Our Story

May 29, 1953, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay reached the 29,035-foot summit of Everest, becoming the first people to stand atop the world’s highest mountain. Journalists asked who was first to reach the top. Both responded that it was a team effort that made it possible.

Everest summits are filled with heroism and peril. Climbing “Everest,” a daunting task, is seldom successful without the help of the Sherpa people.

Running a business or marketing team is like scaling new heights. From the beginning, the odds are against you. As a business person, you face adversity and the unknown every day. It can be a lonely climb, and determination is just the beginning. All too often, you’re wearing many hats. 

You can’t do it all alone. It takes a team effort.

In 2002, we started Matrix Marketing Group with one idea in mind. An idea that startups and small businesses need a partner (or Sherpa), a partner to help them grow. And that idea holds true today.

A partner that understands what it is to be in their shoes. A partner that can deliver marketing leadership, digital strategies, technologies, and results. Result where there are lots of opportunities for growth in digital channels.

Also, a partner that understands your revenue model and can provide you with better content, more web traffic, and higher lead conversions. A revenue model once tuned can scale quickly. 

Every dollar spent must be toward an outcome.

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We Help Start-ups and Small Businesses Grow Efficient, Predictable Revenue Faster.

How can we help?

That’s where Matrix Marketing Group comes in. Like the Sherpa, we work as an extension of your core team. 

Our sister, downstream business processes like distribution have improved by leaps and bounds thanks to supply-chain technology innovation and Six Sigma, and the revenue process is still one of the most wasteful areas of companies today. 

Is it time to do the same for the way your business produces revenue.

Here are some broad steps for marketing to power up sales:

  • Know the customer
  • Figure out where to compete
  • Ground solutions in data
  • Be the best friends to other functions
  • Have the customer at the heart of everything
  • Test and test again
  • Scale with technology

So what do we do? 

Matrix Marketing Group is a full-funnel performance-driven digital marketing agency that uses hybrid talent, advanced marketing technology, and digital marketing to drive business performance for startups and small businesses.

At Matrix Marketing Group, we believe our agency’s value is measured in “the eyes of the customer,” and in outcomes, not outputs. 

We run integrated digital marketing campaigns that produce results based on our clients’ business goals—website traffic, reach, engagement, leads, sales, and customer loyalty. 

As a Denver Digital Marketing Agency, we work hard and play hard and take pride in what we do. 

We all want more mountains in our life. We want nature in our everyday life. We want to ski before work and ride single tracks at sunset.

From powder mornings to work projects, it’s a passion of our pursuits that connect us, to meet the challenges of today’s digital world. What is your pursuit?

Wherever your startup or small business is, from concept to scaleup, Matrix Marketing Group can help move your business forward.

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Our Work

Matrix Marketing Group has a dedicated team of professional digital marketing consultants with expertise in helping Denver businesses and businesses all around the globe with their online marketing strategies and digital campaigns.

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