need authoritative and expert sites to link to if you wish to rank high in search engines. Ranking high in Google means an increased conversion rate and massive organic traffic.

Off-page SEO is sort of like a pitch to the media.

Conclusion about Off-Page SEO and Backlinking

The importance of quality backlinks can never be denied at any platform. All marketing agencies and SEO experts recognize the significance of good backlinks. 

However, efforts should be made to get the best quality web links only because a poor backlinking can destroy the entire SEO structure of your business website.

Now it is up to you, either you wish to spend months on low-quality guest blogging links or employ the aforementioned strategies to build more great value links and get more quality traffic from around the web. 

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Do not buy links instead get referral traffic by creating a great piece of content with internal links and get guest posting. This is a great way to get links pointing to your website.

Off-page SEO link building campaigns require you understand how to go about creating a  backlink profile that has the best link building tactics for people to link to your site and help you with Google’s ranking factors.

Off-page SEO refers to building links from external websites directly back to your website.

it to help your searches results in your search engine rankings and your back my profile.

We’re listening and we want to know what you think about Off-Page SEO.

Have something to say about off-page SEO? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Jeff Blaylock is a Senior SEO Specialist and blogger. He knows how to make your website show up at the top of the search engine results. He can also boast of such skills as HTML, Word Press, CSS, programming language and blogging. Let’s connect on Facebook.

General FAQs

What is the off-page SEO?

Offpage SEO” relates to actions taken outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). This is sometimes called (also called “offsite SEO.”

Why is off-page SEO important?

Offpage SEO is remarkably valuable because it notifies search engines that your website is important to others on the web. Using numerous offpage and on-page SEO factors, search engines determine how valuable pages are to searchers’ queries and return relevant results accordingly.

What is on-page SEO techniques?

On-page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) refers to the practice of optimizing web pages to improve a website’s search engine rankings and earn organic traffic. In addition to publishing relevant, high-quality content, on-page SEO includes optimizing your headlines [H1, H2, H3, H4], HTML tags (title, meta, and header), and images.

What is on-page vs. Off-page SEO?

While on-page SEO refers to the factors you can control on your websiteoffpage SEO refers to the page ranking factors that occur off your website, such as backlinks from another site. It also includes your promotion methods, taking into account the amount of exposure something gets on social media.

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